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Invention and copy job costs - understanding Base Item Cost

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Kethas Protagonist
Protagonist Ventures
#1 - 2014-12-28 03:06:05 UTC
Could someone correct my math for calculating facility fees for copy and invention jobs? I thought I'd read up on them, but for copy and invention it doesn't add up.

I *thought* it worked like this:

1) for copy + invention jobs, the adjusted material value is treated as 2% of the "value" of the BPO product (from one of the devblogs)
2) multiply that by the system cost index to get the facility fee
3) this may be modified by e.g. NPC taxes at NPC stations, team salaries, etc.

However it's not working. Consider Medium Core Defense Field Extender I's, which have a pretty high volume.

1) To model the copy job facility fee, I hit CREST for the adjustedPrice for Medium ... Extender I's, multiply by 2%, and expect to get my Base Item Cost. I get an adjustedPrice of 1,508,996.23, an expected Base Item Cost of 30,179.92, but an actual Base Item Cost (by mousing over the facility fee in the S&I window during a copy job) of 22,377 ISK.

When I instead select a manufacturing job, I do get a Base Item Cost of 22,377 / 2% = 1,118,827, so at least it's consistent, but why is it using 1,118,827 and not the adjustedPrice from CREST of 1,508,996?

2) To model the invention job facility fee, I now get (from the S&I window) a base item cost of 341,837. Since this is different from 22,377 I assume base item cost for invention jobs is derived from the adjustedCost of the tech 2, not tech 1, product. However, the adjustedPrice for Medium ... Extender II's is 23,079,816.64; multiplying by 2% gives me 461,596.33, not 341,837. (Fortunately, multiplying by my system's System Cost Index of ~opsec~ does give the actual quoted job cost of ~opsec~.)

What factor in between the adjustedPrice number from CREST and the quoted Base Item Cost in the S&I window am I missing? Job cost is hardly going to make or break invention profit, but the OCD person in me wants to fully understand my costs. Thanks a million.
Steve Ronuken
Fuzzwork Enterprises
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#2 - 2014-12-28 03:47:36 UTC
it goes from the adjusted price of the materials (at ME 0)

So things like Titans can still have a base cost.

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Kethas Protagonist
Protagonist Ventures
#3 - 2014-12-28 07:35:30 UTC
Awesome, thanks Steve, that works. When I read that copy+invention jobs use "the value of the blueprint's product" (or similar wording), I parsed it as "use the value of the product as the base item value", not "use the same base item value as when manufacturing the product."