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[Service] Ship Delivery everywhere in Empire

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Patboy Exposa
The Mighty Damned
#1 - 2014-12-16 13:07:21 UTC  |  Edited by: ISD Ezwal

Do you require some ships at your location, but…
… you live in Low Sec? Or far away to the next Tradehub?
… you don’t want to haul your ship and fitting yourself to your destination?
… you don’t have any other char, to purchase you stuff at the next Tradehub?
… it takes you too long to fulfill a public courier contract and other Hauling corp are too expensive?
Or do you have other reason?

Then I offer you my new Ship Delivery Service.

What this means for you, send me an ingame mail (to Patboy Exposa) with the linked Ship fitting (can be more than one), possibly add some few things (Ammo, various hardeners, etc.) and links the station where you want to have the whole of it. Maybe a Char which should get the contract (if it is not the sender of the mail). Then I'll buy all that stuff, bring it to your station and make a Private Contract.

The station at which I should deliver, can be anywhere in the Empire. So every high Sec system, and every Low Sec System (Except systems that are only available if you have to fly through 0.0).

The price, which you have to pay:

Sum of all the purchased materials in Jita.
This value will be (always) round up, to the next whole million value.
+ 1 million docking fees (only once)
+ 500k per jump through Highsec
+ 750k per Jump through Low Sec

Notice here that I always choose the shortest route on my route. Thus, it can happen that a target system is reachable within 18 jumps through high sec, but with 9 jumps, go with 3 of them by Low Sec, is also accessible.

After successful delivery you will receive an email with the Contract and a listing of how the price has come about.
Your advantages: You do not have to buy the stuff yourself. Get it delivered and is cheaper than any other transport corps.


Since this service is still in its infancy, I have to make some limitations:

Currently, there are only about 57,000 m³ available. This means you can order 1 Battleship + fitting, 5 Cruiser + fittings or more frigates or Destroyer + fittings. Of course you can also assign more Battleships. However, you must bear in mind that I have to delivery twice, and you have to pay two deliverys. (However, I do not reckon the way back).

I will not purchase exotic modules. That means no Officer modules. DED modules yes, but only as long as they are in the market with a high amount. (If the module is only 3 times available on the market, and have over 50 million costs, I do not buy it).

Due to private activities you have to wait MAXIMUM 3 days on your delivery. However, you can expect it in most cases already after 1 day (according to orders). If I get a job during the week to 18 clock (EVE Time Zone), you can expect it in the same evening.)
Since I do not have any huge amounts of ISK, I need a rough deposit of around 15% for deliveries over 400 million. This price will be deducted from the contract.

Currently, the maximum limit for delivery is 1 billion.

A little example:

You need for the next weekend one Maller and 3 Destroyers at your Station in Brin.

2 options: You know, the whole thing will cost 350 million -> Then you just send me a mail with the fittings + station.

You know, the whole thing will cost 500 million -> Send me a mail with fitting + station, and you give me 100 million (that is about 20% but 75 million would be fine too).

I'll buy the things, deliver it, make the Contract and you will receive an e-mail:


Price: Link to Evepraisal with all the things which I bought: 374,185,000

Round up: 375 Route: 6 HS Jumps and 9 LS Jumps --> 375 + 1 + (0.5 * 6) + (0.75 * 9)

You pay 385.75 million and you have your equipment directly at your station.

So then. Merry order and successful destroy.

Best regards, Patboy Exposa

PS: I reserve the right to subsequently change my service to expand limitations or to reduce or adjust the delivery cost if I feel it is necessary.
Patboy Exposa
The Mighty Damned
#2 - 2014-12-16 13:09:23 UTC
Reserved for me.
ISD Ezwal
ISD Community Communications Liaisons
#3 - 2014-12-16 15:59:17 UTC
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Patboy Exposa
The Mighty Damned
#4 - 2014-12-23 00:04:38 UTC
Service still available. 5 satisfied customers till now.