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Dradis Aulmais
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#241 - 2015-03-22 02:36:26 UTC
Basil Pupkin wrote:
Mike Azariah wrote:
Basil Pupkin wrote:
We have the worst CSM to date, and of course one of the people responsible for it, Mike, got elected again.

When is the next Mike-sanctioned hisec nerf? I believe it was April, the time null ores are redone, which will probably devalue hisec ores below the ground... again.

Anything to say in your defense?

Did you vote?

I am in waaaay too good a mood to take offence at your tone, your entitlement, your errors so tightly pakced in such a small package.

They could make minerals twice as common and easy to get in Null. Unless they have folks there WILLING to mine them, it will make no difference.

But don't let my opinion sway you. Tell me more about how I manage to be the one driving the bus taking hisec down the ever so well paved road to hell.


did I mention I was in a good mood?

There was a mining report in dev blogs recently, which drew a clear picture. Some null regions scored a lot more than certain not depopulated hisec ones. I still remembered how Odyssey plummeted mining into the ground, and it doesn't take a genius to tell what ANY ore rebalance favoring null will do to hisec, which has already lost any industrial competition with null and is nothing more than a raw resource provider for it at the moment.
You were in the CSM then, you are in the CSM now, you ok'd it, you devalued it, and now, 5 buffs later, when 80% of resource providing capacity has been recovered, time to kick the dying dog. Thanks, Mike.

I scrached my head trying to figure out this post. Then gave up because the poster obiously doesn't know how CSM works and is looking for a scapegoat.

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