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Announcing Second Annual Landfall Festival

Saede Riordan
Alexylva Paradox
#1 - 2014-11-07 16:21:23 UTC
It has been over a year now since the settling of Origin. The one year anniversary of Landfall on Renaissance, and the establishment of Foundation City is rapidly approaching. It is a time of reflection, relaxation, and celebration. Thus, in association with Origin Colonial Authority and the city of Foundation, I am proud to announce the second annual Landfall festival, to be held in Landfall Park on the weekend of December 5th.

The festival will open at 1400 UTC on Friday December 5th, and music will begin on the main stage at 1600 UTC. Shuttles to the venue will be available at Suroken VI Spacelane Patrol Assembly Plant, from 1000 UTC onward, courtesy of the Alexylva Paradox. Shuttles will run for the entire weekend from Suroken to the Foundation Starport. Tickets are on sale now via Galnet, 60 ISK for a weekend pass, or 25 ISK per day. Campsites will be available at the festival site, and for those wishing not to rough it, the Highperch Hotel in Foundation City is offering rooms at a discounted price of 40 ISK per night for festival goers. Those wishing to operate a vending booth should contact Festival Coordinator Aaron Althousi (Althousi@Originmail.galnet) before November 21st, when booth locations will be finalized.

Music will play on the main stage for the entire weekend, featuring bands and artists from throughout the Origin system. Three music slots remain open, and a general call has been put out to find groups to fill these slots. If you are a musician and interested in performing, contact Aaron Althousi at the earliest convenience, slots will be filled on a first come first serve basis. A fire dancing and drum circle will again operate during the nights, and anyone is invited to join in the circle. Some spare drums will be provided but festival goers who wish to play in the drum circle are encouraged to bring their own.

Festival rules are simple.
No weapons will be permitted in the venue, and any fights will be broken up by Enforcer Drones.
No pets will be allowed in the venue, please leave them at home so as not to interfere with the local wildlife.
No glass bottles or other breakable items will be allowed, please make things easy for our cleanup crew and use plastic or metal.
Children under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian, children will be provided with a tracking bracelet keyed to their guardian's neocom, allowing them to be located within the venue in the event of an emergency.
Wood for campfires will be provided, please avoid damaging the local forest looking for firewood.
Neutral capsuleers will have to request a venue invitation from Saede Riordan.

I hope to see lots of new and familiar faces, lets make this Landfall Festival as much of a success as the previous was.
Luna Hanaya
Imperial Academy
Amarr Empire
#2 - 2014-11-08 05:40:12 UTC
I am interested in this, however, there are some points of concern, that I would like to clarify.
Do I understand correctly, that the Foundation City is, in fact, outside of known space, and you have to get there only by using wormhole?
I remember that CONCORD warned us not to go through wormholes, and this CONCORD fella looked damn serious.
I never was in wormhole space myself, and it looks very scary to me with all these sleepers, jovians, sanshas...
Can you just end stranded there?...
And will I have some problems with CONCORD, if I come there?
Sorry for being overly cautious, but this is so new to me!

I hope Enforcer Drones are not Sleeper Drones, right?


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Saede Riordan
Alexylva Paradox
#3 - 2014-11-10 18:46:54 UTC
Foundation City is in fact outside of known space, and the only method of reaching it is in fact via wormhole connection.
CONCORD regulation technically restricts all passage through all wormholes. Capsuleers have been ignoring these regulations as a matter of course for years. CONCORD has yet to so much as give me or any of my people a slap on the wrist, and it seems they pay little mind to our presence.
While it is hypothetically possible to end up stranded in Anoikis, there are over 5 million colonists living in Origin, and it is far from a typical system in Anoikis. There is basically no chance of ending up stranded in Origin.

The Enforcer drones are a model of automated enforcement vehicle used in everything from Casinos to music festivals across all four empires. They're definitely not sleeper drones.
Che Biko
Alexylva Paradox
#4 - 2014-11-14 22:35:36 UTC
This is great. It's been too long, and I'm curious to see what has become of Foundation City.

But I might stay this time.
Jandice Ymladris
Aurora Arcology
#5 - 2014-11-19 22:07:29 UTC
I'll be pleased to attend, however I'll probably arrive a bit later, around 16H-17H.

Did enjoy the first Landfall festival last year.

Providing a new home for refugees in the Aurora Arcology

Saede Riordan
Alexylva Paradox
#6 - 2014-11-19 22:14:22 UTC
Great to see some interest and some familiar faces, please send me an RSVP mail if you plan on attending, so that I can make sure all the relevant information is forwarded to you.
Fraxi Nilanth
Alexylva Paradox
#7 - 2014-11-21 21:02:16 UTC
Wooo party! Its gonna be awesomesauce, everyone should go! ^_^

Fraxi Nilanth: Albino Spacejanitor Extraordinaire

Jandice Ymladris
Aurora Arcology
#8 - 2014-12-06 18:49:47 UTC
I had a good time at the Landfall festival. My apologies for my inability to mingle with the rest, but I was having a hard time yesterday. I did enjoy visiting the Elder Grove, where I could find some inner peace.

Nontheless, I published an article about the event: Second Origin Landfall Festival

For those who are interested, the event runs all weekend long! Have a good time all!

Providing a new home for refugees in the Aurora Arcology

Jade Blackwind
#9 - 2014-12-06 19:44:12 UTC  |  Edited by: Jade Blackwind
Since I joined ALXVP some six months ago, I mainly worked to develop the industrial infrastructure on four inner planets, and my visits to Renaissance were limited to the orbital station and the outlying resource extraction zones. I sort of got used to the dust, dirt, cramped basic quarters, humming drones everywhere and so on.

When I landed at the Foundation City yesterday I also expected to see a network of generic planetary installations and building sites with miles of wilderness between them, but saw an utopian metropolis instead. It's amazing that a well-developed colony of that scale is just an year old. This celebration is well deserved. Let's hope that the city and its starport will stand for many more years to come.