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Did CCP totally disable BB code in forum sigs?

Vaerah Researcher
Vahrokh Consulting
#1 - 2014-10-08 19:59:53 UTC
I can't make the signature work in any way.

I have tried with plain HTML (a href classic stuff) and with BB Code (the same that works in regular posts) yet links just don't work.

I can use a "full" URL including http prefix etc but if I want to create an hyperlinked text I just can't.

In example, if I want to create a link to my website on this post, I just do this:

My website

Whereas, if I copy and paste the same stuff in the signature I get errors and ultimately it won't work.

Anyone got any clues?
Imperial Shipment
Amarr Empire
#2 - 2014-10-11 12:37:36 UTC
You have to use UBB code - so [url] and the appropriate closing to it

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Vaerah Researcher
Vahrokh Consulting
#3 - 2014-10-13 15:23:58 UTC
Dwissi wrote:
You have to use UBB code - so [url] and the appropriate closing to it

Do you see the link I put in the first post?

It has got exactly what you say. It's also what I'd expect to use, and used in the past.

However, if I copy and paste that BB code in the signature, I get an error, stating the signature is invalid.