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The ESS and Empire faction standings - a modest proposal

Skyler Hawk
The Tuskers
The Tuskers Co.
#1 - 2014-09-06 12:25:15 UTC
The advent of clone soldiers and their tags in lowsec has created a slightly odd situation in-game in that you can now more easily repair a bad sec status than a bad standing with one of the empire factions. In addition, the Encounter Surveillance System is widely perceived to be a bit lackluster and unappealing to 0.0 sovholders and ratters. I suggest that both issues could be addressed by creating a player market for ESS bounty tags.

Suppose that the NPC empires would allow ESS tags to be redeemed in two ways: either you exchange them directly for ISK as you do today or you exchange a set value of tags for a given increase in faction standing - say 100m for a 5% faction standings boost. That would allow empire-dwellers who want high standings for mission running (or to fix their faction standings after a stint in FW) to buy standings directly rather than grinding endless low-level missions, while simultaneously increasing the value of the ESS and its tags to nullsec ratters.

I believe that this would both increase the likelihood of the ESS being used as intended in 0.0 (acting as a potential target of opportunity for small gang raiders and providing a reasonable boost to nullsec income without acting as an ISK faucet) and give empire-based players an opportunity to avoid a dull and tedious grind, to the advantage of both areas of the game.
Grey Templars
#2 - 2014-09-06 16:43:43 UTC
You think they unappealing?

You do realize that they allow us to make 105% on bounties compared to the 95% you actually make now.(Rats lost 5% when introduced)

Thats not including the massive amount of LP we can generate with them that just sits because **** jump cloning to high sec to cash them all out?

Or the fact that it takes 30 seconds to empty it if a hostile gang is coming and pack up all your ratters scooping it and posing up?

The amount of effort it takes for about 15% more isk overall is nill. They are only unappealing for people that cant be bothered to realize they make more isk with them.