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An idea to solve the ISK inflation problem not by stopping it but making it healthy

C DeLeon
Ministry of War
Amarr Empire
#1 - 2011-11-19 16:54:06 UTC  |  Edited by: C DeLeon
I'm not an economist officially so if I'm wrong somewhere then feel free to correct me.

I think the real sickness of the inflation in EVE and similar games where the economy and market is highly influenced by the players is that the money doesn't devaluate as fast as the amount of money raising in the game.

Because the incomes what pumps the money into the economy are static (bounty, mission reward etc) and because of this it's totally worth for the players to stockpile insane amounts of money on their wallet.

And players will do it if they can do it. It's in our nature. I'm almost sure that the market prices aren't raising as fast as the total money amount because of this. Nerfing money incomes or giving to the game more money sinks aren't real solution. This just makes things harder for the same outcome.

IRL the inflation affects every part of the economy and forces everyone to push back their money to the market as fast as possible because of the devaluation. The cash-flow what keeps the economy alive and developing.

I think the real solution is to make the inflation healthy and not trying to stop it.

By constantly monitoring the inflation and raising the mission rewards, bountys, LP store money costs, manufacturing and research slot prices, skillbooks and BPOs prices etc (so all the isk incomes and is sinks) with the amount of inflation from time to time.

I know this could cause insane inflation and faster market price raising on short term but the real value of the currency will change oppositely with the total amount of the money in the game and the players will forced to push back their money to the market during higher inflation period(or using it to pew pew more) and not sitting on it.

If too much money gets into the game then CCP can just change for a new currency with a higher value.

Black Mongrel
Wilde Investments Inc.
#2 - 2011-12-12 02:03:38 UTC
I think the idea of a constantly changing currency is probably a viable option. Wait until the value of things gets out of control, and then switch.

I think another solution would be to incorporate a system of competing currencies. Make certain regions use certain currencies. This would allow CCP to intervene at anytime and change the distance a region's currency extends. There'd be no fee to exchange your money when you travel to another currency zone, and all players would notice is their wallets look different when CCP changes the scope. All market transactions and prices would still be proportionate. By changing the currency a system uses, players will generate that currency. This would allow full control on CCP's part of the expansion and contraction of any given currency.

Perhaps even in the player run empires, players can choose their Corp's currency, just to add a bit of variation to the market.

I am not an economist either, but this seems to be a viable option considering how much control CCP has over things like currency denomination.