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How to get in touch with CSM9

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Mike Azariah
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#1 - 2014-05-12 07:26:24 UTC  |  Edited by: CCP Leeloo
In our “no officers” announcement thread, someone asked who to bug. Well...all of us? Here’s a quick directory of the CSM members, for all your complaints and questions.

Name: Ali Aras
Best method of contact: Tweet me at @ali_of_space. Evemail sometimes works. ali_aras on (I also lurk in #eve-dev).
Special Interests: Small groups, especially small groups in null; new player concerns

Name: Major JSilva ~ Silva
Best Method of contact: Twitter @silva117 or skype
Special Interest: 0.0 Sov, PvP, Rental Stuff, Supercapitals/Capitals(In general stuff with jump drives), 0.0 Industry, making stations go boom boom. kpop…single malt scotches

Name: Mangala Solaris
Best method of contact: Twitter I can be found on @awanderingjon. Evemail is best for anything longer than 140 characters.
Special Interests: PVP: small gang, NPSI groups, HS warfare, player run and ccp run live events; New bro’s, getting them in and keeping them here.

Name: Xander Phoena
Best method of contact: On twitter @midi2304, or evemail
Special Interests: 0.0 in particular sov and PvP, communication, My Little Pony

Name: Steve Ronuken
Best method of contact: Twitter at @fuzzysteve, email at, evemail, fuzzysteve on (#eve-dev)
Special Interests: Industry. Third party stuff.

Name: Corbexx
Best method of contact: Skype.Twitter at @corbexx_NOHO, email at,
Special Interests: Wormholes slight focus on industry

Name: Sion Kumitomo
Best method of contact: Twitter @siggonK, Evemail.
Special Interests: Goons, 0.0, people, tea.

Name: Sugar Kyle
Best method of contact: eve-mail, Twitter @sugar_kyle,
Special Interests: Low sec, cooking, PvP, Pirates, Industry, UI, epic fantasy and sci-fi, general chats, skittles, newbies

Name: Mike Azariah
Best method of contact: Eve Mail (1st) Twitter (2nd) @mikeazariah
Special Interests: Casual play, High sec, Balance of game, NPE, PvE

Name: mynnna
Best Method of Contact: Eve Mail, Twitter (@mynnna_eve)
Special Interests: All of them.

Name: DJ FunkyBacon
Best method of contact: Twitter: @FunkyBacon | Facebook: | EveMail
Special Interests: Lowsec, Factional Warfare, Piracy, Small Gang PVP, Bacon.

Name: corebloodbrothers
Best method of contact: Eve Mail (1st) Twitter (2nd) @corebloodbro
Special Interests: null sec, NRDS, fc-ing, fleet, providence, power projection, daily cruiser fleets, marketing eve, keeping u in touch, csm10

Name: Asayanami Dei
Best method of contact: twitter @asayanami, EVE-mail, e-mail, in game channel: Adhocracy Public
Special Interests: W-Space, Small Gang, New Player Experience, Player driven content


Mike Azariah  ┬──┬ ¯|(ツ)