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Summer skill changes :P

Nalelmir Ahashion
Industrial Management and Engineering
Mouth Trumpet Cavalry
#1 - 2014-04-19 15:13:24 UTC
ok few skills going to change few ships going to change and I want to plan it out.

1. Combat drone operation will split into 2 skills (light and medium) > already trained to 5 finish in 3 days.

2. Drones interfacing (iirc change the name as well to advanced avionics) according to the dev blog base damage of drones will change to get extra 33% damage and the Drone interfacing skill gets nerfed to 10% per rank instead of 20%.

a. Will this nerf affects mining drones as well?
b. considering this change you think the benefits of rank 5 will be worth the 20 days training?

3. Mining barrages will change from yield base bonus to cycle time bonus.
Skiff gets extra low slot.

So first of all shorter cycle times means more cap heavy usage which means I personally thought training capacitor management from 4 to 5 (already got capacitor system operation to 5), so I'll have best possible cap available.

Next is the fact that now the bonus is cycle time I think it's time to train exhumers V from rank IV.

Next part is CPU,
When I mine in skiff I tank it like a Battleship even with 1 MLU II and some 3% cpu implant (cpu skill is 5) I get like 5 cpu left.
so I thought training Mining upgrades to rank 5 to reduce the bonus even further so when the additional low slot will be added I could use 2 MLU and 1 DCU instead of 1 + 1 we got now.

About other ship components I didn't see any skill which lowers cpu needs on other modules like Shield hardeners----guess it does not exist?

4. Refining
I'm talking here purely on ORES refining...
I got access to 50% yield station with 6.67 standing (more like 9.6 but who care ? :P ) and
Refining 5
Refinery Efficiency 4 (should train to 5)
and various other ore specific skills at 4 for the T2 crystals.
so Ref Eff should go to 5 then the ore specific which I need should train to 5 as well. Then I should get the 4% refining implant and then in theory I'll get same amount of minerals I get from ores like I get now? (I understand with changes refining in POS\LOW\Null will get as high as extra 2-4% and maybe selling ores might be better but as transporting goes minerals are MUCH easier to transport into my sell locations from where I mine the ores, so I would prefer to keep refining).

over all, I covered it all?
Jack Lennox
Grove Street Families
#2 - 2014-04-19 16:07:24 UTC
Never not train Drone Interfacing to V, as it is now, it's basically like having an extra drone there. As for the mining yield increase, I have no idea

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