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Price Checks

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PC on 60 mil SP toon

#1 - 2014-02-21 13:21:39 UTC
-Marauder Pilot (Kronos)
-Vindicator capable
-Logistics V (Guardian)
-Excellent Hybrid Turret Skills (Decent Lazer/Missile Skills)
-Excellent Piloting skills:
Gallente/Amarr/Caldari Frig/Cruiser/BC/BS V
Minmatar Cruiser+ Frig V
Battlecruisers V, Destroyers V, Exhumers V
Amarr Freighter Pilot / Blockade Runner
Proteus/Tengu capable Pilot
-Excellent Armor/Shield/Equipment skills
Covert Ops, Recon, Electronic Attack, Interdictor, Assault, Heavy Assault, Heavy Interdictor, Interceptor pilot
-Good Projectile Turret Skills
-Excellent Drone Skills (Sentries V, Heavy Drones V)
-Mining/Mining Upgrades/Refining Lvl V

one with low grade slave set'KAR

Just wanna get a feel on price.

Might sell if price is too good to resist.