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Does Eve need new players?

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Kaarous Aldurald
Black Hydra Consortium.
#601 - 2014-03-06 11:07:16 UTC
MutnantRebel wrote:
Jonah Gravenstein wrote:
MutnantRebel wrote:
I've a 10 year old daughter who, next payday, will be starting to play and will make her own alter ego in the Eve universe. She's a new player. She'll be staying in Hi Sec for a while until she gets her space legs under her. She's young, so I don't want to immerse her in too much at once. She, too, will soon find that learning curve is steep, yet worth it. Being I'm starting all over again from scratch isn't an issue to me. I'm kind of excited by it.
You should get in contact with Scott Manley, his 7 year old daughter ran for CSM 7 and plays, under supervision, as a pirate.

That's awesome! I've ran across family friendly corps in the past, which is where I got the notion.

For her safety I have set her to auto-reject convo's from those she doesn't know. She also knows not to chat in local, and I explained that some adult things will be chatted in local, which can't be controlled. I'm quite excited for her LOL.

I have a 6 year old son, too, who's been glued to my screen (wow dad, STAR WARS!" LOL. He's my copilot, so I'll be making him an Eve First Mates license, just so he can feel like part of it. Earlier he was RPing the heck out of me LOL "We've 5 more jumps captain" LOL. It's awesome. Best of all, when we're in game, I'm not Dad, I'm "MutnantRebel", so in the game we're all equal. It's fun time, not Dad time, even though it is LOL.

I think families playing Eve together is great!

Big props, my friend. My daughter is still too young to play EVE (she's only 2), but she does love to watch me play. I just hope that a game like this is still around when she's old enough to play with me.

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Bastards Bay
#602 - 2014-03-06 13:20:37 UTC
Did the articles you read have a time stamp of 3 years ago? or was it 4 years ago?