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Roland Cassidy for CSM9

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Roland Cassidy
Reverberation Project
#1 - 2014-02-16 06:59:42 UTC  |  Edited by: CCP Dolan
I'd like to formally announce my candidacy for CSM Representative for CSM9 in 2014.

As a platform I will focus on the items which matter not just to Razor Alliance and CFC in general but additionally the aspects of the game I feel like I have a means to contribute to. Notable items on my item list are:

- The Implementation of Additional Post Rubicon Mobile Structures
- Pushing Mobile Structures as a Framework for replacing existing POS code entirely
- Pressing for More Responsive and less boring PVE from the ground up from Agent Missions to Incursions
- Implementation of a means to include Player Contributions within the lore and metaplot of EVE.
- Development of in game camera tools to allow communities to process better video content
- Focusing on the Post New Player Experience Player. Making "Where do I go from here" more fluid and exciting.
- Developing the staff and tools required to make Live Events worth attending and cross multiple Time Zones.
- Bridging the Business Gap between CCP advertisement and Viral Player Generated Advertisement.

A little about the player behind Roland:

What you should know about me is that I'm a Regional Warehousing and Logistics Manager for DISH Network in North Carolina (US). I hold a Bachelors of Science from University of Hawaii at Manoa, as well as an Associates of Arts in Business from the University of South Carolina. I'm a 14 year Veteran of the United States Air Force formerly as a Load Master and currently an Air Transportation Specialist as an Inactive Reservist. I am a father of one son who has Autism Spectrum Disorder and a 10 year EVE Online player. I am a self confessed D&D/Comic nerd who spends too much time station spinning, reading forums, posting on TMC and testing on SISI.

I feel as though I have the most to offer in creating a bridge from the new player to the Intermediate Player. As a long time "not so bitter" bittervet, I've been fortunate enough to see the game evolve and grow into what we play on today. Our PVP is (at times) the most addictive things out there as far as MMO's go, no other game conveys the sheer heart pumping action that evading a gate camp or brawling outrageous in Battlecruisers does. What we lack is convincing, well thought out, and rewarding solo PVE experience and a lot of wasted resources on Lore Content that should be flavoring our experience rather than just providing a reason why some ships tank armor and some tank shield.

With ideas that should be cross promoted such as micro Vanguard style incursion-esque missions for 3-5 pilots working in concert, to Lore Arcs that allow capsuleers to declare who they are in EVE's history amongst the factions, to the return of lower tier content to Lowsec and Null, enabling lower SP players to still earn isk on par with their losses in these unforgiving regions that serve as our School of Hard knocks.

I'd like to see increased player tools like better more cinematic friendly Camera Controls, intuitive corp/alliance wallet functions, Coalition level support in game ala Alliance functions. Status options such as (AFK) and Do not accept Fleet Warps options in fleet and a focus on the post new player experience player. The 3-6 month old character that has an idea of what they want to do but isn't aware of game resources that are available with which to follow up on. With the sheer amount of Player Generated content, a simple up vote/down vote system of selecting good tools could be displayed in a single window.

As a potential candidate for the CSM I look forward to trying to Represent RAZOR, the CFC, and all the players who have ever crossed my path. It's my largest goal to help make this game even better over the next year by integrating you the players’ ideas and showing CCP how much we all enjoy this game. I hope I can be as good a steward of that responsibility as possible if chosen.

Thank you for your consideration

"Watashi no Tao wa magarikunetta michidesu. Watashi wa toraedokoro no nai, heiwa o motome, samayoimasu."

(Trans) "My Tao is a winding path. I wander, seeking an elusive peace. "


Roland Cassidy
Reverberation Project
#2 - 2014-02-16 07:00:44 UTC  |  Edited by: Roland Cassidy
(Reserved for additional Links and Information)

Interview with Cap Stable Podcasts:

CSM Vote Match Profile:

"Watashi no Tao wa magarikunetta michidesu. Watashi wa toraedokoro no nai, heiwa o motome, samayoimasu."

(Trans) "My Tao is a winding path. I wander, seeking an elusive peace. "


Roland Cassidy
Reverberation Project
#3 - 2014-02-16 21:23:49 UTC
Opening introductions do tend to have a vague feeling to them, but I recognize the need to delve further into more pressing issues. One of the most severe problems with trying to engage the wider audience here is that I'm specifically trying not to 'pick up' where existing and former CSM's have left off and count that as what I intend to accomplish. These smaller less grand scope changes are going to be the items I push for personally. The bloc level pushes are already out there. Everyone in null wants to be done with the terrible grinding of structures as a mechanic. As a participant on many a siege fleet, I cannot tell you that there aren't any times that I loathe creating timers for the timer gods in hopes that someone might have a fight for the thing which may not even occur in my time zone if it does. The long and short of it is that basing your "this is what separates me from candidate x and y" off widely scoped issues is also very vanilla and bland.

My personal convictions? I'm a huge advocate of upgrading the difficulty of taking over and maintaining Sov by use of activity. If you don't actively use the system, its going to be very easy to take over and thus harder to defend. Is it your main 'Home'? That's the spot you're going to find trouble. There should be a direct correlation to the usage and importance of a system to its' strategic difficulty in capturing. It bother's me to no end that I can fly 10 jumps in null without seeing a soul, these systems should be the breeding ground of the entry into Null, much as a small WH group could go into a random C3 and live for a short amount of time, there should be room for this kind of thing to happen in Null as well. Farmers and Fields is not a terrible idea in this game. The problem is that existing sov mechanics don't reward the lowest end of play any more than eking out an existence in high sec. That too is vague, but just browsing the features section of the EVE Forums you can get a great feel for what the Developers are already chiming in on. I don't think any entity should feel the need to maintain vast swaths of space beyond a jump bridge system here and there, I also think that Coalition level standings should exist in this game, as it's a feature that doesn't exist that the players themselves dreamt up and manage on their own.

Mobile structure framework is not currently tied into the existing POS coding. Modular Built POS's have been popular in the forums for several years but continually suffered from the problem that developers had to pour an excessive amount of coding hours in unraveling the Gordian Knot that is the existing POS's. Yet we have new framework we could build something completely different off of to build complex structures which depend on which mods are installed to designate the structure's use. In engineering if you can't improve a structure due to a technical flaw, and you can't destroy it to start again without compromising the integrity of surrounding structures, your three options are a) Scrap the entire project and start over b) Continue using the problematic entity as long as it works or c) build a new working structure within the existing framework that is capable of improvement and discontinue the use of existing entity. From a business sense CCP is unlikely to shut down servers for the necessary time it would take to remove Legacy code and bring in the programming upgrades that continually burn up the forums. Would I quit the game? No. I've been in it for 10 years and I'll be hanging on till the day the Icelandic company shuts it's doors, however others would.

I have to say that PVE is terrible in this game. Particularly for the mid tier players without access to tools or knowledge necessary to earn back the equipment they could lose during what I feel is arguably the best part of the game, PVP. The changes I propose are to give players some additional options in their ISK making options especially in the combat related areas. Setting up 3-5 player oriented Micro Incursions similar to Vanguard sites in the Sansha's Incursions that require a small gang to act in concert in the same manner a fleet would not only encourages good PVP practices, but also livens up the dull and solitary nature of low end PVE. Returning Low End sites to Lowsec is on my priority list, because currently if you do choose to engage in piracy at a relatively low SP range, you must rely on an outside source for isk, and in my experience brawling in T1 frigates in lowsec should be one of the first things everyone tries when getting into EVE as soon as possible.

My stance on Lore and Metaplot has a lot more to do with holding CCP to their initial promise that we, the players would be able to leave a mark on the game. Lore is the backstory and flavor of EVE. For a lot of people and I dare say likely the majority, its completely ignored in favor of focusing on the game mechanics themselves. In a conversation I had with CCP Falcon ages ago, we both agreed that Game Mechanics will never be changed, due to a change in the Lore/story but often things in the Lore will change with Game Mechanics. My opinion is that there is no reason that the Sov wars that rock this game's very economic game play should have a solid mention. The fact that the CFC currently controls more real estate than the Amarr Empire is actually amazing. The Sov empires are juggernauts and honestly with the route that CCP is taking with the Empire essentially trying to pull reigns back in on the Capsuleers they created, this is precisely something that needs to be in the backstory.


"Watashi no Tao wa magarikunetta michidesu. Watashi wa toraedokoro no nai, heiwa o motome, samayoimasu."

(Trans) "My Tao is a winding path. I wander, seeking an elusive peace. "


Roland Cassidy
Reverberation Project
#4 - 2014-02-16 21:24:54 UTC

A lot of my ideas are centered on what would make the game more immersive, and not necessarily only at the 0.0 level but from ground up, what would keep a player interested in the game. What would I sit back and think, "wow... that's deep"? Because that depth is what EVE has that many other MMO's don't, an amazing scope of depth and variety of things that actually matter. For instance I don't mine, but I understand that every ship I fly ultimately came from someone in a retriever or hulk grinding away in a belt somewhere, and some research done on a Blue Print to ensure the price on the market was profitable. What I would love to see is a 'reputation' system that goes beyond standings for corporations and empire factions. You run missions, they engage you with choices from time to time, and these choices in turn build a history of your character, you run incursions and it gets noted on this very same history as a record of your defense against the Sansha forces. Aside from this being a semi useful tool to see what a player has taken the time to do with his character, the game could base some of the NPC reactions to you around this reputation, with no penalty for simply maintaining a neutral reputation and ignoring this mechanic, but for those who actively engage in it can be a source of showing what they do in the game matters.

Current Tools for In game camera's are limited, implementation of simple chase cam's, or even pilotable camera ships would allow the players to marginally increase the production value of our content. This very much ties in with the last point, having a solid gateway for CCP to accept contributions of successful viral marketing assists CCP by way of advertising but also helps those players creative enough to go through the trouble of producing everything from how to videos to corp advertisements and alliance propaganda a means of distribution. CCP has already shown they support this effort by adding the twitch functionality, and seeking the support of further tools seems like a very natural progression.

The Post New Player Experience is something I think the game is lacking in, CCP has gone out of their way to try to tone down the incredibly steep learning curve faced by new players to the game, but really once you're complete with the new player experience (which I try to run every so often in an alt just to see how it pairs off with what I remember coming up), there is a void of "what's next" that I think the players could very much assist in filling. My direct idea is that EVE have an in game tool that links to a community of player generated materials, everything from mining guides to Corp job fairs, where content is controlled by a simple Reddit Style upvote and downvote, meaning that good content and advice and tools feature prominently under simple searchable tags, while bad content as determined by the playerbase is regulated to obscurity. Sources for this could range from the EVE Forums themselves, to the EVE Wiki to external videos and websites that need to be able to flow through the in game browser. I can't stress this enough, to maintain immersion, CCP need to keep a player from having to use an external browser. Some of our best tools and content are player developed and if CCP wants to give the universe to its players, a good start is by recognizing that content beyond a simple "spotlight" article.

What it really boils down to, is that we have an opportunity here not just to fix the things that irk us in one section of space, and I do highly believe in voicing those concerns, but to try to make headway for new ideas and bring further depth into all areas of this great game. That's my platform. I want the game to be here in 20 years, I want all players to be engaged. I want to promote a means to make things more interesting which at the moment are dull and improve on features which the player base continually voice as lacking. At this level it doesn't matter if the player is in my bloc or not, and I fully intend on bringing to bear the expectations I set for myself, because that's what I've expected out of the previous CSM's and I think honestly many of them have done a bang up job thus far. It's important to me that I'm the voice of the folks who vote for me. If I'm not actively listening to what you all want then I'm not doing my job. I look forward to fielding questions at the Candidate Townhall we're hosting.


"Watashi no Tao wa magarikunetta michidesu. Watashi wa toraedokoro no nai, heiwa o motome, samayoimasu."

(Trans) "My Tao is a winding path. I wander, seeking an elusive peace. "


Reverberation Project
#5 - 2014-02-16 21:30:06 UTC
+1 support as an alliance member & friend.

Jonathan Pryde
Reverberation Project
#6 - 2014-02-16 21:36:06 UTC
+1 I endorse this candidate.

Roland is one of the best guys I've ever had the opportunity to talk to regarding game-related stuff and how to make things better. He actively has tried to create content within the corp for it's members to keep us from getting bored with the game. I truly believe he can bring this kind of content to the game as a whole with fresh, new ideas which EVE badly needs.
sweating fire
#7 - 2014-02-16 21:42:07 UTC
+1 I endorse this candidate
Cuno Belin
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Caldari State
#8 - 2014-02-16 21:59:30 UTC
+1 for a fellow crp/alli/drunk roam member

Lets see some new missions or more epic arc lines to get rid of the normal mission grind
Capt Higgins
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#9 - 2014-02-17 00:29:36 UTC
+1 I support this candidate.
Ber Kan
Brave Newbies Inc.
Brave Collective
#10 - 2014-02-17 06:41:19 UTC
You have My Gila.


                                 This thread has been Plundered.

Psyker Ulvo
Freedom and Profit
#11 - 2014-02-17 06:42:16 UTC
And My Vulture!

Jurgen Eisenhorn
Caldari State
#12 - 2014-02-17 06:50:54 UTC
And My Axe!

Obsidian Crowe
Caldari Provisions
Caldari State
#13 - 2014-02-17 20:54:24 UTC
An outstanding candidate, PVE could definitely use a revamp!
Looks like I'm not the only one tired of linear missions with no give or take.

+1 I support this candidate
Powers Sa
#14 - 2014-02-17 21:26:16 UTC
never heard of you

Do you like winning t2 frigs and dictors for Dirt Cheap?

Remeber: Gambling addiction is no laughing matter unless you've lost a vast space fortune on the internet.

Driven Killer
Good Ole Boys
Shoot First.
#15 - 2014-02-18 00:37:57 UTC
As a corp mate, and as a friend, but most importantly as someone who sees logic and reasoning in his candidacy platform, I endorse this candidate! I'll openly compaign for him as well!
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#16 - 2014-02-18 00:39:42 UTC
I've flown with Roland for a while (with a break in-between) and even though his views aren't 100% my views, he's a reasonable, thoughtful, and mostly lovable guy that I put my support behind :)

Good luck, Roland!
Motherlode Excavation and Refining Services
Nec Aspera Terrent
#17 - 2014-02-18 00:41:31 UTC
From a carebear point of view, especially in research and development, along with the story/lore behind everything, I like where this guy's head is and the ideas that he has proposed. I endorse this candidate!
Kegan Bjornson
#18 - 2014-02-18 01:07:03 UTC
Seems like some good things to come. Good Luck, Roland! +1 from me!
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#19 - 2014-02-24 13:46:47 UTC  |  Edited by: SKINE DMZ
Enjoyed what you had to say, the only thing I am not particular fan of is the up/down vote system you mention and the newbie experience, as that is almost the opposite of mine I find that complete freedom of not actually being sure what to do now gives a great feeling in terms of I know how to fly, but now it's up to me to create that story. Yes it is a harder experience than a universe where the story is streamlined, but I don't feel that is the thing that stops people from subscribing as I'm sure they've done a little bit of research on the type of game it is.

In my opinion the only real bother is the UI and the structure of how things work when starting out, it is extremely confusing but saying that once you get used to it, it kind of makes sense in a strange way, I learned to like it.

However I believe that would need a serious re-designing, that I am not sure is worth it in the end as it will take awhile for everyone to get re-adjust and it will probably change the feel of flying/living in New Eden.

One question for you, saw you hit on the AFK status, which other statuses do you have in mind and do you think of them as mandatory and in what way do you believe this will change EVE?

I disagree

Roland Cassidy
Reverberation Project
#20 - 2014-02-28 00:49:14 UTC  |  Edited by: Roland Cassidy
"One question for you, saw you hit on the AFK status, which other statuses do you have in mind and do you think of them as mandatory and in what way do you believe this will change EVE? "

Thanks for the question:

At the moment I'm only advocating 3 specific statuses to be listed in the scope of the Fleet UI window:

Active: (Automatically set by the system as long as the player remains entering mouse clicks and keystrokes within the client)
Inactive: (Automatically set by the system after detecting an arbitrary amount of time in between input. Allowing the FC to know who is awake and ready to take orders at a glance.)
AFK: (Set by the Player themselves to denote absence from fleet and connected to an option that each player may individually set to disable Fleet/Wing/Squad Warps.)

I'm sure the greater EVE community would love the option of adding utility and personalized or flavor tags i.e. "Drunk!" or "Drone Bunny" , "Anchor" etc. However these are all singularly optional. I have seen some speculation as to making these status tags appear within chat windows, yet I feel as this doesn't really serve the purpose I'm going for which is to protect active players who take the time to set their AFK status once 'POS'ed up' and need to take a moment away from their keyboards responsibly.

I am aware of the chance that there is a meta that could be used by enterprising AWOXers to pick off targets from the field who are inactive but not set to AFK, but such is the risk. As always however I'm open to thoughts and ripping apart of the idea to forge something even better. A process I'm very much looking forward to if selected as one of the CSM Candidates.

"Watashi no Tao wa magarikunetta michidesu. Watashi wa toraedokoro no nai, heiwa o motome, samayoimasu."

(Trans) "My Tao is a winding path. I wander, seeking an elusive peace. "


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