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List of Highsec Systems with Multiple Level 4 Agents

Novah Soul
#1 - 2014-02-14 17:04:19 UTC
I made this list as a personal reference and am posting it to make sure I have no glaring omissions, and to also help anyone else that has wished to see such a list:

    System Name (Security) Corporation and Number of Agents

    Sasoutikh (0.6) Theology Council x2
    Ivar (1.0) Brutor Tribe x2
    Balginia (0.8) Brutor Tribe x2
    Lustrevik (0.9) Brutor Tribe x2, Republic Justice Department x1
    Khopa (0.8) Civic Court x1, Imperial Armaments x1
    Gelfiven (0.6) Trust Partners x1, Republic Fleet x1
    Dabrid (0.6) Amarr Navy x1, Caldari Business Tribunal x2
    Shuria (0.5) Ministry of Internal Order x2
    Waskisen (0.7) Corporate Police Force x2
    Kusomonmon (0.8) Sukuuvestaa x1, Caldari Construction x1
    Maturat (0.8) Sebiestor Tribe x1, Republic Justice Department x1
    Shemah (0.8) Kador Family x1, Carthum Conglomorate x1
    Paara (0.8) Caldari Steel x1, Spacelane Patrol x1
    Iskano (0.7) House of Records x2
    Korama (0.8) Republic Security Services x2, Ishukone Watch x1
    Isseras (0.6) Nurtura x2
    Umokka (0.6) Corporate Police Force x1, Caldari Navy x1
    Ohmahailen (0.7) Corporate Police Force x2
    Gekutami (0.7) Hyasyoda Corporation x1, Caldari Business Tribunal x1
    Motsu (0.9) Caldari Navy x1, Cheif Executive Panel x1
    Osmon (0.7) Sisters of Eve x1, Hyasyoda Corporation x1
    Eitu (0.5) Caldari Navy x1, Corporate Police Force x1
    Neesher (0.5) The Scope x1, Republic Security Services x1
    Haajinen (0.8) Corporate Police Force x1, Home Guard x1
    Ichoriya (0.6) Caldari Navy x2
    Stacmon (0.6) Federal Administration x2
    Ignebaener (0.5) Federal Intelligence Office x2
    Torrinos (0.5) Home Guard x2, Spacelane Patrol x1
    Amygnon (0.6) Garoun Investment Bank x2

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Filthy Peasants
#2 - 2014-02-14 21:58:32 UTC
im surpised its such a short list.

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Destruction and Pacification Services
#3 - 2014-02-14 22:14:28 UTC
Batelle wrote:
im surpised its such a short list.

there are low sec systems with 3-4 level 4 agents

too bad its low sec,