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Proteus, DED 7/10, Sansha Military Operations Complex

Relentless Excavation
#1 - 2014-02-13 08:44:51 UTC
Hello, forgive me if this thread already exists but I could not find it. I was curious as to whether or not a Proteus can solo Sansha DED sites? Specifically a DED 7/10, Sansha Military Operations Complex, and if so, how and with what build?

Here is a link to the build that I have made for this purpose:

This build is still in testing as I have just recently finished seeing how it handles level 4's (with ease) and will begin testing it in nullsec anomalies.

Thank you.
#2 - 2014-02-13 09:21:08 UTC  |  Edited by: Tauranon
Proteus has a big buffer for a cruiser as is 4000 hps on armor at least - I never fit plates to PVE boats and esp not proteus. That should give you enough grid to not need the grid module.

IMO a blaster boat with less than 2 minutes cap running guns and reps only is going to be terrible at any ded 7. They are big piles of battleships, some of which will orbit a long way away, and the dps is fairly harsh in the opening part of the pocket with all the cruisers aggroed, (it really isn't a level 4).

At the end is a stasis tower that is probably 60km away, and in the gurista one at least, the overseer webs. I'd hate to get to the end and find the archduke or whatever it is does the same thing in a blasterboat. You'll never get to him.

Also 500 kin/therm damage vs sansha isn't exciting and doubly not exciting with blaster projection, I'd rather shoot 4x curator IIs with rail support at them to be honest.
Filthy Peasants
#3 - 2014-02-13 15:40:25 UTC  |  Edited by: Batelle
power diagnostic system on a proteus is wtf-tier. That **** has to go. Its turning what could be an okay fit in to an automatically terrible fit. If you have to use an implant, or adjust your fit, or replace the plate with something else, then do so.

If you're going to use blasters while tanking, the subsystem to reduce mwd cap use is a near-requirement. The nullifier is doing nothing for you, and uncloaked, its probably not even doing much for you travel-wise.

I have no doubt that a blaster proteus can complete this plex. It has tank, and it can get enough dps to kill everything. It may not kill stuff fast enough to prevent enemies scattering to 50km on you, or just the travel time might be hell. Keep some rails to swap out for said stasis tower (although you might be able to knock it down with warriors, stasis towers have tiny hp).

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