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CCP, please fix sentient drone spawns

myFORUMalt alts
#1 - 2011-11-06 02:38:21 UTC
Today I got my 8th sentient spawn out in the drone regions in the last month. Ive posted about them in the past but today takes the cake. The total salvage I got from the spawn was worth 23k isk, and the loot was utterly worthless, approx 50k worth. I don't understand why a faction spawn is a punishment. A single elite cruiser is worth more than the sentient spawn. I understand they don't have bounties like other npc rats, but that doesn't mean their salvage table has to suck. A single normal armor plate or tritaniun bar is worth more than the entire spawn. CCP, stop punishing the drone region dwellers.

Yes, I complain about things I don't like.