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SOLVED: Salvage Drones not auto-salvaging

The Scope
Gallente Federation
#1 - 2013-11-20 16:43:35 UTC  |  Edited by: Braynon
In the description for Salvage Drones, it states:

Once launched and given the order to salvage, this drone will automatically seek out your wrecks in the vicinity, salvage from them any useable materials and deposit those materials in your ship's cargohold.

I find that this is not true. Even set on 'Aggressive', Salvage Drones will turn idle even while in the middle of a field of wrecks. Instead, each wreck needs to be targeted and the Drones explicitly ordered to Salvage it.

Shouldn't these work like Mining Drones, with a command of 'Salvage Repeatedly'?

EDIT: I've been educated. For those searching and finding this, you need to right-click the drones and select "Salvage" before anything is targeted.

I still think that there needs to be a 'Salvage all' command however, just for when you've already targeted something. Or just like combat drones, they should engage the next viable target/wreck.
Filthy Peasants
#2 - 2013-11-20 16:51:33 UTC
will only autosalvage your wrecks i believe. Maybe your corp's wrecks, but i think just yours.

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Snaggletooth Slackjaw
Banana Moon Industries
#3 - 2013-11-20 18:19:24 UTC  |  Edited by: Snaggletooth Slackjaw
White and blue wrecks will be salvaged if you just tell the drones to salvage without targeting anything.

Yellow wrecks have to be locked first.

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Bureau of Astronomical Anomalies
#4 - 2013-11-20 18:42:39 UTC
I also found 'by accident' locking something they cant salvage ,can, rat, structure... and telling them to salvage also works to get them back working.

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