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Serpentis annex

Jonas Staal
Totally Looney Dingleberry Ravers
#1 - 2013-11-19 11:21:38 UTC

The gate needs a Serpentis Gold Tag that is consumed (or maybe an alternative exists).

Does this mean you can only run the site if you have a Gold tag?

What kind of tank is needed to run this site, as I See there's webbing towers in the second room..
Mnemosyne Gloob
#2 - 2013-11-19 13:29:15 UTC
AFAIK yes, you need that tag - it's been a long time since i ran a serp annex, but i remember that i didn't find a way to get in without tag (unlike the guristas one for instance).

I had no trouble tanking it in (old) t2 armor fit ishtar. It seemed like a lot of ships that dropped on me, but once i was afterburning around enough they didn't really hit me for ****.
Filthy Peasants
#3 - 2013-11-19 16:46:29 UTC
I found one of these YESTERDAY and got a nasty surprise. I ain't going 14 jumps to buy a tag just to finihs some stupid not-even-a-DED-site plex!! What?

I filed a petition and submitted a bug report. I expect neither to ever be addressed, and this broken site will be filed along with guri hisec site that doesn't allow mwds even 5-6 years after they were supposedly enabled for all deadspace.

What I found out was that this plex has been broken since 2010, and probably longer (i looked for other forum threads). I seem to recall running it once with a tag a few years ago. Its pretty clear the site gets very little traffic as the evelopedia page is a stub.

There are TWO structures that look like likely targets. They are both bunkers. One of them spawns a named NPC battleship "serpentis drug trader" or something. Killing him causes some destroyers and frigates to spawn. Killing THOSE doesn't do anything, and after blowing up the other bunker, the gate was still locked. After a few minutes fiddling with brackets I determined there were no other structures worth shooting. There are a ton of coupling arrays and habitation modules i could have smartbombed down, but **** that. Gate still locked.

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LoneStar Industries
Comatose Alliance
#4 - 2013-11-20 12:56:02 UTC
You need the tag prior to entry, kill all the ships, a second wave appears which you need to kill then warp through gate.

I used to get cracking A-Type loot from the final escalation site in nullsec a while back but this seems to have changed recently with patches, the last 4 I ran resulted in a completely empty Shadow wreck which i feel is probably a bug.


On the first leg of the escalation I ran this week it dropped a Vindicator BPCBig smile

Happy Days

Mr P