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Ore Chart Conflict

Falcoes Peregrinos
Goonswarm Federation
#1 - 2013-10-21 13:45:50 UTC
Hi !

I found at least 3 different Ore Charts:

For example, the quantity of Tritanium in Spodumain is different in all three...

Which one is right ?

Thanks in Advance

XS Tech
#2 - 2013-10-21 13:52:56 UTC
looks like the E-Uni one.

here's the latest changes (Odyssey):

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Ekaterina 'Ghetto' Thurn
Department 10
#3 - 2013-10-21 14:00:46 UTC
I'm fairly sure the Grismar one is accurate as far as high sec goes. But with nullsec there were changes to Pyerite & Tritanium and then I think an additional change on Mexallon so the stats for null-sec are probably incorrect.

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Krixtal Icefluxor
#4 - 2013-10-21 14:02:28 UTC

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Tau Cabalander
Retirement Retreat
Working Stiffs
#5 - 2013-10-21 14:28:50 UTC  |  Edited by: Tau Cabalander
Notice the top-right of Grismar's site: Changes (Aug 05 '07)

Notice the front page of Grismar's site states:
Grismar wrote:
Note: this wiki has not been edited or fact-checked for more than two years. Feel free to use it, but remember that some of the data will not have aged well...

That comment was likely written in 2009.

Seriously, don't take anything you find there at face value.

Example: Last I checked, the site database was missing the Black Rise region. That's really outdated (Empyrean Age: June 10, 2008).

EDIT: Ore Chart might be wrong. I updated it at one point [Silas Stromb is a cyno alt it kept defaulting to for some reason], but I know I didn't recheck every entry made before me. I invite others to help me check and update it.
Veldspar Trading Company.
#6 - 2013-11-22 20:56:45 UTC
Sorry for the late answer, but I wanted to carify that my chart is up to date as you can see on the About page Smile
All the changes to the ores in odyssey have been implemented on patch day.

Grismar hasn't updated his in years, the Uni one looks about right.

Steve Ronuken
Fuzzwork Enterprises
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#7 - 2013-11-23 00:25:36 UTC
Just to add another one:

because I'm always about the shameless self promotion. Mineral quantities tend to be updated when the SDE is released (or patch day. which ever is later. I don't update before patchday. CCP have improved on releasing before.)

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