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Of whores and Hero's

Gallente Federation
#1 - 2013-10-19 13:30:23 UTC
A man stood in front of a dead animal staring at it. He did not know it’s origin , or what it was called. He took notice to the hybrid burn marks on its legs and abdomen. He lowered his helmet and holstered his battle rifle. The area was scorched under the animal. Black smoke blew past him as he stood there, just staring. As his senses absorbed the environment, other men could be heard talking loudly to a group of prostitutes, ordering them into a ship. The man stared at the dead animal for a few moment more before turning his gaze to his drop ship. A majestic looking machine floating above the planet’s atmosphere. He then turned and moved towards the aerial drop ship. Two Concord officers saluted the man as he walked onboard and sat down in back with the prostitutes. The ship lifted off and made its way to the orbital drop ship where it docked in a hangar. Once the all clear was given the man stood and opened the rear hatch. The prostitutes stood but sat back down when the man move his hand in the down motion. The hatch was open for only a few seconds when a Concord general handed him a folder. After being handed the folder the man shut the hatch again. The hatch slamming shut made the prostitutes ears ring and made them jump a little.
“Excuse me sir, where are you taking us?” asked a prostitute slightly shaking from being cold and scared. The man’s only answer was bringing his finger to his lips and making the universal be quiet sign. The barely clothed men and women stared at him, analyzing him, while at the same time going over in their heads what just happened on the planet.
The ship lifted off and left the hangar. The man sat quietly as the transport made its way to the Dominix orbiting the planet. The prostitutes looked out a bay window, staring at the magnificent ship. “What the hell man, where the **** are you taking us?!” demanded a male prostitute standing up. The man’s head turned quickly at him and pointed at his seat and motioned him in to sit. The male prostitute sat down slowly eyeing the white man, dressed in all black combat gear, who had stayed quiet since they left the planet. The Concord Dominix opened its hangar bay and the transport entered. They knew they had landed as the transport came down with a hard thud, shaking the whole transport. The man stood up and opened the hatch When the transport hatch opened he motioned everyone out still not speaking. They followed the man out of the transport and had them line up on a red line. A dim glow from lights on the ceiling illuminated that man and the group. Then finally the man spoke.
“Welcome to the Concord ship Spear. I am special operative Hillsdale, but you can call me Butch. You are here for debriefing and medical care. Any questions?” Butch explained. “Yeah I do” said a male prostitute. “Why are we here and what do you want?” Butch replied quickly and sharply as more Concord officers appeared from corridors leading into the ship. “All that will be answered after the medical examination. Now follow these officers and everything will be just fine” finished Butch. As the last word came out of his mouth the officers began walking the prostitutes over to an exam area where they were ran through a nanite repair system, then given clothing to better cover their bodies. As Butch leaned against a table in the medical area, he took notice of how obedient they all were. However still scared, they showed a slight emotional resistance to the stress at hand. He assumed that from all the abuse they suffered, it just made them tough and resilient. A man clad in black approached Butch, then informed him that the people were ready for debriefing. Butch said nothing to the man as he began to walk into the debriefing room.
As the group of former prostitutes walked into the briefing room, their new appearance’s made Butch hopeful for their future. “Well, you all look great.” Butch said to the group who were now seated behind steel tables. The complexions on the group looked almost perfect. Their bodies were cleansed of drugs and alcohol. Implant ports were removed from their bodies. Butch began to speak again, “I am happy to see you all in good he--”, “ Butch, why are we here?” interrupted one of the liberated individuals. “How did the Goonswarm Federation capture you and make you indentured servants?” asked Butch annoyed at the interruption. The people sat in their chairs in the debriefing room quiet and thinking. Thinking more about what happened to them as opposed to how it all came to be. The first answer came from a woman, she stood when she spoke. “Sir, I was in a small corporation of miners when they attacked our fleet. They took out the station and then most of the fleet. We surrendered. They killed my children when they hit the station with stealth bombers. They were on us in seconds. I can’t bear to think of the things they did to me, and the things they made me do.” As the woman finished she burst into tears and sat back down weeping uncontrollably. As Butch watched the woman become unraveled, it made him even more angry for these people. “What else?” Butch asked sharply. A black man stood, his face wore the pain he suffered as he explained what happened to him and his team, “Sir, they made me kill my own wife and had the rest of the crew prostituted out as they made me watch every encounter.” The man sat down broken. As Butch heard the stories from the group of eight unfortunate people he rescued sorrow filled him, as did hate. When the last person was finished speaking Butch stood up in front of them and began to pave a way to their new lives.
Gallente Federation
#2 - 2013-10-19 13:31:01 UTC
“I understand you have suffered, some more than most. However your still here. Whatever that may mean to you, but understand this. You looked death in the face and told death to go **** itself. You’re going to be given an option that will determine the rest of your lives. Join and fight the Goonswarm Federation, or go back to your civilian lives and be free from all transgressions. However this decision is to be made as a group.” As Butch finished a pin drop could have been heard. Butch gave them three days to decide their answer. In that time they asked him questions about how to fight and where they would be dropped off should they choose civilian life. Should they choose civilian life, they would change their names and facial structures all together and be put in Concord protective custody. If they choose to fight, they would be enlisted into the Capsuleer program, undergo surgery and become one of the never dying elite. After day three Butch made them decide.
“Alright folks, what have we decided?” Butch asked sitting on the edge of a desk at the front of the debriefing room. One of the liberated stood and spoke, “Sir, my name is Athena Arthie. We have spoken about the matter for the last few days and decided the group would like to fight the Goonswarm Federation.” Butch listened to her, while doing so he noted in his mind that she is a person who commands respect and that people would listen to her. Her words flowed like water and somehow put Butch’s mind at easy. “Glad to hear it. Your training will begin tomorrow. You have the rest of the hours in this day to collect your things and prepare to move out. Dismissed!” Butch finished.
Butch pulled Athena aside inside the command room as the others left to collect their things. “Excuse me Athena. What can you tell me about the Goonswarm Federation’s capabilities. “As far as?” questioned Athena. “Anything” replied Butch. “Well, they have limitless amounts of isk, ships, people, defenses, and tactics. They take what they want and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. You may kill off their pilots but they just come back. Bounty hunters hate going after them, as do mercenaries. I’ve listened to veteran combat pilots lose it because of how much they have lost fighting them. I’ve seen companies go under fighting them. I have seen pilots join them only to find themselves being used.” Butch listened intently to her as she explained what she had seen. His head began to spin with the true weight of what the Concord police were about to begin. He began to feel nausea as she continued. “Their alliances run so deep there are even unofficial alliances with certain chains of the 4 militaries. They have spies in hundreds of corporations. You could fight them for years and then maybe start to break down their wall. They have conducted science experiments on people. What you seen on the planet back there, is a drop in the bucket.” Athena finished. As she spoke she became emotional, first with rage and then despair. Athena was beautiful. Long strait black hair that ended mid-way down her back was the eye catching trait. Her eyes were blue emerald. Her facial feature showed she was part Caldari, part Minmitar. Her looks captivated Butch for a moment, and then he snapped out of it. “Thank you Athena that is all.” Butch ended. Athena walked out of the debriefing room, as soon as she turned the corner Butch laid down on the desk staring at the top of the room wondering to himself whether or not there will ever be a solution to the plague that is the Goonswarm Federation.
Over the next two months the eight liberated individuals received surgery and joined the Capuleer training program. The eight people excelled through the training as Butch Predicted. Butch mentored them and taught them everything he knew. He learned their names, which they got to keep since they decided to fight. There was Athena, Tonk, Byorn, Shasta, Avril, Jerik, Cam, and Jonica. A total of four men and four women now trained to be an elite fighting force. They had achieved what most consider a pipe dream. Tonk and Avril used to believe in the God’s, but now let them go as they excelled through the training. They figured they didn’t need it anymore as they were potentially un killable. Jonica, Cam, Jerik, Athena, and Byorn never worshiped the Amarr gods. They found comfort and strength in their own minds, through the hard times. Tonk used to have a tattoo on his arm that represented his faith to the Amarr Gods. He had it removed by getting a carbine rifle hot, then burning it off with the barrel. Symbolic in some way.
The group received the best implants and equipment for the upcoming battle. Their new uniforms made them feel empowered and strong. The smallest courtesies made them stronger more powerful. After being denied human treatment for so many years, they were overjoyed.
“Alright people listen up” said Butch as they moved across the training facility to medical chairs positioned in the middle of the room. The chairs were not like any medical chairs they had encountered in the past 2 months of capsuleer training. There was just a chair with an implant connector in the head portion of the seat. “These chairs here will give you everything human interaction couldn’t. They will allow you to fly some of the most powerful ships ever built. After your upload is complete these chairs will be destroyed.” Butch finished while staring enamored at Athena. Athena caught him gazing at her then gave a brief smile as she turned away. Who could blame him for looking, she was a magnificent creature. In all forms of light, her facial structure was captivating. Her body moved with such elegance with a hint of sass, more than enough to make a man stare. Her training only developed her assets more, making her even more stunning than when Butch first saw her.
Gallente Federation
#3 - 2013-10-19 13:32:02 UTC
Avril walked up to Butch as he finished speaking and threw her arms around him and gave him a hug. She then whispered in his ear in such a way he melted. The whisper was in such a tone of voice to exhibit a great appreciation for their rescue, the training, and for giving them their dignity back while holding back tears of joy. “Thank you.” Butch for a moment was shocked. No trainee had ever hugged him and thanked him for his training. She kissed him on the cheek and then moved over to the chair and sat down without hesitation. The chair came to life as her warm frame touched the surface. Light illuminated from the sides and from the neuro upload coupler that extended from the chair. As she leaned back the coupler attached itself to her implant port in the back of her head. As it did so her eyes closed and began uploading. Butch made the rest of the team sit down in their chairs and begin the process. While they downloaded butch radioed for the ship crews to come in. When they came out of their upload he wanted to introduce the crew to their new pilots. “Are the Eidolons ready for departure” Butch inquired as the crews continued to move into the room. “Yes they are” one of the crewmen said. The room was too small so Butch had everyone move outside the room to the hangar and wait. Avril woke up first as the coupler detached from her head. Her eyes opened and didn’t feel any different. She did however notice that she knew what everything on the ship was, did, or could do as she looked around. “Enlightening isn’t it.” Butch said to her as she stood up. “Well, at least I understand everything now.” She said turning around to look at her friends who were still uploading. Butch told her to wait there until her friends woke up and left the room. Avril stared at Jerik. She had a crush on him the moment they met in the ship back on the planet. She analyzed every part of him as he laid there uploading. His black skin was smooth yet tough. She was crushing on a man she only knew for two months. She had to turn her gaze away for fear of someone catching her staring at him.
When the rest of the team woke up Butch gathered them up and had them ready to meet their crews. Then an explosion rocked the concord ship Spear. The ship started to tip the ships stabilizers began to get the ship level. Butch made sure the crew and team were ok before making any calls. After doing so he radioed the pilot. “Butch to Spear pilot, what the ****, over” The response was what Butch had expected. “Pilot to ship, prepare for emergency evacuations. Combat engagement teams begin to turn-- .” Said the pilot, as his coms cut out. “Everyone to pods now!” screamed Butch. The teams and crews sprinted to the drop pods used by the Concord planetary defense fighters and strapped in. Once everyone was in, the pod fired out of the Spear and into a planets orbit. The they didn’t recognize. The crew and team looked up at the Spear as they were freefalling, to see it was being heavily engaged by Goonswarm Federation ship gankers. The Spear could take them easily, however Butch told the pilot to adjust his ship frequencies to lure the Goonswarm into a fight to see how the team would react. However he didn’t realize how very serious the situation was about to get.
The pods began to approach the planet’s surface as the thrusters fired, slowing the pods down. Tonk and Jerik’s pod landed first with a hard thud. When it touched down the door flew off, slamming a red tree in front of them. Tonk and Jerik stepped out with oxygen masks already on their faces. They heard the other pods landed and then decided to wait for the rest of the team and crew members to land. Not long after their decision the rest of the people landed. Once Butch gathered them up and made sure there were no injuries, they made their way to the area where the ships were located. Butch, the team, and the crew, hacked and chopped their way through thick, strange vegetation. After about a mile, they had visual confirmation on the eight Eidolon’s. The team stood and stared as Butch and the crew moved passed them on the rugged trail. Athena told them to keep moving and they did. “Well damn it! How are we going to get off the planet now?” Yelled Butch who had seen the vegetation that wrapped itself around the ship. The vegetation had grown so much in the last few hours the ships were put down there the maneuvering thrusters were engulfed in vegetation.
Butch stopped moving towards the ships to turn and look at the team he developed and the crew. Something changed in him in a split second. He stood at attention as he faced them. He then removed his oxygen mask and began to speak. “Ladies and gentlemen it has been my honor to have trained you and met you. In truth I am not who I seem to be. In my travels I had seen many hardships cast upon people by the Goonswarm Federation. Capsuleers, you are now the line drawn in the sand.” Butch stopped for a moment as the crew and team stared at him confused. Covered in green liquid from the vegetation they had just chopped through, he continued to stand at attention. He continued, “Butch Hillsdale is the name of the body I occupy. This body belonged to a great man who lost everything he knew or loved, to the Goonswarm Federation. He was loved. I found him dying after they attacked some miners in a mining colony not too far from this planet. He was there to bring them food. He said his only regret was that he never got to hit the Goonswarm Federation home station. In this pack here” as he pointed to what he pulled from his back pocket, “are the coordinates to their home station system. This was actually meant to be a training session however your training is over considering the situation. Your mission in to kill the station. Don’t just shut it down, destroy it completely.”
Gallente Federation
#4 - 2013-10-19 13:35:53 UTC
.” Butch threw the package on the ground in front of them. “Now as for who I am. I am the Broker. Take care of each other as you always have and everything will be fine. Good bye.” As he ended he pulled a service pistol and fired a shot into his head before anybody could react. His body fell lifeless to the ground. Avril began to cry and held tight to Jerik. Cam grabbed his mouth and stood there. Tonk stood with a blank expression staring at the body. Shasta let out a scream. Byorn turned and walked towards a tree and leaned against it with his head touching the bark. “Alright people, I know this sucks but we need to move.” Athena said as she began to try and take control of the situation. “Who died and made you boss?” said a crewman with a snarky attitude. Athena responded with a hard right cross to the crewman’s face, causing him to leave his feet and land hard on the ground. “I did. Let’s go” she finished moving towards her battleship.
The team split up with their crews getting into their own ships. The coordinates were distributed to the team and locked in by the crew. As each capsuleer made their way to their pod the reality of what was about to happen became real. Each pilot stripped naked and stepped into the pod which commanded their battleship. Each ships actions were a direct result of what the pilot wanted. As the pod closed in each ship the nero couplers and body couplers navigated their way to the pilot inserting gently. As the pods filled with fluid the ship was now part of their consciousness.
Alright people let’s get off this rock and get to our destination. As the eight began to fire thrusters for liftoff, the planet’s surface began to catch fire, causing all vegetation binding the ships to the ground to break free. As they began to hover, ships dropped in on them. It was the Goonswarm gankers. The Spear fled the system to evade further engagement and now their focus was on the eight.
“Oh my God I ******* hate them!” screamed Jonica over the coms system. “Alright let’s make them an example” said Athena back over the coms system as Goonswarm gank vessels now pounded the Jovian ships with blaster fire. “On my mark we are making a jump to the designated system and right to the station” ordered Athena. All eight vessels spooled up the warp drives on the goliath sized ships. Then the order was given, “Mark”.
The eight ships warped at the exacts same time. The jump was so large it destroyed the planet and the attacking ships. Large parts of the planet made the jump with the ships, pieces the size of continents. The warp bubble was a long four minute travel. The eight pilots began to warm up and overload the ship defensed and weapons. Chunks of planet traveled alongside the eight in the warp bubble. “We are going to land right on the station prepare for engagement.” Athena ordered the other seven pilots.
When the warp bubble ended the team was less than 20k km from the undock hangar. The system was incredibly busy with Goonswarm traffic. Sex slave Yachts were seen going around the station as though they were giving tours. Orca’s and other industrial ships came and left the station by the hundreds. Dreads were being moved to positions unknown. Carriers were shooting fireworks just outside the station. All of that came to a halt when the eight Jovian battleships landed on the station. Before the Goonswarm federation could react, three continent sized pieces of the destroyed planet, slammed the station.
As an orca was departing, the chunk of planet stuffed it back into the hanger. A fourth chunk slammed the station anchor. The chunk then broke into pieces, after severely damaging the anchor.
“Fire!” screamed Athena as the ships began firing. The blaster fire took down the station shields in a matter of minutes as the Goonswarm Federation hurried to muster their forces. The eight pilots launched drones and set them to attack. As one Goonswarm ship would lock them, the drones would decimate them. As the blaster rounds hit the station, people and items were seen flying out of the holes the blaster fire made. A dreadnaught locked on and fired at Jonica’s ship. The hit rocked her ship but hardly dented the shields. Jonica fired a volley into the dread crippling it, causing it to crash into the station bar. Byorn’s ship began to cripple the cyno jammer at the top of the wounded station. Shasta’s ship would smart bomb frigates if they got to close. Cam began remotely repairing the other seven ships with his ship. The fighting had intensified as the Goonswarm reactionary fleet left the burning station. Shasta, Byorn, and Jonica seen the fifty man fleet approaching and took them to task. Avril, Tonk, Jerik, and Athena continued to target the station anchor, until It finally broke free. The local chatter was panic, as the station floated for a few moments. It spun slightly and then the planet’s orbit grabbed it. Everyone stopped firing and put all power to shields and armor as they were about to leave the system. The attacking fleet was now wiped out and dead ship hulls could be heard grinding against the hulls of the brave eight. They paused to bask in the glory at the blow they had dealt the Goonswarm Federation. Cam stopped remote repairing the ships, then began to join the rest in their victory.
They watched as the station was on burned as it free fell into the planet, causing the planet to lose its axis and began moving. Ships by the hundreds fled the system trying to escape the drones that engulfed everything up to 100km out. Moments passed as the system emptied of all but one ship.
The ships were aligned and ready to jump to the planet the eight were going to make their home when a voice took the coms system over. “Attention my brave friends. This is the Broker” the team and crews hung on his every word as he continued, “I would like to congratulate you on this deafening blow you have dealt a harmful entity, that is the Goonswarm Federation.
Gallente Federation
#5 - 2013-10-19 13:36:36 UTC
. I wish you happiness in the rest of your lives. The ships are yours to keep. The Jovian’s insist you use them only to fight evil, and to set the standard for loyalty, honor, justice, and courage. I bid you a very fond farewell. I will check in time to time. Goodbye.” At the last word the Broker spoke the ship he was seated on exploded.
The eight paused for a moment in their battleships reflecting on the journey they had been on. The trials and adventures, as well as horrible pasts they came from. “Athena to pilots, great work. Thank you for always being there for each other. Thank you for never giving up. Let’s go home.” At the end of her last word, the eight ships jumped out of the ruined system, to a destination they choose to be their new home. A container floated in the wreckage that was left in space, after their exit. Eight letters written by Athena, Tonk, Cam, Shasta, Jerik, Avril, Byorn, and Jonica. The letters told of the stories of hardships suffered at the hands of a powerful enemy and how they crippled them with the help of a great man named Butch. At the end of the letters there was a post script that read, “A special thank you to TB”. Since those events the Goonswarm Federation has been in disarray. Some split from the faction and others just left completely. Some would call it a win for the group of eight. Then there are some would say it’s just the beginning to a long, never ending fight.
Gallente Federation
#6 - 2013-10-19 13:49:58 UTC
This is my entry for the Eve Fiction Contest. 10/19/2013
End of Life
#7 - 2013-10-26 07:23:23 UTC
If I can make a suggestion, the lack of any whitespace makes the walls of text difficult to read.

If it's possible can you edit your text and put return spaces between the paragraphs?

Hoping that's ok.

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#8 - 2013-10-31 12:58:54 UTC
Violet Crumble wrote:
If I can make a suggestion, the lack of any whitespace makes the walls of text difficult to read.

If it's possible can you edit your text and put return spaces between the paragraphs?

Hoping that's ok.

I agree, need to format it better and it will be a better read. Shocked

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