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EVE in Stations brainstorming thread.

Phoenix Naval Operations
Phoenix Naval Systems
#1 - 2013-08-14 17:57:45 UTC
As suggested by Silent Rambo, here.

Note the name: I'm calling it EiS because Walking in stations has got a lot of negative associations nowadays. People think we're talking space barbie and pretty pony princess games. That's not what this thread is about. This thread is about practical suggestions for avatar-based features that could be added to the game, in space stations, that would have the EVE gameplay we know and love, and wouldn't be solely for the RP crowd (speaking as a pretty serious RPer myself, just rattling around in an empty station playing dressup and decorating my CQ doesn't hold much appeal - I want EVE, but in stations).

in other words:

Question: What can avatar space do that is definitely EVE?

My answers are in three parts - it can support the spaceships side of the game, create new opportunities and inspirations for spaceship gameplay, and be a sandbox in its own right that the spaceships gameplay could then support and inspire in its own right.


Supporting the spaceships gameplay is, I think, the easy bit. I think there's one thing that humanoid avatars can do that spaceships can't - they can stand around an interactive holographic table and plan things.

Here's a concept reel.

The idea is that for the major player activities of the game - industrial, military, ship fitting - you could have a shared tool where you can get together in the corp office, gather around this thing, and plan.

Industry: Just like Tony Stark in his lab, you've got an interface designed to help you put things together. Load a blueprint, see what that blueprint needs. Expand those needs to learn what they need, and so on. Create boxes that you can drag these items into, assign a character to that box, and watch as it automatically calculates whether that character can do it, and how expensive it'll be. Save the plan to be recalled at a moment's notice. The idea is to be able to clearly explain to a collaborative group of players what is needed of them, and what it's all working towards.

Military: Everyone likes a good briefing scene, right? Well, picture getting your directors and FCs together, pulling up the map and seeing things like where your people are, where hostile forces and structures they've scouted are, how many ships have been destroyed and where. Select regions and draw arrows and lines and zones to help everyone get their heads around the plan, so that when it comes time to put it in motion, there's very little confusion. Zoom down to the system level and see where each SBU and bubble is, thanks to real-time feedback from your alliance members.

Fitting: Ideal for going into alliance tournaments or creating corp fits, this is the dream theorycrafting tool. Load a ship, and everyone can swap the modules out, duplicate it and compare side-by-side, save them as corp fittings, and really talk out the details of the fit. Should be bloody impressive with a big holographic spaceship floating in the middle of the room, too.

opportunities and inspiration

There is, for now, no such thing as a black market in EVE, and no real smuggling. Maybe it's time that changed. CCP have already discussed this, but I think their idea of putting both the smuggling and the customs in player hands is an excellent idea, and stations, in avatar space, away from the prying eyes of the SCC is the perfect place to trade that illicit bit of cybernetics, or acquire a modified shield booster with slightly different performance to a basic one - maybe it boosts more per cycle, but cycles more slowly, stuff like that.


So where do these cybernetics and modules and stuff come from? From other players, of course. Players exploiting resources. What resources?

Well, most stations are owned by a corporation, and while they sell BPOs, maybe they're keeping the juicy stuff for themselves. Maybe you can exploit them, bribe them, do business with them, or just hack them to get your hands on the prototype gear. Maybe you own a bar where these black market deals go down, under the table. Maybe it's an honest business providing gambling services and a holographic pit for the Mind Clash players in a highsec hub. Maybe it's a wretched lowsec hive of scum and villainy, where station security have been thoroughly bribed and won't bother your clients.

The point is, there should be resources that people are going to want. In some systems, that resource will be that it's a busy system full of people. In others, the resource will be lax security aboard a station where a wily capsuleer can steal some really juicy megacorporate secrets. Players should build their castles, other players should be able to kick them down. Wars should put a pilot's stationside assets at risk.

These are just rough ideas, and the point of this thread is less to have my ideas shot down, as to accumulate other peoples' ideas. We can shoot people's ideas down elsewhere. For now, let's just brainstorm. Okay?

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#2 - 2013-08-15 16:23:02 UTC
Nice concept. Ill give it a proper read when I'm not browsing on a phone.

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