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WTA 92.5 mil sp sub cap/capital/ almost avatar ready just needs amarr titan skill book plugging in

Shadow State
Goonswarm Federation
#1 - 2013-05-21 13:19:44 UTC  |  Edited by: Krestianin
as the title says im looking at selling this toon,

he has many skills of note and is ready for oddessey patch in june.

I've included his eveboard sheet as you can see

Arrow recons v
Arrowamarr gallente minmatar/caldari cruisers v
Arrow logi v
Arrow command ships v
Arrow all racial frig v
Arrow excellent rev pilot
Arrow jump cal v
Arrow ready for a titan just needs to put in the amarr titan skillbook in
Arrow hac v
Arrow excellent gunnery skills (currently training t2 hybrids)
Arrow cybernectics v
Arrow cyno v - makes him a awesome black ops pilot

currently he is specced for spaceship command/gunnery but has 3 bonus remps ( yes i said 3 bonus remaps)
this toon is a excellent toon ive enjoyed using him its now time to get the isk for my own super.

toon will be out of corp within 24 hrs so please isd/ccp no locking the thread;p

all ccp rules apply and i will pay the x fer fee.

char will be in hi sec upon transfer.

Krestianin's skills

starting bid 25 bil
reserve hidden
buyout 35 bil