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[Fiction] The Rapture Chronicles - Nothing Is Set In Stone - Chapter 1

Zalik Rapture
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#1 - 2011-10-17 05:47:15 UTC  |  Edited by: Zalik Rapture
The Rapture Chronicles
Nothing Is Set In Stone


Have you ever felt that you didn't fit in? Being born in to a world that didn't feel like should be yours? Being forced in to an occupation that despised you to the point where you'd rather be laying curled up in a cargo container in the middle of no where then where you were heading right now? You're not alone. Standing with his newly introduced companions in front of the Essence Region's Rear Admiral, preparing for this first launch against what he was sold was his enemies, the Caldari nation. He stood there, with the admiral yelling out orders, his pilots listening to every syllable he pronounced with a slight smirk on their face.

There, was the last place he wanted to be.

Chapter 1; Wrongly Named

...10 Years Before

Log Date: March 15th, YC 103. Hecarrin VI - Federal Navy Academy School, Eustron, Essence, Gallente Federation Space

A faint voice he could hear, a very faint voice he could tell was getting louder and louder, but he wasn't paying attention to it. He was drifting, drifting off in to a different world of his own and only his, one that didn't involve war or violence, no weird and useless events, simplicity, silence. Just himself though, Zalik had never pictured himself with a family, family wasn't something that he quite enjoyed over the years of growing to the age of 15, or maybe he was just too young to understand. It hadn't bothered him though, being alone soothed him, made him feel more alive, with no boundaries or someone controlling him, telling him what to do. He was free.


His English teacher came walking over to his desk, banging her hand on the wooden surface to get his attention as he jumped.

"Are you listening to me at all, Mr. Rapture?!"

Rapture... He hated that name.

"Sorry, Miss, was just thinking."

She had caught him staring out the window for the 9th time this week, it's not like meant to, but something like that can not be helped when her voice kept getting louder and more annoying with every word that came out of that horrible womens mouth.

"Well maybe if you weren't sitting there day dreaming your life away, I may actually give you somewhat of a good mark this term."

School marks, it's not like he honestly cared, knowing how to correctly spell "synonym" wasn't going to serve him any good later on in life. Though now his mind was forced on more negative things due to that ****-off of a women. "Rapture...", he whispered to himself, he despised that name. Rapture was the name his Great-Great Grand Father was given, as his Father told him this story when he was younger for being top of his force, taking down enemy pilots as if they were flies. Rapture is what they called him, a name used so often, he requested it to be legally changed for his own officially.

Zalik hated it, felt it was wrongly given to him. Since a child he had been forced to be trained to become just like his fathers from previous times, through learning theory of advance technique in piloting, how a ship is built and operates, and to knowing when to trust your gut or bail out, it was still the main topic of his life. "That stupid name" he again whispered to himself. With that name passed down to his Great-Great Grand Father's son, so were the accomplishments made, becoming greater and greater with each generation. Even his father had been awarded for his amazing, art-like, skills in piloting.

He begged to himself, crying out in the silence of his mind that the name would disappear and the hold that comes with. "You'll just be like Grandpa and I, a master in space!" he remembered his Father telling him one night as they argued at the dinner table. This wasn't what he wanted, he didn't want to have his life planned out for him. Not like this.

End Chapter 1

More soon to come, found here.

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