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google should not be on a forum white list

Team Evil
#1 - 2013-01-26 12:22:22 UTC  |  Edited by: Rain6639
after clicking a google search query link, I discovered is on a safe list for the forums, and bypasses the usual "you are leaving eve-o forums" message. I took this a step further and appended a search query link with "&btnI=I" (disambiguation: uppercase i in btni=i) which is the syntax for google instant, and effectively "i'm feeling lucky"

to the forum user clicking a link, a focused search string appended with the "i'm feeling lucky" syntax of "&btnI=I" can take them directly to a website beyond, otherwise blocked by the "leaving eve-o forums" warning message.

as an example,

a regular forum link to an article about headphones released by producer/DJ Tiesto,id,254,nodeid,0,_language,EN,nodeid,33.html

a &btni appended, targeted google search query for the same article

the &btnI append can be used for much worse than an article about a DJ

my suggestion is google should not be included on a white list, because the search string is too powerful. I don't think there should be a white list at all. for what the warning message is worth, youtube and reddit have plenty of potential for phishing; phishing content and user comments can be made moments before an exploit post is made in eve-o forums.

if the warning message at least strips referer url(, it's some protection for the user.

the &btnI google instant functionality does not require a browser to have google instant preferences specified. google instant append works for anyone who has not disabled google instant in their google preferences.

//clever girl.