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EVE Community Spotlight #9 - EVEMon

First post
CCP Phantom
C C P Alliance
#1 - 2012-11-09 20:18:12 UTC  |  Edited by: CCP Phantom
The EVE Community Spotlight focuses this time on one of the many incredible useful tools which were created by the EVE community over the years. In a true sandbox fashion, CCP provides the community with tools - such as an extensive API - and the community eagerly uses this opportunity to create amazing apps, program and websites. Amongst these tools only few are as popular and well developed as the program featured in this Spotlight.

The ninth Spotlight is about EVEMon.

Read more about the EVEMon in the Community Spotlight here.

CCP Phantom - Senior Community Developer

The Scope
Gallente Federation
#2 - 2012-11-09 20:32:59 UTC
<3 Eve Mon
CCP Phantom
C C P Alliance
#3 - 2012-11-09 20:43:26 UTC
Lyron-Baktos wrote:
<3 Eve Mon

Same here :)

A big THANK YOU! to the whole EVEMon team including all the EVEMon community past and present. This is a fantastic piece of work and a wonderful contribution to the EVE players.

CCP Phantom - Senior Community Developer

Otherworld Enterprises
Otherworld Empire
#4 - 2012-11-09 20:45:35 UTC
Couldn't play without it. Keep up the AMAZING work!


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Gizznitt Malikite
agony unleashed
Agony Empire
#5 - 2012-11-09 20:51:06 UTC

<3 EvEmon.... for sure!!!
Brothers in Arms Alliance
#6 - 2012-11-09 21:04:16 UTC
Awesome Cool
Warde Guildencrantz
Shadow Cartel
#7 - 2012-11-09 21:13:14 UTC  |  Edited by: Warde Guildencrantz
really well made program, often continues functions fine even after database changes and game updates! (prior to their quick patches of course)

PS please do a spotlight on pirate alliances/corporations in low sec or just piracy in general Twisted more people need to be aware

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CCP Phantom
C C P Alliance
#8 - 2012-11-09 22:10:16 UTC
Warde Guildencrantz wrote:
PS please do a spotlight on pirate alliances/corporations in low sec or just piracy in general Twisted more people need to be aware

We always welcome suggestions and ideas regarding future Community Spotlights. Please understand though that we can't promise to cover every suggestion. Blink

CCP Phantom - Senior Community Developer

Hiram Alexander
State Reprisal
#9 - 2012-11-09 22:37:40 UTC
Essential tool... <3

(not the Dev blog we were expecting, right enough...)
Sir Livingston
#10 - 2012-11-09 23:31:03 UTC
been using it since my first week of EVE
great tool

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Marlona Sky
State War Academy
Caldari State
#11 - 2012-11-10 00:48:04 UTC
Stopped using evemon ages ago due to the API harvesting to meta game by the creators.
I Own Four Sheep
#12 - 2012-11-10 05:28:31 UTC
EVEmon is essential stuff. Could not play Eve without it tbh.
Zloco Crendraven
Shadow Cartel
#13 - 2012-11-10 09:50:20 UTC
Great stuff rly. Makes the life of a capsuleer so much easier.

BALEX, bringing piracy on a whole new level.

Lors Dornick
Kallisti Industries
Solar Assault Fleet
#14 - 2012-11-10 10:28:52 UTC
I'm strongly allergic to having software autostarting on my computers, I hate stuff that just meanders around in the background.

EvEMon is basicly the only exception to that rule of mine.

It's been running constantly since a few days after I started playing.

It's actually been running even during my few drop out times.

CCP Greyscale: As to starbases, we agree it's pretty terrible, but we don't want to delay the entire release just for this one factor.

Brutor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#15 - 2012-11-10 11:20:35 UTC
I'd kill myself if I didn't have EVEMon to keep track of all my characters.
Deep Space Innovations
#16 - 2012-11-10 11:51:05 UTC
I really enjoy how smooth the program is and have used it for a long time now. Also impressed with the amount of devs that worked on it over the years.

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Golden Gnu
EVE University
Ivy League
#17 - 2012-11-10 12:12:22 UTC  |  Edited by: Golden Gnu
EveMon is the best! You simply can not do without it - it is great quality and awesome throughout.
Thanks to all the people who used their free time to create this gem!

Creator of jEveAssets - the asset manager

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Olga Ivanovna
#18 - 2012-11-10 12:51:14 UTC
Without EveMon, space would have been a much darker place... :)

Thank you, EveMon team!
Trolls From Outer Space
#19 - 2012-11-10 13:12:44 UTC
Love Love Love this tool. Would really love a phone app version of Evemon that syncs with the desktop Evemon. #failheap on @Fuggin_Eve

Fistful of Finns
#20 - 2012-11-10 16:22:19 UTC
Nice spotlight, Evemon is golden.

Thanks developers!


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