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Blog Banter 40: Interstellar Blood Sports

Seismic Stan
Freebooted Junkworks
#1 - 2012-10-24 17:16:16 UTC  |  Edited by: Seismic Stan
Welcome to the 40th edition of the EVE community Blog Banter, the discussion arena that reaches parts you probably shouldn't be touching.

A Blog What?

With CCP casting their community spotlight upon this very tradition, we might have some new readers curious about the process, so here's a quick run-down:

It's pretty simple; on a semi-regular basis, questions suggested by the community are fashioned into a broad discussion topic which is then tackled by the many bloggers who choose to participate.

Many bloggers are emailed the details (I maintain a mailing list which I would be happy to update if you want to be included - email me at seismic[dot]stan[at], and others simply grab the question from the launch post (like this one) which I simultaneously publish. Entrants link to their blogpost in the comments section below and a list is maintained at the bottom of this article. Participants and observers are encouraged to read through the entries and leave comments, and before you know it you have an explosion of focused discussion spreading across the community.

Once the conversation has reached it's conclusion, a willing volunteer then puts together a summary of the whole event and we get an overview of general opinion and a collection of diverse and intelligent ideas. For more info, check out Blog Banters Reborn: Now With Added Troll or take browse through this summary of previous Blog Banter discussions or by following the link at the top of this page.

BB40: Interstellar Blood Sports

So on with the banter.

Fresh from publishing the community spotlight on the EVE blogosphere and Blog Banters, CCP Phantom has suggested a banter focus on competitive tournaments.

There is no finer spectacle in the universe of EVE Online than the explosive dance of weapon-laden spaceships in combat. The yearly Alliance Tournament is the jewel in EVE Online's eSports crown and the upcoming New Eden Open should deliver the same gladiatorial entertainment showcase.

Given the scope of the sandbox, what part should eSports play in EVE Online and what other formats could provide internet spaceship entertainment for spectators and participants alike?

Banter on.

E-Sports Punditry to follow:

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  • [Blog links will be listed here, but thoughts on the topic from those who don't have a blog are welcome below.]
    Seismic Stan
    Freebooted Junkworks
    #2 - 2012-10-24 17:16:27 UTC
    Seismic Stan
    Freebooted Junkworks
    #3 - 2012-10-27 10:58:32 UTC
    So far, sixteen bloggers have shared their thoughts on eSports in EVE Online. What part do you think competitive tournaments can play in the New Eden sandbox?