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If you need a home, and your not a D-bag, you may have just found one

Garoun Investment Bank
#1 - 2012-09-16 19:46:17 UTC
Mobile Meth Lab Monkeys is recruiting,

We are a laid back 0.0 corp in an established 0.0 alliance, in a secure coalition on the east side of null.

What we are looking for
-Casual PVPers
-PI specialist
-Logistical Specialist (moving items from A to B, skills in scanning, wormholes, slipping through camps, and able to move through dangerous space)

What we offer,
Gang Mining, full boost, multiple systems, ice, you will rarely be alone. It is a cooperative systems where everyone wins. Also, we have a corp ore buy back program. All your will be purchased at prices competitive with empire, so you will never be with out isk.

Group ratting, solo ratting, lots of high end anoms, a good number of faction spawns, we will also teach you how to rat efficiently to make the most of your time

PVP is on the alliance and coalition level, sometimes its to evict people, some times its to hurt people, but mostly its to defend our space. We offer protection in numbers.

For PI, we will teach you, and provide you the skill books and command centers needed to have a full PI setup.

We will assist you in getting ships, modules, implants, and rigs out to null.

What we want from you
- Have a basic understanding of eve concepts, game mechanics
-Willingness to learn and be part of the team
-Willing to field the equipment you will need to survive and thrive in null

Wanna be eve rich, wanna good community of guys across all time zones and all aspects of the eve game types.
nineteen nineteen (hes the top dog)

for more details

I like to have my cake and eat it too