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Experienced Corp Looking for new Beginnings!!

ConkerIs King
Diabolical Industries
#1 - 2012-09-16 02:36:02 UTC
Diabolical Industries..
Contact:ConkerIs King

We have a mumble server for chat communications.

We are looking for active pilots who are ready and willing to grow with the corp and have fun. We have assetts.. We have isk.. We have ships.. We have friends.. We have access to numerous blueprints.. Jump freighters.. Orca support..

We love helping out our fellow mate's and will do what we can to provide the best environment for you're Pilot to grow.
Whether that means ships, modules, implants, skills, bp's, shipping.. you name it.

First and foremost we are here to be a successful corporation that touches every aspect of EVE in new and interesting ways.

Whether you are The Pilot looking to build an Industrial Empire from mining, research, engineering, Pos's..
The Pilot looking to establish better standings through diplomatic means..
The Pilot wanting to run missions and plexes with support from friends..
The Pilot who wants to protect his fellow Mates in times of oppression..
The Pilot who wants to Lead and help form the goals and Aspirations for the corp..
ANY other new and interesting ways to be a successful Pilot in EvE.
Grab a Brew, Sit back and relax..

Contact:ConkerIs King