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47mil SP PVPer looking for capital engagements

#1 - 2012-09-14 13:51:42 UTC

My master is a combat pilot with 47 million skillpoints and she can fly amarr, caldari and minmatar ships all t2 fit. She can also fly amarr carriers and is training up for dreadnoughts. While she never cared much for stats she currently has 383 kills and 27 losses. My master enjoys small gang fights and even more so hunting down a target using a covops or covops config t3. On many occasion have I sat motionless on the deck of her covert ops ship as the master searched for or stalked the same target for hours. My has been said to "have the patience of a submarine commander"; whatever that means, and really only cares that the target finally dies.

A former trader and T2 manufacturer, my master is self sufficient but would still like the opportunity to earn more isk, if only to buy more poor witless minmatar toys such as me.

I've been told that the perfect corporation/alliance for my master is one with a proven track record of capital engagements and who is not afraid to think and act outside the box. Also, there should be good activity in something called "USTZ".

I've been told that I will be biomassed soon so do not send me any emails. Post all replies here please and my master will get in touch.
Slider VII
Sebiestor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#2 - 2012-09-14 17:44:34 UTC
Interesting post, and a good read +1

If you haven't found anything to your liking, please swing by the "Grey Templars" recruitment channel for a visit. I am the recruitment officer for the corp and I am in the USTZ.

We are active 23/7/365 with ongoing fleets and activities that might fill the needs that you are looking for.

Again, look forward to meeting with you in the near future.


Slider VII Recruitment Director - Grey Templars Recruitment Officer - Fidelas Constans [FCON]

maximus babbarus
Knights of the Posing Meat
Snuffed Out
#3 - 2012-09-15 12:38:12 UTC
FETID is an experienced PvP corporation who enjoy roaming for kills in low & Nullsec.
We are currently looking to expand our corporation with more experienced PvP pilots.

Check out the link to our killboard:
What we offer?
- A large verity of fleet compositions
- A number of experienced FCs
- Nullsec settlement
- An active EU Tz based corp
- JF services to move large amounts of your assets easily from A to B
- Nullsec market
- Our own mature and friendly TS server and forums

What we are looking for?
- A pilot experienced in PvP
- Active in atleast 2 fleets OPs weekly
- TS3 Downloaded, able to follow fleet commands given on all OPs. Mic is a Bonus!
- 10Mil SP minimum! or able to fly t2 frigs & cruisers

For more info join our recruiting channel Fetid Monkey Scrotii or Send a message to myself or Maximus Babbarus.

Until then,
Fly wreckless o7
Ian Harms
Troll Legion
The Skeleton Crew
#4 - 2012-09-15 15:42:40 UTC
Please convey my greetings to your illustrious master,

I'm looking for pilots that like small gang pvp, enjoy working as a team rather then have their hand held in blob fights. And like flying very very shiny ships.

Templar Battalion values quality over quantity, so as such we won't balloon into a huge corp over night flying lots of fail fits. We train in SISI, work together to make isk, and fly complimentary ships into pvp together. If you don't see me on killmails its because I'm flying logistics.

For capital fights I need a triage archon pilot, once we have the proper setup I can promise you very very nice iskies, and the most awesome pvp (using capitals where we can) you'll ever find.

We're US Time zone
Small gang pvp
Caldari faction warfare

Corp Killboard

Be happy to give you more info in a chat especially on our capital fighting, however I won't do so on a public forum as I hate making intel too easy to others to find and analyze.

Give me a shout if interested.

Sebiestor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#5 - 2012-09-15 15:52:01 UTC
We'd love to have your massa as part of our corp. Our alliance is willing to use carriers as part of normal CTA operations, and has plenty of opportunities for solo, small gang, and large fleet sized PvP, as well as some really good space in which to make ISK. The only thing we ask of your master is to be active as a PvPer and active in CTA fleets when they go up. Don't worry about our FC's whelping CTA fleets, they withdraw from combat if the fight isn't going well. If this boss of yours is interested, please have that person contact me via mail, chat, or by joining our corp public channel UDEAD PUBLIC.
The Black Crow Bandits
#6 - 2012-09-15 15:53:15 UTC
Come join "Evil Genius Bar and Grill" channel in game and talk to a Zervas recruiter today.

We are a sov-holding, non-renting, mid-sized alliance that focuses on pvp and ventures to support that habit.

We have a pretty large sized corp with a growing cap fleet and high amounts of total sp across our players.

We hotdrop with great fervor and will only do so more as our cap ranks increase.

Would be very interested to talk with you further.

Good luck on the recruitment search,
here's hoping we're a good fit!

Commander Naval Operations,
Zervas Aeronautics
Max Rayden
Gallente Federation
#7 - 2012-09-15 22:24:25 UTC
Star Frontiers, as always, is recruiting highly skilled, experienced PvP pilots for 0.0 PvP in sov space...

We are making our return to sov space in Delve, as a member of the Honeybadger Coalition. It makes for good times, great fights and loads of good friends to do it with. There is full range of PvP experiences to wet your appetite, from epic fleets to small gangs. Because of our coalition, we are able to provide the sort of content a large alliance delivers with a small alliance feel.

We are friendly, not overly trolling and we go out of our way to help one another.

And we are now opening our doors to highly motivated pvpers of ALL SKILL LEVELS! You should be able to fly a battlecruiser decently - and it helps if you can fly a bomber. What matters most is that you are motivated, learn quickly and listen to advice well. The ability to learn and pay attention is more important than any number of skill points!

So help us build something epic and awesome - or just have some fun. We are looking for laid back, fun players who enjoy helping eachother out. We have experience and resources to offer and leadership opportunities for those looking to make a difference.

Just some stuff we offer:

- 0.0 PvP with in-corp FC's as well as excellent alliance FC's.

- We are a leadership corp in our alliance - which means our members are respected and make a difference.

- Ship Replacements - full replacement on logistics and a number of other doctrine ships.

- Excellent Logistics - the hauling kind. You will never have to worry about moving your own stuff to 0.0.

- Capital Ship Construction - absolutely AT COST cap building for active members.

- Manageable Sov - just enough space to make you rich in some of the best space in the game.

- And of course we have comms, and forums, and other goodies!

We are NBSI in 0.0 and lowsec.

There is a reason this corp has flourished for almost FIVE years and I want you to be a part of it. If you think you are right for us, stop by the public chat!

To learn more:
Public Chat: Star Frontiers or Message Me!

Corp Recruitment Forum:

Corp Killboard:
Our philosophy: