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Old Pilot looking for a nice corp to not to quit EVE

RAVEN Space Co
#1 - 2012-09-14 03:04:06 UTC
Hi, I play Eve since 2008, I went through almost
all aspects of the game PVP (some), exploration,
whormoles, missions, mining, science, low sec, 0.0, ecc.. ecc..
I have been in many corps, good and bad and at
this point I can say that what makes eve an intresting
and enjoyable game are the players you play with (at least for me).
I have no good reasons to keep playing eve anymore but before
quitting the game I would like to give it one last chance.
And here comes the reason of this post:
Find a good corp with nice players to play WITH.
I have few very simple BUT MANDATORY conditions for all
the corps looking for new members:

1- MUST BE A US EAST COAST TZ (don't tell me your members are from
all TZ or something like we are growing. Or you are a US EC TZ
corp or u are not)
u mine? I will mine. You PVP (0.0, low sec or empire)? I PVP as long
as you can replace ships and u have a logistic organization able to
move stuff from 0.0 to empire (sorry but don't want to rush to rise isks
everytime i log in to pay for ships). You Pirate? I will do it too as
long as my sec. status allows me to reenter empire. U are part of militia?
u do missions? u live in a whormhole? FINE, as long as you work as a team.
I am fine with mandatory operation IF: are well organized.

Basically, I did everything I could in this game, what would give me a reason
to keep playing is to find a nice team and have some fun together.

What can I offer you?
1- almost 90 mill SP. Can fly all gallente t2 ships with t2 modules (except for heavy Interdictors and capitals).
Can fly almost all t2 amarr ships (will neural remap soon to learn t2 amarr guns)
2- experienced player FULLY SELF SUFFICIENT
3- Mature Attitude (have a wife and a daughter, a real busy life but luckily no pets)
4- Active player during Evenings: I could be logged from 9.30pm to 00.00 (NYC time)
every day, during weekends even more (if u give me a good reason to log into eve).

I don't want to be rude but I think it is good to make everything clear since the beginning,
don't want to waste more time.

Please, do not convo me (I might be AFK), a mail will be much appreciated.

Thank you for your time.

RAVEN Space Co
#2 - 2012-09-14 13:12:13 UTC
RAVEN Space Co
#3 - 2012-09-14 18:18:40 UTC
RAVEN Space Co
#4 - 2012-09-15 13:49:30 UTC
Ian Harms
Troll Legion
The Skeleton Crew
#5 - 2012-09-15 15:03:09 UTC
Mail sent
Max Rayden
Gallente Federation
#6 - 2012-09-15 22:23:27 UTC
Star Frontiers, as always, is recruiting highly skilled, experienced PvP pilots for 0.0 PvP in sov space...

We are making our return to sov space in Delve, as a member of the Honeybadger Coalition. It makes for good times, great fights and loads of good friends to do it with. There is full range of PvP experiences to wet your appetite, from epic fleets to small gangs. Because of our coalition, we are able to provide the sort of content a large alliance delivers with a small alliance feel.

We are friendly, not overly trolling and we go out of our way to help one another.

And we are now opening our doors to highly motivated pvpers of ALL SKILL LEVELS! You should be able to fly a battlecruiser decently - and it helps if you can fly a bomber. What matters most is that you are motivated, learn quickly and listen to advice well. The ability to learn and pay attention is more important than any number of skill points!

So help us build something epic and awesome - or just have some fun. We are looking for laid back, fun players who enjoy helping eachother out. We have experience and resources to offer and leadership opportunities for those looking to make a difference.

Just some stuff we offer:

- 0.0 PvP with in-corp FC's as well as excellent alliance FC's.

- We are a leadership corp in our alliance - which means our members are respected and make a difference.

- Ship Replacements - full replacement on logistics and a number of other doctrine ships.

- Excellent Logistics - the hauling kind. You will never have to worry about moving your own stuff to 0.0.

- Capital Ship Construction - absolutely AT COST cap building for active members.

- Manageable Sov - just enough space to make you rich in some of the best space in the game.

- And of course we have comms, and forums, and other goodies!

We are NBSI in 0.0 and lowsec.

There is a reason this corp has flourished for almost FIVE years and I want you to be a part of it. If you think you are right for us, stop by the public chat!

To learn more:
Public Chat: Star Frontiers

Corp Recruitment Forum:

Corp Killboard:
Our philosophy:
#7 - 2012-09-16 06:10:18 UTC
Beyond All Causes might be the place for you. Contact me in game for more info