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Returned and looking for opinions

#1 - 2012-08-13 21:04:27 UTC
Took a break and returned, haven't fully caught up on many changes but working on it. In the npc corp and have every option open for me currently in paths to take, just looking for a bit of advice from the skill stand point. I've experienced much of what eve has to offer, (pvp both win and fail from 0.0 to high, mining/industry, trade via alt) but presently looking to stick to low/high sec for now.

Metalcali Eveboard

As I've stated, looking on opinions/advice on a route to take.

First, going to finish all Leadership skills to 5 except for Fleet Command.
From this point the options are a building side, industry, science and creating or take a more military approach. Been interested in both and want to go fully into one with my remap, no int/per do all remaps. With my leadership skills would like to use those as a jumping point, fleet for mining or faction warfare/pvp roams boosting, even pve content such as incursions.

Aside from the skill path curious on specific ships that would be key to work towards, I've heard there will be a change to battlecruisers, would like to know if something needs to be changed.

Thank you for reading and any help, advice and opinions are greatly appreciated. Hope I was able to explain my interests properly.
Ryelek d'Entari
Horizon Glare
#2 - 2012-08-13 21:17:44 UTC
In order to get the most bang for your buck on your maxed Battlecruisers skill, train each racial cruiser skill to 3. There's no word on timetable yet, but apparently CCP will be splitting the Battlecruisers skill into 4 racial variants, and will give you that same skill level in the racial variant, provided you have the required Cruisers skill trained to fly that race's various BCs. All you need do in this case is train Minmatar cruiser to 3, so you're set.

Destroyers will (theoretically) get the same treatment, so if you want to expand your bang-for-the-buck, training that is an option.

With your high level of leadership skills, you'll want to be able to pilot boosting T3's in addition to the command ships that you can already pilot. You have the prereqs for a Legion and Proteus, may want to investigate whether those fill boosting roles that you are interested in, or if training for caldari/minmatar are a better option. In either case you'll want to train the relevant subsystems to 4 or 5.

If looking for a more combat-oriented role, both your gunnery and missile support skills could use a little lovin'. And everyone loves AWU5.
RaVeN Alliance
#3 - 2012-08-14 04:07:59 UTC  |  Edited by: RavenPaine
I have a lot of random thoughts. And not a very fluid way to post them all, but here goes.

First, I recognise your name. Not sure from forums, in game, friends, enemies, but welcome back.

About Leaderships:
I have a perfect alt and I have friends with great leadership skills. For us at least, those skills were some of the worst time syncs vs fun that we have had. A solo guy rarely uses them and for me, I never duel box in pvp.
Specs at 4 would probably be just fine and anybody will welcome them into a fleet.
My point is, if EVE got boring for you before, this may not be the way to start back in.

Current flavor of the month:
Minmatar has been the trend for awhile. Because of speed and a kite style of piloting. Drakes are also popular because of excellent tank and the same range/kite ability.
Tier 3 BC are new in a recent patch. Some ppl love them, I have no experience with them. Haven't even fitted one yet.
Battleships for PvP seem to be kind of rare. Could be because costs have risen, insurance pays less, speed is more stylish, or all of the above.

Faction Wars:
Is growing and evolving. It has a decent pay mechanic, is close to hi-sec, and offers small gang AND larger gang fleet fights.

Still plenty of that... Avoid when possible, it doesn't add any value to the game at all. (Unless you can sit back and laugh at it)

PvP skills and You:
Regardless of 'flavor of the month', pick a ship that YOU like and start making it perfect. If you are in doubt, pick skills that apply to several races until you decide. Such as, gunnery supports, armor comps, etc.

wall of text is growing...that's all for now
#4 - 2012-08-15 22:41:45 UTC
Ryelek d'Entari
Thanks for all input on the up coming changes. I'll make sure, whichever patch taken, to get ready for those to get what I can from my training. Also AWU5 is going to be maxed the second I make a per/wil remap.

I play to be an asset for friends I meet and play with, thus having different skills for possibilities when needed were trained. Leadership was one that many rarely want to train but give great benefits. Training up for this coincided with a social and other cha related skill remap before they announced removing/changing social skills. Decided to just wrap up leadership to give the most bonuses I could for future corporations. Took a break for other reasons, but thanks for the heads up.

Due to minmatar being a long time favorite I normally avoided it. Personally liked gallente cruiser and larger and amarr frigates. When it comes to t3 haven't made one either, but would like to see what kind of fits can be done with them in terms of fleet arrangement.

As for how you know me, was out in solitude for a while, can't remember if we were allies or enemies, but that's most likely from where.

Thanks both of you for your input, as I have around a month and a half before leadership is finished, there is plenty of time to contemplate all options. If anyone else has some advice or opinion, please share it Smile
Felix Archon
Ministry of Rawr
#5 - 2012-08-23 20:12:59 UTC  |  Edited by: Felix Archon
After you've blown the dust off with a few solo L4 missions you might look into Incursions. There's usually several going on in Empire space at any given time. It looks like you have decent Logistics skills and would probably be picked up pretty quick if you use a standard incursion fit.
Word of warning if you haven't done incursions before - they can be a bit "bracing" compared to L4s, but it's a good way to make some new friends and resharpen your gang skills. Beware of Sansha gate camps on the way to the staging systems, they can seriously ruin your day if you're alone or in a unprepared gang.

Welcome back and good flying.