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Soldiers 0f Fortune Alliance Seeking to expand!

BattleWornSoldiers UK
#1 - 2012-08-13 15:46:32 UTC
Soldiers 0f Fortune Alliance was created with good intentions a place where we as a corporation can build our goals our future on the foundations that we believe in which would bond together with like minded corporations aiming for the same goals. What we want within eve we can obtain with the help and support of others with the same interests and we are quite happy to lead the way starting from our first steps.

What we are looking for are corporations with a active ceo and a bunch of loyal members built like a family to join us and expand our alliance into something we can aim for and build together. We would love to offer a place to everyone but we want to slowly build towards a strong minded alliance that can not get ripped apart with the smallest of issues we will face on our journey together.

So i am asking for any corporation with good intentions that would like to help and support our goals and help build our foundations together so we can proceed doing what needs to be done within our home.

We are built up of mostly United Kingdom players however we do have usa/eu players within our corporation and would love to expand in all timezones!

What we do as a corporation:- ( Promotional voice - )

* Based - Caldari State covering the region The Forge.
* Trade & Industry
* Mission Running (Caldari State and Amarr Standings)
* Incursions ( Shield Fleets Mostly )
* Exploration
* Mining & ops
* WormHole's
* PvP (LowSec Roams)
* Training New pilots ( 2 Million Skill Points Req! )

What we are aiming for are players that are active to a certain extent that are able to get involved with the alliance activities which would mostly cover incursions at this time.

What can we offer?

We can offer you teamspeak3 with your very own corp section within our alliance teamspeak with unlimited slots but thats noting compare to our great and helpful corporation that can support you with advice and friendly atmosphere.

If your interested the best way to cover what needs to be said is rather though ingame chat or our teamspeak make sure you contact the following if you think you are what we looking for!

Oresome Exhumer
Iceman A84

We are not looking for corporations with less then 15 members unless you are very active together as a group!
BattleWornSoldiers UK
#2 - 2012-08-13 15:47:02 UTC
I would like to point out that we are also looking for individual players while searching for rare corporations with our same interests and goals. However you may ask what do we have to offer from the rest of the many hundreds of thousands corporations and alliances built within New Eden.

Well im going to try my best to answer this question with out blowing my own trumpet too much :)

First of all what makes us different?

If your not already aware battlewornsoldiers have a rich history we are known through out many different games and have experienced a well organised community though many of our games that we have played. If you take a look at our website there is a summary of our history on the front page at

Now you maybe thinking its a multi-gaming community which is too big and too much trouble for your liking but that is not necessary true we have had a hard look over the last few years and decided to keep only eve-online as our main game and abit on the side 1 or 2 small games to kill some time. However the admins/Ceo (Admins meaning Directors) and its members within battlewornsoldiers uk are 100% dedicated towards eve online and anything in the background of our community will not and cannot disrupt our eve online section.

I would like to stress this since this may put players off on the other hand it shows you more then you think, I was 13 years old when I started to run BattleWornSoldiers and now at 22 years old I have had the experience and the time to be able to organise a respectful community throughout any game that we decide to place ourselves upon. So with out blowing my own trumpet you can clearly see that I have 8 years or more been a active admin/management which is running BattleWornSoldiers UK.

I would like to point out that when you join our corporation or you would like to add your very own corporation to our alliance you will find that our management team will not disappear over night or will turn there backs if things start going sour, this is the highlights of battlewornsoliders and I will try my best to make it work in the best times and at the worse times as well. So to sum it all up what im trying to say is we can offer you a place that will never die over night or over years since we already proven we lasted 8 years already, including a active Ceo/Directors and loyal members as a backbone to keep us together and in place.

We would like to increase our numbers toward players that show loyalty and are just generally active which a added bonus of been friendly and have a good sense of humour. If you have these qualities then this is a perfect place for yourself to take a chance to join something that can turn great over time as we all hope in general regardless. With out further ado you all know we have the following 3rd party software to make life more easier for us such as teamspeak3 perfect place to share and help each other within the game and our official website that's been running since 2003.

This is what you will see in this corporation and as our Directors will enforce this active/friendly atmosphere for all our members that want a place to stay and enjoy what eve has to offer us.
BattleWornSoldiers UK
#3 - 2012-08-17 13:31:30 UTC  |  Edited by: Predictable
The summer is'nt over yet but its that time where everyone starts to dust off there eve accounts and come back to play for a another crazy winter session.

If thats you and from the UK or EU get yourselfs over to us we have great plans for our winter within eve!

Our new promotional video of what we got in store this upcoming year! -

If anyone has any questions contact me via -

E-mail -
msn -
Steam - crazy_shadow1153
Facebook -

BwS Community Admin - Predictable
BattleWornSoldiers UK
#4 - 2012-09-16 14:04:20 UTC
We are still looking to expand however we will be mainly doing mission running and some high sec activies. We could banch out doing more in the upcoming months.