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POS Revamp Idea

Deep Core Mining Inc.
Caldari State
#1 - 2012-08-11 09:58:46 UTC
After reading the CSM meeting notes (if you haven't read them yet I suggest you do) I had a thought of how these pos replacements could be developed.

There would be a base module which you'd anchor.
This base module would have a new type of factory slot used to build/develop the new structure using materials and bpc's.
(The base structure wouldn't require fuel until an upgrade had been built... maybe stront for reinforcement).

Example :

1) Anchor and online base module
2) Insert bpc and minerals/ore for first development.
3) Select placement for development and start job
4) As time progresses the structure is built (maybe add some cool construction effects here)
5) Structure completes, next development starts

As the structure develops it consumes more pg/cpu to the point where the base needs to be upgraded.
The more advanced the upgrades become the greater and more diverse the construction requirements become.

Example :

Base module has 2 structure development slots, 1 base refinery (ore is put in, it's refined, used to build, excess can't be removed but can be trashed), basic storage (not ship hanger).

Refinery Development
Level 0 - Base Refinery (20% Refinery, Unable to remove output)
Level 1 - 20% Refinery (Output removable from now onwards)
Level 2 - 30% Refinery
Level 3 - 35% Refinery
Level 4 - 40% Refinery
Level 5 - 50% Refinery (to give max yield with skills)

Level Construction Requirements
Level 0 - Free, included with base module
Level 1 - Ore
Level 2 - Minerals
Level 3 - Minerals + PI
Level 4 - Minerals + PI (higher tier)
Level 5 - Minerals + PI + Station Components

The levels may seem overpowered but you must remember that this is a destructible structure, with considerable investment (time and resources) and must be fuelled also.

I have a feeling industrialists will like this idea and the combatants may not.

Thoughts ?

If it moves.... You obviously didn't kill it the first time.

Alx Warlord
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#2 - 2012-08-11 17:07:16 UTC
It is a good sugestion. Deplaying a Construction Management tower and then slowly building up a huge Starbase is way more realistic than trowing everything already assembled in the space. And this also would make the owners of the starbase way more emotional linked to it. since the feeling of having a starbase would be the "I Built it!!!" one. And evolving its structures one by one would give the feeling of " I feed and grown it with love"....Lol

The CT would have a Storage exclusive for materials and blueprints that would be placed to feed the construction operations. And then using a command on it would open the Star-base planner. that would plan the star-base construction and upgrade sequence.

I suggest 1 Industrial coupling bay for this structure. Coupling the ship on the structure would allow Its shields to protect the ship from any harm while the capsuler Makes his plannings and may WiS on the planning room. As the structure shields goes down the ship becomes vulnerable, and if destroyed while WiS the capsuler would undock on a pod. Upgrading the structure to next level would lose the bay.

Since I don't think that all playes could wait the normal construction time without going crazy I suggest that star-base modules could be packed, and all old POS modules converted to this packs. like a "Ship assembly array construction pack" for example. and this packs inserted into the CT would allow it to be assembled much faster and without needing the materials. Also the CT could Pack the structures into these....

About the upgrading idea, it sounds good, it would be nice to upgrade the Docking array to allow bigger ships to dock, and upgrade the Ship storange array to allow more ships to be stored.

About the Upgrading and material costs I suggest to keep the costs manly on PI and some especial modules could use some T2 or T3 materials, like the star-base jump drive. Although this CCP will have to ballance! CCP Ytterbium ?? =D

I have a feeling that The pos update will be epic!!! and since ccp plans to make the POS an structure that can be as big as the players can feed, we will have manny nice buildings, like Fuel storange, Starbase Shield extenders, Hangar extenders, ammunition storanges for the guns.

Also it wold be nice to build turrets spots and then fit them with the turret and the ammo.

It would be Epic to see Star-bases looking like real cities in the space!!! ( And since ccp plans to make Ice available everywhere, people could actually live on them )
Loius Woo
Sebiestor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#3 - 2012-08-12 02:46:03 UTC
I really like this idea.

I do remember an old thread naught from a few years ago that seems to be what CCP are using for the POS update, and I don't remember the actual implementation idea in it, I think it was just a modular system like the one CCP are talking about but built up by deploying modules the way we do now. I don't remember for sure though.

I think this idea is pretty great.
I would allow multiple construction platforms to be connected so that a big operation could be built up quickly if you wanted to spend the money, this way, if you connect three construction platforms, then your POS could be building 3 upgrades at the same time.

Additionally, I would allow players to manage processes between nodes within the POS in the way that you manage processes in PI.

For example, if you want to build ships in your POS, you can build a ship building array, a ship maintenance array, and a refinery. Then install a blueprint in the factory, make a connection between the refinery and the factory and from the factory to the ship maintenance array. Then every time you dump raw ore into the refinery, it refines the ore into minerals, ships them over to the factory which will automatically produce ships and place them in the ship maintenance array.

You could make it more complicated and have multiple modules all connected doing the entire process to research and produce tech 2 ships that just require you to put raw materials in one side and ships come out the other. This would allow players to have some control over optimization.

Also, allow players to rent factory slots to people that are not in their corp or alliance.

Ive got more ideas but Ive got GF aggro at the moment...ill be back
Alx Warlord
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#4 - 2012-08-12 23:43:04 UTC  |  Edited by: Alx Warlord
Another thing that I think that will be nice is instead of building Gun turrets, POS could have upgradable structures called battle stations. These battle stations would be fitted like ships, fitting Turrets, launchers , ammo, and weapon upgrades, electronic warfare and other modules. to Fit them it would be needed to be docked at the POS, and then you could take control of it, and Fit it with the desired modules. There should be options to upgrade these structures on different manners giving different attributes and slots to them. Also upgrade them to different sizes.

Also the upgrades would cost materials and would increase the fuel consumption of the station.

These buildings would be different for each faction, and only possible to build on it's faction POS.

It would be possible to target these structures apart from the rest of the station

There should be some Upgradable roles:


Combat station: Would have hardpoints to fit weapons and mid and low slots to fit weapon upgrades, tracking upgrades, sensor upgrades or some electronic warfare.

Deffensive node: Would have slots to fit hardners and shield extenders, these modules would concede shield and resistance bonus to nearby battle-stations.

Logistic station: Would have Hi-slots that could fit remote shield, armor and hull repairs, and energy transfer. these stations would target friendly harmed ships and battle-stations.

Electronic station: would have mid-slots that could fit Electronic warefare modules to disrupt treats or electronic suport modules, like tracking links and remote sensor boosters.

Alx Warlord
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#5 - 2012-08-17 20:31:09 UTC
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Caldari State
#6 - 2012-08-20 18:37:48 UTC
Wow... a good thought I had it seems

If it moves.... You obviously didn't kill it the first time.