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Appetite 4 Destruction - Quality over Quantity

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#101 - 2012-01-16 10:00:24 UTC  |  Edited by: Omegaplex
Arrow We Have Been Really Busy This Weekend Big smile

Arrow Check The Killboard CoolA4D

Arrow Then Tell Me You Want Some Of That Twisted

Arrow You Know Where We Are Pirate
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Appetite 4 Destruction.
#102 - 2012-01-16 14:56:47 UTC
Where to start? EVE was so kind to me yesterday, I am still laughing.

Omegaplex decided to throw a bubble up on the gate in K-QWHE, so I decided to sit on the bubble over my morning coffee. We mauled a ton of small ships that went through. Dramiel, Imperial Navy Slicer, Badger Mark II…nothing major. Then we saw a small gang coming from two jumps out. 1 Curse, 1 Rapier, 3 Hurricanes, 1Cynabal.

We had very little DPS but we did have two Falcons on Standby. Since we had time, we had a lot of Minmatar Jammers available. When they jumped in, we held cloak until they were aggressed, killing the Cynabal, and 1 Hurricane. About that time the rapier decloaked and popped a covert Cyno.

In popped a Sin, Panther, Widow, and a bunch of bombers. Jam Jam Pop Pop and there you have it.

The gate camping got boring(as it always does), so we went on a roam through Catch and then Providence. Cal 7 managed to find a couple ratting battleships. So we killed them:

While on our way back our scout ran into a small 0utbreak gate camp in D87E-A. He had a buddy with a Kitsune…so we killed him.

As we pulled in our home system we managed to run into our neighbors Bringers of Death…so we killed them.

Our friends in EVE animal control found some pirates in lowsec. That group of pirates had a few Bhalgorns, Carriers on Standby, an Armageddon, and Nightmare. So we killed them.
We had a second Bhalgorn in low armor but he self-destructed. Sigh.
#103 - 2012-01-17 11:28:59 UTC  |  Edited by: Omegaplex
Arrow Another Night Of ****'s ' N' Giggles Smile

ArrowMonday Night MayhemTwisted

Arrow Looks Like We Like Monday's Big smile , And It's Not Over Yet By A Long Shot Evil

Arrow Small Gang PVP , I Love It Cool
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Appetite 4 Destruction.
#104 - 2012-01-17 15:59:31 UTC
For a Monday it was fruitful. Omegaplex had mentioned that he hadn’t had a chance to hang out with our new guy Mellivora aka “Honey Badger”. Since he is new to the corp he was trying to get a feel for the corp. I was done doing corp. things so I handed him a Coercer of DOOM. We did the usual roam toward Doril to find absolutely nothing. We met up with Pleniers, and Redshirt and we now had a gang of 3 Coercers, and Taranis.

We headed toward where Broken Toys were evacuating from the Tyranny of AAA, and we set up a bubble to exploit the fleeing masses. We found that an incursion was going on in the constellation so we left and set up a drag bubble on the out gate of F4R. Within 15 minutes, we managed a Badger, and a Bomber. We were about to hang it up, when a Tengu jumped in and failed to cloak. Pleniers got the tackle. Needless to say Coercers are nasty.

A little later that night we ran smack dab into the middle of a Red Legion gang as we were going for a roam. We weren’t as successful as we could have been, but we did manage to get a few kills out of it. It could have been worse, our friends lost ships but we didn’t lose much. Fight was on both sides of the gate.


Cal7 is a scouting machine; the man can flat out find anything anywhere. He found an Ishtar and a Noctis in a random anomaly. He cycled his points and of course, they died.

Later in Providence we had a pretty good fight but we were out manned and out ECM’d. It was fairly even when you consider we were in their home system. We lost one on the way back due to their blobs converging, but we managed to kill a Maelstrom on the way there so we were fairly even. It was a hoot. Definitely have to return there real soon.

#105 - 2012-01-18 00:19:33 UTC
Now with 35% more bling
#106 - 2012-01-18 10:31:30 UTC
Arrow EVE Broke So That Stopped Everything ... Shame

Arrow One Thing Though , Once It's Back Online , You Can Be Sure We Will Be Twisted

Arrow Come Take A Look At What We Are About

Arrow You Might Like What You See
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Appetite 4 Destruction.
#107 - 2012-01-18 13:26:37 UTC
You win some, you lose some, today was about losing. Melli “The Honeybadger” and I went for a small roam yesterday. He had an Ares and I had a coercer. We went through our usual rounds to find nothing hanging around Doril, so we decided to go toward Litom. There has been lots of activity since the Broken Toys have been displaced by Against All Authorities(queue up Eric Cartman voice).

Anyway, Melli was in Jorund looking around system for any one of the six people in system when one of our buddies from EVE animal control landed on gate in a hurricane. Almost simultaneously a Broken Toys hurricane jumped in. The fight was on. I warped down to the gate to add my extra DPS. A second Broken Toy came to gate in a Drake. Although we were out gunned, we managed to kill the Hurricane and warp off.

I only added about 5500 damage to the kill, but I was told by our blue that without my DPS his 720 glass cannon would have surely perished. I can live with that.

We took a quick trip to GJO where the Rookie Empire guys live. For some reason they don’t like us. I don’t know why, I am always happy to loot their cans. Our goal was simple. Poke our head around until they undocked something that we could kill. Being pathetic as they are, they brought a Loki, Vagabond, Bomber, Dramiel for a Coercer and an Ares..

We tried to draw the Dramiel off the gate and with loki bonuses, he caught Melli, about 80 off the gate. Melli said he’s got me…I thought no he doesn’t! I went to assist and overheated on the Dramiel. Shields gone, Armor Gone, Dramiel pealed off with 10% Structure and Melli got to warp off. Teamwork at its finest.

On the way back however, we had delusions of grandeur and attacked a Rapier by trying to get under his guns. It worked in short run. But we both died while he was still at 50% Shields. I shouldn’t have broken my rule about the destroyer of doom. Don’t ***** with Cruisers. Rule Confirmed.

Later that day we had a fight where the server lagged so much that 3 of my guys couldn’t get a lock on anything that resembled an enemy ship…we were already out gunned. Lost 4 killed 1. It happens. There is always tomorrow right? I finally broke the EVE’s top 1000 killers. Not bad for a married guy that only has two hours to play a night.
Appetite 4 Destruction.
#108 - 2012-01-19 16:01:53 UTC
Win some lose some part deux.

Of course I didn’t have a lot of time yesterday, I logged in briefly and there were a couple huge gangs in local. The guys found out first hand not to undock in small ships which a sniper gang outside. It reminded me of when I was in forsaken empire and we shut down Euphoria Unleashed carebear facility in BWF…but this time my new guys were getting sniped. Well at least they know now.

Later on that night I logged in to go help our buddies in Litom with a Broken Boys gang of 22. We hurried a Nano Drake gang figuring that we could Alpha from afar and have some escapablilty with the Loki Bonuses. Before we could even hit RMOC the locals that live in Hemin were on the gate, we hadn’t been prepared so we went back to the gate.

Wraithguard’s alt in RMOC the trash talk started in local, they knew their gang was twice our size and were baiting us. Since we were all about the Leroy Jenkins last night coupled with the fact that we are always up for a fight so we jumped in and started targeting. We had 5 Drakes and a Scimitar (plus non combat Loki) to their Arazu, Falcon, 4x Drakes, 3x Hurricanes, Oracle, Scimitar. Needless to say we were out numbered and lost 3 Drakes and only killed a Falcon.

I don’t think any of us minded losing that fight, we often fight out numbered. In retrospect we probably should NOT have jumped into that gang knowing we were going to be doing our own personal rendition of William Wallace. We won’t be giving them a 2-1 fight any more in their home system. It is hard enough overcoming those odds without them being able to reship.

When we arrived back home we got wind of Bringers of Death shooting one of our Bubbles. I have spots all over that gate so we warped there as we were arriving they landed on our station. So we warped on back, and after an Benny Hill moment of them bouncing around and us trying to find them, we managed to kill a Ferox, Drake, Rapier, Harbinger. So I guess we broke even on the night. At least we had even odds in this fight.

There are always more ships on our overview tomorrow.
#109 - 2012-01-20 02:08:19 UTC
Arrow There is something about living in Curse , being with a group of guys that fly really well together , have a good laugh on comms , enjoy the fight win or lose , admitally win is better , which tbh we do more often than not , with the added bonus that we annoy the crap outta everyone in a 20 jump radius , makes me smile even before I log in :)
Coming To Your Backyard REAL Soon
#110 - 2012-01-20 12:36:26 UTC
But wait! That's not all, there's more!

Act now and we'll give you a second one free!

This is a one-time deal, so we can't offer it again.

If you don't like it, we'll refund your money!

If we were not the best, could we afford to give you this deal?
Minmatar Republic
#111 - 2012-01-20 13:25:27 UTC  |  Edited by: Cordy
#112 - 2012-01-21 12:32:02 UTC
cordy wrote:
Am at work - but are planing on being online most of tmr afternoon - would like to talk to one of your requiters there if possible - either way please send me a mail about the next step - as I sure would like to know more Bear

Mail Sent To You
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Art of War Alliance
#113 - 2012-01-23 23:01:14 UTC  |  Edited by: Bren Genzan
Shout out to A4D from the guys next door.
#114 - 2012-01-24 00:38:02 UTC
Bren Genzan wrote:
Curse is kind of like Vegas and A4D runs a mean Casino:

People come to visit with dreams of making the big score, and more often than not, they're lucky to get home with the shirt on their backs. Blink

Arrow Lol Well Put And Very True , Cheers Bren Big smile

Coming To Your Backyard REAL Soon
Appetite 4 Destruction.
#115 - 2012-01-24 14:46:13 UTC
The weekend before last has so much carnage that I was just drained and played little. Although I had about 20 or so kills this weekend, I had few fights of significance. My kills ranged from drawing a tackling Stiletto away from the gate so as not to get caught by the Lachesis, Huginn, Myrmidon, Scimitar combo trying to kill us. Splash one interceptor.

The second memorable fight came from a ten man T1 Frigate/Destroyer gang. I remember it well, they jumped in, noticed they were in a large bubble right before they said. “Some b!tches is going to get messed up”. So we killed them all with sniping Tornado’s.

Yesterday was probably one of the more fun fights. Our neighbors the “Bringers of death” seemed upset when we killed a Maelstrom. They brought over ten man gang. Vaga, 2 Scimitar, Broadsword, Huginn, 5 Drakes. We had Arazu, Curse, Rapier, 2 Drakes, Harb, Cane, and two Basilisks on the other side of the gate.

BOD warped their Broadsword down to the gate and jumped to the other side of the gate. Apparently thinking we were going to try and run. As soon as the bubble was up, they warped the rest of their gang to 0. We instantly opened fire on the Scimitars. Due to the heavy neutralizing from the Curse, the second scimitar was capped out…he died soon after.

Due to A4D being habitually “point challenged” we only managed to kill both Scimis, the Vagabond, and the Broadsword. At one time the Huginn was called primary but he got the hell out of Dodge before he lost it. Of course the Drakes got away because they were the slowest of the bunch. One of these days I have to explain the term “Spread your points around” means don’t warp scramble the primary target.
#116 - 2012-01-25 08:36:36 UTC  |  Edited by: Omegaplex
Arrow Looking for active natural born killers for the EU TZ

Arrow Must be self sufficient and able to survive in Curse

Arrow No station spinners or peeps that can't think for themselves

Arrow A good life to be had for those that dare

Arrow This is not a wet nursing corp

Arrow We Are Small Gang PVP For The EXPERIENCED Player
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Appetite 4 Destruction.
#117 - 2012-01-25 13:10:46 UTC
Curse Politics

I have been recently informed that our next door neighbor has moved in to Curse with the intent of ridding Curse of everyone out that doesn’t adhere to their blue love fest. Curse is a great place, although relatively lawless, we each have our own set of rules that everyone abides by and no one really crosses the line.

Typically in Curse we don’t camp each other in station. Why? we don’t want to run our targets out. Typically we don’t hot drop each other. Why? Most of us don’t have a Titan’s and if we drop caps, there is always someone who has more. Typically we don’t over blob each other. Why? If you blob too much then you will never ever get a fight.

Curse is too small to house huge alliances, in fact it larger you get in Curse the faster you implode. Why does this happen? PVP corps tend not to be able to find fights if they are too big. Carebears can’t make isk because they can’t rat. And thirdly when a threat comes into Curse, the smaller corps tend to band together against the greater evil…in essence we rebel against “The Man”.

These next few months are going to be interesting.
#118 - 2012-01-25 17:10:08 UTC
free bump :)

All the dreams you've ever had - and not just the good ones ! My YouTube -

#119 - 2012-01-26 12:56:50 UTC
Arrow I'm Looking For EU Pilots

Arrow Need You To Be ;

Arrow Experienced

Arrow Able To Fly Solo Aswell As In A Gang

Arrow Pilots Who Enjoy Against The Odds Fights , But Know How To Come Out Wnning

Arrow 30 mil SP Min

Arrow Provide API

Arrow We Are A Drama Less Corps , So No Emo , Mature Pilots Only

Arrow Looking Forward To Hearing From You

Arrow Convo Myself / Sygma / Bullmastiff
Coming To Your Backyard REAL Soon
Appetite 4 Destruction.
#120 - 2012-01-27 13:25:06 UTC
The Big 3 (managing expectations)

As A4D policy states, and the same policy that all A4D members adhere to.
1 - Keep your efficiency above 85% .
2 - Fly with the group.
3 - Be on TS3 whether active or not.

So the killboard has been wonky since the patch. Normally we just pull things and all is posted. So many of you ask what we are about…as a rule A4D members are to be at 80% efficiency, we prefer the corp. as a whole to be above 70%. This month we have been kicking major arse. As a corp. we were hovering around 82% efficiency!

Since the patch kb has been down, we had not been pulling kill mails. Yesterday my Co-CEO blew a gasket. When Bullmastiff says “holy hell!”, I know that means something seriously went wrong. So I said, what’s up bull? He said “check the killboard, I just did a pull”. So I clicked the button and said “Ahhh sh!t”

Member 1: Lost a faction fitted Loki playing station games in Jita. Was not on coms, Was not with the group, and now has an efficiency of 38%.

Member 2: Loses a faction fitted Tengu in lowsec, was not on coms, and now has an efficiency of 3%.

Now I have to have a conversation that I do not want to have. So if you want to join A4D, keep this in mind. If you can’t adhere to these policies, DO NOT APPLY . This is called managing expectations.
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