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Two newb roomates looking for alliance!

Future Corps
Sleeper Social Club
#1 - 2012-01-23 20:00:31 UTC  |  Edited by: Panametrics
We both started playing about a month ago.

We both aim to initially maximize our PI together then venture into something we have yet to decide! Starting off with PI we hope to get into a nullsec corp for better planets(not to mention that the concord customs tax is, well, rude :P ) that accepts new pilots.

All we really do is play games lol. I felt inclined enough to have a second account (for PI). We both have high quality headsets, and can acquire whichever voicechat is required. Lag is not an issue with our computers or isp, we want our "command center" optimized; we pay for a 250mbps connection.

Any corps out there?

Edit: We are from Canada, and reside in the MST timezone!
Body Count Inc.
Pandemic Legion
#2 - 2012-01-23 20:03:04 UTC
Sure is. if you want to venture into pvp after you got the PI down.

We have good and old experienced players both in corp and alliance.

Give me a shout ingame.

Online now.
Salathiel Sa'ar
Gallente Federation
#3 - 2012-01-23 20:37:25 UTC
Mail sent

[b]Salathiel Sa'ar CEO and HR Director of MNU Operations[/b]


Sefin 88
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Caldari State
#4 - 2012-01-23 23:17:42 UTC  |  Edited by: Sefin 88
POKR is looking for new recruits mate. We can teach you the PVP side if your willing. We also have several good planets in our main system as well as ice. (i have an indyalt myself). if your interested jump into POKR. Recruit (dont forget the dot!)

Also you can contact any of the allianc recruiters. Aceju, Kogaix, Techian, Zhinso or myself in game.
Hope to hear from you soon!

Edit: forgot to mention we operate out of Tenerifis space in 0.0
Admiral Pelleon
White Shadow Imperium
Tactical Narcotics Team
#5 - 2012-01-23 23:29:55 UTC
We have many Canadians (Edmonton area, the bastards).

Send me an eve mail with your ages, SP, focus, etc.

We're a corp of 20-somethings who scream incoherently over mumble and drink a lot. If you're similar, find me.

Those who cannot keep up will be left behind, to watch from a distance. And those who stand in our way will not watch at all.

Imma Killue
Gallente Federation
#6 - 2012-01-24 03:25:36 UTC
We See Dead People, est. 2007, has remained a small to medium corp for the last four years and are ready to expand. The first two years we lived in low sec, living out of cans as we where very nomadic. and then moved into wormholes for a while. The last couple years we have lived primarily in null space. We have held our own sov space most of those two years, and was very active with our alliance, doing major campaigns. All members in corp are US players and are on from east coast to Hawaii time zones. (22:00 - 8:00 eve time) Age of members range from 20-50 years old. We want to build a strong US corp, that has a major impact in Eve.

The one problem I see in Eve, is enough US players together in one spot and the one complaint I hear over and over again, is the lack of people online to fly with. Most fleet ops, in most alliances seam to be during euro times, ours is mostly US members. (even more people to fly with)

If every US player looking for a corp where to join, we would have plenty of people online during our major time zones. All types and occupations of pilots welcome. We have everything sov space has to offer: ratting, mining, havens, sanctums, plexes, stations, pvp, etc. Our alliance space is pretty stable, but still get the occasional nuets coming in.

So, what do you think? Give us a shot! We have nothing against non US players. If they play Eve the same time as us, we would be more then happy to accept their apps. We just want to insure that members well be online during our time zones. Nobody likes playing alone.

For more imfo click link:
Death Toll007
Caldari State
#7 - 2012-01-24 07:23:23 UTC
PI is great, but the question is what will you do with all the shinny iskies? We can offer you a great team of players from different specialties able to mentor and coach you in the ways of Eve. Further a defined skill plan to work towards PvP. If this sounds of interest, then look no further.

I am DT from the Fleet of DOOM!!! We are a PvP corp dedicated to asymmetric warfare. Meaning we do not seek sov, make POS chains, or present any footprint requiring defense as a corp. However, we do project power through the use of a variety of PvP dynamics.

Primarily we encourage our members into Capital ships, Black Ops Battle Ships (BO), Recons, Stealth Bombers, and conventional PvP ships. We base in low sec, and conduct 0.0 roams and operations in and around Syndicate and Solitude. We greatly enjoy hot-dropping, and work with some amazing alliance m8’s and blues.

You can expect a team atmosphere from our players, and a dedication to having fun. We recognize RL and fun in this game come first, and we conduct professional PvP roams.

We operate under the rule of NBSI.
Once we have 25 more actives we will conduct rapid deployment of combat power via carriers and BO to engage fleets far away from our base of operations.

If this is of interest to you, contact: Vaspucci or myself

In your mail send your API key for full account information (characters, skills, and kill log)

Hammez Coopez
Naughty 40
#8 - 2012-01-24 07:50:37 UTC
Remington Ulfhednar
Apollo Arms
#9 - 2012-01-24 17:39:00 UTC
Consider Apollo Arms a good corp for this. Our alliance mostly lives in null sec, and can get you in and out for all the PI you need. And while you wait for your resources, come join my corp back in hi sec (only a few jumps away) for some mission running. At the moment were catering to the new players we're recruiting so Now's the perfect tme to join.

Talk to us on A R M Recruiting

Or send me a message personally.


Remington CEO
Gryphon Mining and Industies
#10 - 2012-01-26 05:58:08 UTC
My fellow canadians, may I suggest Lost Society. If this sounds intresting to you [we can always use good PI pilots] give me a chat in game or mail me. Hope to hear from you soon.

Fly safe
Caldari Provisions
Caldari State
#11 - 2012-01-26 15:30:58 UTC
Small Gang PVP
NPC Null Based
No CTAs or Blobs
TS3 & Vent

Come shoot stuff with us.

Currently attempting to build EU/AU timezones for more pvp coverage.


Public Channel - KOK Open

Good luck in your search for a new home.
Damien Darkthorne
House Singularity
Sixth Empire
#12 - 2012-01-26 15:37:26 UTC
The EntroPraetorian Academy is recruiting new & returning players. Being part of the top ranked EntroPraetorian Aegis alliance, we are a fellowship of pilots which seeks to grow and improve as a whole. This Academy will prepare you for life in our alliance, with a core emphasis on PvP combat and branching out to other disciplines such as industry, science and exploration.
We seek to create a way of life through a philosophy of fellowship & friendship. We seek proficiency through training and experience. Self-sufficiency through diligence. Perseverance through patience.

We offer a friendly, knowledgable, active environment with veteren help & support-PvP training, Orca spport for mining, high level missions with experienced pilots, discounted ships, regular fleet ops & much more!

There is no skillpoint or racial requirement. We expect that you be a mature(at least 20 years of age), active and dedicated team player.

All of that is just the start of what we do! Lots to know! Big smile
Elemental One
Infinitum Intelligence
#13 - 2012-01-26 17:21:05 UTC