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Mouse-over Information panel adjustment

Black Thorne Corporation
Slightly Sexual
#1 - 2017-07-17 01:01:21 UTC
I often find myself frustrated when I'm going through inventory and the module or option that I'm trying to select gets covered up with a mouse-over info panel, momentarily hindering my action. The info-panels that are problematic are ones that have in-game links or additional skill requirements. Because they have these links they stay at the forefront of the UI as long as the cursor is on the item or over top of the info panel, which will cover up any options or items underneath them.

Forgive me if the option already exists somewhere but I think the mouse-over info panel should have options to either disable the info-panel links(thus causing it to appropriately disappear when the cursor goes over them), or all theses links should appear on a separate adjustable and moveable panel when an item is selected.
Cade Windstalker
#2 - 2017-07-17 13:13:42 UTC
Sounds like what you actually need to do is adjust the popup timing. There's a setting for it in the escape menu.

Having popup links create windows is not a great idea, UI wise, and would actually make them more in the way for a lot of users, especially those with smaller screen real estate.