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EVE crappy support

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NoMeRcY ForYou
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#1 - 2017-07-01 19:24:40 UTC  |  Edited by: ISD Max Trix
I bought the Steam promotion for Eve Standard package which includes plex, 30 days time etc. then after the transaction was complete and they took the money a message appeared that i won't get the promotion items cause i have already bought another package before!!! So why did you take the money!!! i tried to get a refund but it was not available as the promotion include usable items which i have not get!!! I sent a ticket to Steam helpless crap, made a ticket on EVE support and a day and half past with no freaken response!!

I will cancel my subscription until i get a satisfactory response from those *snip* Attacks against CCP personnel are not permitted. *snip*
Tuttomenui II
Gallente Federation
#2 - 2017-07-01 20:24:31 UTC
Stop using steam for eve. some of those offers they have are for new accounts only. I am surprised they didn't just refuse to sell it to you. Your issue is a steam issue not a CCP issue.
Remains Intact
Caldari Provisions
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#3 - 2017-07-01 22:53:38 UTC
Incorrect. Steam integration IS a CCP issue. They chose to hitch their wagon to steam, and offer special sales and subscriptions throught it. Yet thier, steams, or both companies incompetence causes MANY customer service issues. And on top of that CCP customer service is completely unwilling to work with the customer even when it comes to something simple as switching witch accounts a sub goes to, even when it's COMPLETELY not the customers fault when an error takes place.

CCP needs to get its **** together, because the buck stops with them. If steam is inadequate in their opinion, it's not the customers fault that CCP is greedy and has ****** business practices that border on scamming.
Netan MalDoran
Sinister Intent
#4 - 2017-07-01 23:22:43 UTC
This is why you dont use steam.
Try steam support, as I doubt that CCP would even have control over anything like this.

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ISD Max Trix
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#5 - 2017-07-02 00:19:04 UTC
As I said on the STEAM forums. Steam does not let you buy the EVE Starter packs if you do not qualify IE have the items or had used a pack in the past on your steam account. The only way that I am aware of that would cause this issue is if you bypassed the Steam restrictions by gifting the pack to yourself and using the code.

As you have a support ticket and our GM's are better situated to handle this issue, I will be closing this thread.

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