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Character Bazaar

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WTs 19.800.000 SP Pilot Proteus,

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Arek Katia
Draconis Impalers
Initiative Associates
#1 - 2017-06-02 12:31:00 UTC
Have positive Wallet.
Located in, Inder VII - Moon 11 - Sisters of EVE Bureau key ( 55887766 )
Have 9 Kill rights
1 Remap
Pilot Proteus, Sabre, Svipul, Malediction, Purifier,

1 day ofer

Starting Bid:15b
ISD Max Trix
ISD Community Communications Liaisons
#2 - 2017-06-02 15:55:01 UTC
You may only bump threads ONCE Per day. Date is determined by the date on the forum, not the date where you live. An exception is made for posts made to finalize a sale. You may reply to the threads with bids or questions regarding the character/s. All other posts are off topic and will be removed. Answering posts of this nature will be counted as your daily bump.

Thread closed for 24 hours. There was at last count 7 extra bumps. Do not open a new thread to get around this lock.

ISD Max Trix


Community Communication Liaisons (CCLs)

Interstellar Services Department

I do not respond to EVE mails about forum moderation.

CCP Phantom
C C P Alliance
#3 - 2017-06-02 15:58:09 UTC
Please submit only serious offers that are in accordance with the original thread.

If there is a minimum bid, please do not post lower offers. Those offers could be considered being spam and invalid thread bumping. Thank you!

CCP Phantom - Senior Community Developer

Alex Cloudwatcher
#4 - 2017-06-14 11:02:34 UTC
15 B
Alex Cloudwatcher
#5 - 2017-06-15 12:16:58 UTC
The Judge
Goonswarm Federation
#6 - 2017-06-18 03:27:09 UTC

CSM XII Member and CSM XI Permanent Attendee

Diplomat for Circle-Of-Two

@_TheJudge on Twitter

[email protected]