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Returning Player

Gladiators of Rage
Fidelas Constans
#1 - 2017-05-07 02:24:00 UTC  |  Edited by: Montohotep
Ok...lets try this again...

Working and school full time so RL takes priority but would like to find a larger corp that is US TZ (mainly) that is involved in a bit of everything....I like PVP but am not only pvp focused ...there will be times when I cant get in game for a week or so at a time (finals/exams/work projects).

Would love the chance to learn more about WH/Incursions/Industry/pvp...I have 5 toons spread across from mining/industry and Orca/Rorq pilot and small ship pilots to a Cap pilot (carriers and dreads). Lowest being about 6.5 msp....highest being about 54 msp...

Basically looking for a larger corp that literally does a bit of everything and understands RL comes first.
The Smoke
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#2 - 2017-05-07 13:33:59 UTC
Hey m8,

We are a fairly active corp spread across all TZ. Our members are involved in many different activities, like Industry, mining, PVP and so on. Its not a sales pitch, we truly are a very diverse corporation with a lot of experience and a very strong organised corp structure to offer.

For more details please visit our forum post :

Gladiators of Rage
Fidelas Constans
#3 - 2017-05-07 14:17:36 UTC
The Smoke wrote:
Hey m8,

We are a fairly active corp spread across all TZ. Our members are involved in many different activities, like Industry, mining, PVP and so on. Its not a sales pitch, we truly are a very diverse corporation with a lot of experience and a very strong organised corp structure to offer.

For more details please visit our forum post :


o7 thanks m8 ill take a gander this evening...
Beast Tivianne
Praetorian Guards.
Hell's Pirates
#4 - 2017-05-07 14:30:59 UTC
Hey if your looking for a decent group of guys to come play with and go boom with while earning isk on the side come check us out We have players in a few different time zones so there's almost always someone on to talk and play with shoot me a mail if interested😄
Nakito Kobara
Yamagata Syndicate
#5 - 2017-05-07 14:51:31 UTC
Yamagata Syndicate are looking for pilots like yourself.

YS want to expand our player base and gather a solid core of pilots to help bolster our place in Eve. We are a member of Circle-of-Two alliance.

YS is looking for people who will "fit in" to our corporation and form new friendships. We have a fairly relaxed and mature player base. We expect members to show respect to their fellow corporation and allied pilots, and have a general good attitude towards the eve community as a whole.

We offer:

★ Nullsec
★ Ship Replacement Program
★ Frequent PvP fleets
★ Blackops
★ Small fleet roams
★ Massive fleet battles
★ High end ratting and mining
★ Industrial support
★ A great community with experienced pilots willing to help


★ Maturity
★ Team player
★ Voice comms (Teamspeak)

Check out our recruitment info linked below which will give you more information on our corporation and if your interested then get in contact. :-)

Mostly Sober
The Bastard Cartel
#6 - 2017-05-07 21:00:09 UTC
Hey mate,

Sent you an in game mail. Look forward to chatting with you soon!

Have a good one!

FUITA / The Bastard Cartel
Iain en Chalune
Fusion Enterprises Ltd
Badfellas Inc.
#7 - 2017-05-07 21:23:34 UTC

Your set of toons would fit right into Fusion.

Fusion is an 11 year old large corp (550+) which is extremely active in the EU (often 100+ on line) and US (50+) time zones. We live in a -0.9 fully indexed null sec system at the end of a pipe. We have all of the best ratting and mining anoms as well as some of the best infrastructure in the game to help you make isk. We also pvp a lot and those who arrive here thinking we are care bares normally wake up in the clone bay. So you are never alone here and there is always someone to help you and defend you.

Take a look at our main advert here:

And come visit us in our in game public channel where we can get to know each other.


Keith Katar
Doin It Wrong
Late Night Overheating
#8 - 2017-05-08 02:53:10 UTC
If you're interested in WH space and PvP with a side of PvE to fund explosions check us out!

~Keith, Summoner of Wormholes

Arbiters of the Void
#9 - 2017-05-14 02:24:45 UTC
We are currently recruiting and looking for some PvPers/Industerial pilots.
Great isk making and a lot of Pvpin. Lots to do and have fun doing it.
Check us out and see if you like what you see and have any questions please feel free to
contact me or any of the recruiters on fourms. Hope to talk to you soon.

[X] We currently offer:[/X]
✔Family Friendly Alliance
✔Max Rorqual boosts
✔Ship Replacement Program
✔Multiple offices to base your operations.
✔Experienced leadership
✔Null-sec training provided
✔PvP Gatecamps/Roams
✔A friendly & helpful community
✔Corp website providing multiple features.
✔TS3 & Voice Comms
✔Member-directed & oriented (via polls)
✔Corp Buyback Program
✔Corp Rewards Program
✔Alts accepted
& so much more!!!

We Expect:
□ Full API
□ Alliance & Coalition Registration
□ Group Participation
□ Voting and Feedback
□ Green Killboard
□ Mature Attitude

Caduceus Vex
Unity of Suns
Warped Intentions
#10 - 2017-05-14 02:36:51 UTC
May I recommend UOS for your consideration:

It sounds like we may be what your looking for!


The Study of Wumbology
Test Alliance Please Ignore
#11 - 2017-05-14 02:45:23 UTC
I hope to see you soon.
If your looking for a great, and a top-ranking corp that is active in the 0.0 sectors of EVE then nul-li-fy is an excellent and enormous opportunity to finally be a part of something great and a true family of active and engaged pilots. We are a proud and high-ranking and participating corporation in the Circle-Of-Two alliance. This is an elite corporation and will look towards only offering the best to our members and allies alike. We will continue to be well-known, feared, and respected by those that come across us, and would gladly invite you to be a part of our ranks.

What are we offering:
-PvP orientated, but always room for those looking to do other things.
-Get Rich Space- Plenty of things to do to make you filthy rich!
-Accepting of ALL time zones, there's always something to do
-Quality SRP/FCs
-Exhaustive PvP options!

Some corp highlights:
-High activity - Our corp dudes and dudettes are always on, and opening spaceship can ass
-One of the best corps you can join in EVE, we seriously offer the some of the best and unique experiences in EVE
-Killboard Efficiency
-Accountable and active leadership
-Friendly, knowledgeable and social corp mates - Great for those returning players, those new to PVP, and even better for those who already know their stuff and don't want to be immerse in a corp who don't know what to do.
-A place you can relax, have fun, and call a home at last!

-A minimum of 10 million skill points NO EXCEPTIONS!
-Able to use TeamSpeak, Discord and have a working mic
-Have full APIs for all applying accounts available for the application process
-Involvement in both corp and alliance activities
-A sense of humor, please don't be sensitive!
-Be ready to have to have FUN! Pirate
-Be prepared to PvP, and enjoy the fulfilling satisfaction of reigning fire to all those in your path!

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, then we would love to hear from you and get to know you. Join our public/recruitment channel "NUL-L" so you can get to know us and join our ranks!
#12 - 2017-05-14 14:31:43 UTC
Hey boss try looking at FUITA, we're live in sov null. We got lots of content available, whether it's solo, small gang, or large fleet fights we can provide it all. We also have space available so you can make money. Feel free to hit me up in game or join the channel "fuita pub". I look forward to hearing from you. Fly safe man!
Gladiators of Rage
Fidelas Constans
#13 - 2017-05-14 22:44:16 UTC
Thanks everyone but I think I've found my new corp...just waiting to hear back RollLol
Orlav Aldent
Syndicate Enterprise
Northern Coalition.
#14 - 2017-05-15 06:27:00 UTC
We Are, The ARMADA

Iron Armada is a small-gang too medium fleet focused, mercenary alliance, currently operating out of your refrigerator, led by our glorious leader Tridgit, the Poitot rorqual rider, first of his name, FC of our hearts and defender of the Wicked Pass.

We as a team, strive to build a strong community that enjoy PVP in EVE and are keen to hone their skills alongside like minded pilots, whether you are a bitter vet or a clueless newbro, we accept anyone with the WILL to fight!

We love to fight outnumbered and out gunned, and perform best under the hammer.

We offer:
- An EUTZ that is bloodthirsty and always on the hunt.
- An AUTZ that dominate when you are weakest.
- A USTZ that are relentless and always HUNGRY!
- CONTENT! (We are a wartime alliance, our pilots do not even know how to spell peece!)
- Dedicated leadership

Our prerequisites:
(These are not negotiable)
- Speak fluent english
- Have a mic/Teamspeak 3
- Provide a full API for all of your characters
- Follow the code of conduct
( )

What you're strapping yourself in for:
- Rabble to Rubble: A Tale of Jealousy and Betrayal:
- Iron Armada - Wicked Winter War with The Heathens:
- A compilation of us being silly nerds:
- The Billboard War:

Feel free to join our Discord ( ) or in game channel ( IronArmadaRecruitment ) for further details or to contact a recruiter.

To kick start the recruitment process, please fill out and submit this form ( ).

We look forward too flying with you,
Iron Armada o7

The Original Laughing Jackass,

Proud member and recruiter of the Iron Armada.

Join today!

DrButterfly PHD
#15 - 2017-05-15 07:59:52 UTC
If you have a few different toons, have you considered putting one of them into Faction warfare? It's the most fun pvp you can get in the game.

Here's our recruitment thread:
Dominik Uisen
The Dark Space Initiative
Scary Wormhole People
#16 - 2017-05-15 08:13:32 UTC
Welcome to Foxholers, we are new C5 - C5 corporation living in a pulsar. Unlike a lot of corporations (especially small ones) we focus pretty heavily on PvP and hunting, we're not a carebear corp in disguise.

A little about us:

  • Experienced wormhole and tournament FC's
  • PvP focused, especially small gang
  • Larger scale fleet fights with capital support
  • C5 static, lots of 'dank frags' to be had
  • Multiple Citadels including manufacturing capabilities
  • Slack for out of game communication

One thing we haven't mentioned yet is timezone. Currently, we're focused around EU TZ, 15:00 - 00:00 EVE. If however if you play in late AU or early US then don't dismiss us out of hand as we do have players with irregular playing hours.

In terms of requirements, we're fairly relaxed, it's much more about how you blend with the corp as you can always train into doctrines. That being said we do have a few asks:

  • Mic/headset for Teamspeak
  • Scanning skills, preferably on an alt
  • Not being bitter
  • At least one racial cruiser with appropriate T2 weapons

While we prefer people with wormhole experience, it's not a necessity. If you're new to wormholes, then we're happy to show you the ropes.
For more information, feel free to join our public channel 'W-FOX' or just poke Ashley Traynor / Dominik Uisen in-game.