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Major update: Send eve-mails with

Vex Munda
Anti Enslavement Movement
#1 - 2017-04-21 15:02:38 UTC
Hey everyone,

Some good news. I have another update for! You can actually send mails now. It took a lot longer to implement than expected (There is no documentation on the html-format the EVE server uses/accepts. So it has been a LOT of trial and error to get things right).
You can do some pretty cool stuff now like:

  • Send mails with purple hearts or bone-colored skulls. Different font-sizes, bold, italic or underlined text. Whatever you prefer!
  • (old) Remove your eve-mails
  • (old) Filter your eve-mails

There still are a lot of things I want to add to the site. But I felt like it needed a proper amount of testing before I continue. I do expect some cross-browser issues (I only tested it in MS-Edge and Google Chrome myself).

So what I would like to know from YOU:

  • Are there any colors that should be included in the color-picker? (please supply me with a hexadecimal or rgb value.) You can find some inspiration here.
  • Any symbols that should be there? There is a big list here (but not all of them work in the EVE client): Check some out!!!
  • Should the available font-sizes be bigger/smaller?
  • Any other issues? Something not working as intended? Leave a message, because what I don't know I can't fix :).

A link to the site:

Now go and send mails like never before!!