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Bored Vet looking for a new home

Iron Jade
Goonswarm Federation
#1 - 2017-03-13 19:46:49 UTC
About me:

I am in my 30s, I have a family and Job. This means my availablity for 3+ hour fleets are few. I like doing things with other bros, I will gladly willing to pitch in and help on those boring jobs.

almost 3 years ago I started a corp, and Have been part of some of the larger alliances in the game, but the time has come for me to stop leading and start having fun of my own again for a while. Mostly I like the Pew pew, I get into isk making adventures also but I am well founded in isk so grinding things arn't my thing any more.

I am super laid back, very RL first. My play time is EU/US timezone ( i can putter about at work most days ).

Thinks I can fly,

T3C - Tengu and Prot,
Amarr, Caldari, Gallente Carrier.
All dreads
excumers ( but I only mine when the corp needs something, It hurts my very soul)
plethera of other shiz.


Basicly I am looking for a fun bunch of guys just looking to loose ships, and have fun together.

Sorry I am not interested in loosing faction standings and missioning to grind them up .. so FW is off the table.

Mail me in game, My toon is on a lot when I am afk, so if you convo me there is a chance I might not see it.

o7 Fly dangeriously.

Swopp Doggz
#2 - 2017-03-13 20:09:23 UTC
Southern Cross Incorporated is recruiting.

- 25m SP
- Logi V w/ Amarr V
- Useful Alt

- Nonstop content ranging from solo/small gang, blops, strat ops, even some high sec ganking!
- Super Cheap Jump Freighter Service
- L5 agents in home system
#3 - 2017-03-13 22:38:24 UTC
Hi there

I just sent you an ingame mail

make sure to check us out, who knows maybe we are just what you have been looking for

Taishoku Mayaki
Feeling Cute Today
#4 - 2017-03-13 22:42:14 UTC
BLK-S is recruiting PvP minded pilots!

What we expect from you:-

  • Activity, we do not force you into fleets. But we expect to see you online and active.
  • Willingness to train into doctrine ships.
  • Ability to finance yourself, you have endless anoms to rat in and mine in. We do not give charity.
  • Chill attitude and microphone to hangout in the teamspeak and participate efficiently in fleets.

What we offer you:-

  • Quality ratting and mining space, secured by a iron dome of supers and capitals.
  • Daily PvP fleets, ranging from Cruisers to Capitals.
  • The largest Citadels to house your Capital assets and Fortizars in every constellation.
  • Chill players who have a passion for EvE across every continent.

  • Check out our pub channel "Clinkar's Saloon" or apply at our website HERE. Alternatively you may mail myself, Richtinsoldier, Clinkar or Stinkar should we not be on at the same time as yourself at the time of your inquiry.


    "Right-O, lets get undocked and see what falls off the ship"

    General Vachot
    The Vendunari
    End of Life
    #5 - 2017-03-14 03:48:11 UTC

    Relaxed – Lowsec/Nullsec Roaming - Small Gang PVP
    The Vendunari offers:

    · Active pilots 07:00 – 15:00 evetime
    · A relaxed group of experience players into lowsec/nullsec pvp roaming
    · Alliance Tournament participation for interested players
    · Active involvement in NPSI communities
    · No politics - take that stuff elsewhere!

    If you are interested in being part of a relaxed group of experienced players, learning to pvp solo or small gang, or just looking for a group of mature friends to fly with, contact us at any time.

    We can provide access to ISK generation services, out of game tools for member use. We have a no blues policy so you are free to shoot almost anyone! While our members generate their own income to support their play, we also offer ship replacement assistance through Alliance income.

    Alpha clones or very new players please alternatively make and application to Vendolife where we can help you gain experience in all aspects of Eve. Our corp and our Alliance (End of Life) aims to cater to all players new or experienced, we provide a low pressure, real-life first approach to playing the game, with a strong focus on pvp activity.

    Dread Charlie
    The Final Resistance
    #6 - 2017-03-15 17:40:35 UTC
    Red Kardia
    Northern Coalition.
    #7 - 2017-03-15 18:11:53 UTC
    HI there!

    We're a small group looking for trouble. What kind of trouble? Any! Our primary AO's are LS and NS. We have competent FC's and fun fleets everyday, all day.

    What we are offering for our pilots:
    -We are EU and US tz and desire English and French speaking pilots.(both is prefered).
    -Piracy and booty sharing.
    -ISK making oportunities.
    -SRP and Investments in capable pilots.
    -The chance of being witnessed, shiny and chrome.
    -At least 2 roams a day

    What we desire from our pilots:
    -The ability to cooperate and be competent.
    -A min. of 10M SP, with expections in special cases.
    -Self sufficient pilots.
    -Desire to be witnessed and we expect you to fight till the very end.
    -Full API with no expiry.

    Contact Red Kardia or join "Know-Nothings Pub" in game channel for more information.

    Our Killbrard:

    Some Vids:

    Founder / CEO