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EVE Launcher

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#1 - 2017-03-12 22:20:07 UTC
Hi There so you were playing eve online everything was ok at weekend, and the next day, you try and play the game and clicking the launcher and Nothingggggggggggggggggg....

This is what happened to me and after reinstalling windows and it nothing to do with windows 7 or 8 or 10, what is, is your graphics driver, thats been updated.

Now i am using a Hp Compaq notebook 6710b, yeah i hear you way olddddd, still when got it had windows xp i upgrade to 7 then 10, putting that to the side, it runs eve online line ok ish enough to play it without too much freezing.

i was playing eve one day and then came back next and launcher failed launch, lol Nasa we have problem we have no go to launch.... had to get that in anyway.

i didn't want to reinstall windows start again from scratch. that said what i did was use windows disk cleaner then defrag the hard drive, and downloaded old graphics for windows it seemed that eve launcher will not load the game once graphics driver has been updated so it won't load now i am saying this cause it worked for me and reminder i am using a old compaq notebook to run eve online, so let know.

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