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Should I run Mordu's Storyline Missions?

Tsao Aubbes
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#1 - 2017-03-01 19:34:14 UTC
I'm currently grinding up to L4's for Mordus and I don't think I should do storyline missions, but I'm not %100 sure. Running a storyline gets me an increase to my standings with Mordu's Legion Command (not the corp), a slight bonus to Caldari, Amarr, ORE, Interbus, Khanid (plus a few others), and a hit to my standings with Gallente, Minmatar, Syndicate, Blood Raiders and Sansha. I would like to keep the option of running Blood Raider/Sansha missions open (when shield slaves hit Sansha LP is gonna go waaaay up), so that's one reason I don't think I should run the storylines. It also only gives me a bonus to Mordu's as a faction, not as a corp, and since there's only one corp in Mordus I don't need a really high standing with the faction itself. Then again, I could be wrong on all of these points. Thoughts?

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Chainsaw Plankton
#2 - 2017-03-01 19:44:26 UTC
storylines typically give large corp standings boosts, also you can use faction standings as a buffer to decline bad missions and cherry pick the good ones.

that said you will lose blood/sansha standings. Looks like you can run blood missions and not lose mordus standings so that should help with the sansha standings, although not sure you want to be running around doing missions just to balance out standings like that.

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Khanid Voltar
#3 - 2017-03-03 22:11:10 UTC  |  Edited by: Khanid Voltar
Tsao Aubbes wrote:
Running a storyline gets me an increase to my standings with Mordu's Legion Command (not the corp),

I don't agree with this point, unless there is something unique about the way Mordus SL missions work that is different to every other faction that I am aware of. Like chainsaw says, SL missions usually give a great corp boost as long as the SL agent is in the same corp as the one you are doing missions in. For null-sec missions this is usually pretty easy to achieve because the dearth of other npc corps in the vicinity means the nearest SL agent is often in the same corp as the one you are running missions for.

If you are blitzing for LP you'll want your faction standing up to the level you can safely chain blitz without cutting off access to the agent, so I would say do the SL missions until your faction standing + pirate connections bonus is of the requisite level (with Pirate Connections L5 you'll only need a real standing of approx +4.0) and then stop to avoid completely nuking your sansha/BR standings (and avoid accepting missions against these factions of course).

As long as the Sansha/BR faction standings stay above -1.9 your presumably already high corp standings with the pertinent corps within them will allow you to still access their level 4 agents when you go back - and you can then do the SL missions for them if you want to chain blitz for them to maximise your LP potential. It's also worth noting that with Diplomacy L5, your real faction standing can drop to roughly -4.9 before the effective standing drops below -1.9 - I am not sure of the exact figures without working them out, but looking at my own standings, I have -4.93 with Ammatar and after Diplo 5 this rises to an effective standing of -1.94 - pretty easy to rectify if I so chose to, 1 L1 SL mission would do the trick because the further you are away from +10 the more a SL faction standing boost is worth (nominal not real).

That's what I'd do anyway. Just don't go mad doing the Mordus SL's only do as many as you need to be able to blitz based on faction instead of corp standing. And train up Pirate Connections and Diplomacy as high as you can, the higher they are the easier your goal will be to achieve.