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LF Industrial corps/alliances to form Coalition.

Amplitudo Decipio
Amarr Empire
#1 - 2017-02-12 11:58:27 UTC
As the title says we would like to form a coalition with like minded players. Our vision is to bring together fellow industrialists to share fleets in various situations ie: mining, missions, wormhole raiding, exploration etc.

Having played the game since Beta I understand not everyone wants to be part of a large member base corp or alliance and prefers to run their own corp or small alliance. This is the reason for a coalition. No strings attached just hop on the various channels and band together when it suits.

Our timezone is currently UK tho we would like to hear from people further a field.

So what would the benefit of being in a coalition be ?

- Mining boosts more readily available

- Larger gangs for raiding wormholes

- Selection of ore buy back programs

- More Blueprints made available

- Help with war declarations

There are many positives for this and I hope some of you out there feel the same. Smile

The type of players we are looking for must be mature in nature, drama free and relaxed. Our aim is to create a stress free relaxed atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.

Areas of Operations - High and Low Sec Space

We have no interest in null sec now or for the up coming future. As long as ops are scheduled it shouldn't matter what part of space you are from. Perhaps find a common area to set up jump clones.

This is only the beginning of the Coalition so it's going to be quiet to begin with. If you feel like you have similar interests and want to help form this please contact me via mail or join our public channel in game SiTec Coalition

Thanks for reading

Amplitudo Decipio
Amarr Empire
#2 - 2017-02-13 18:30:24 UTC
Galactus Omega
Caldari Provisions
Caldari State
#3 - 2017-02-13 21:50:24 UTC
I run "The Galactic Gods" and I am the US Timezone Arm/Branch of the above mentioned SiTec Coalition and I am currently seeking new members.

Industry, Mining, Missions, PI, Trading, Occasional PvP.

We are currently scouting out locations for an Astrahaus or at least a Raitaru.

☜☆☞ Training for those new to Eve.
☜☆☞ A Tightly knit community of mature players.
☜☆☞ The ability to play how you choose, be it PVE, PI, PVP, Industry etc.
☜☆☞ A low 5% tax rate (May change in the future as we grow.)
☜☆☞ FUN!


☜☆☞ Mature players of all Time Zones.
☜☆☞ A firm grasp of the English language.
☜☆☞ Team oriented players.
☜☆☞ People who like challenges, learning, and pushing the boundaries of what they're capable of.
☜☆☞ Players with specialized experience is always a plus, things like experienced miners, industry, and trade specialists are always people we will definitely look to recruiting more of.

If this sounds like something you would like to be a part of or learn more about, please contact Me (in game or out) and we will set up a time to chat!

You can also hop into our recruitment channel R.Gods to speak to a recruiter.

Until then.... Fly Safe! o7