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Four characters per account.

Frostys Virpio
Goonswarm Federation
#41 - 2017-01-05 16:17:27 UTC
Lena Crews wrote:
Shu t'Me wrote:
Scipio Artelius wrote:
blargderp wrote:
you're assuming that every PLEX is purchased directly from CCP, in single packs, not on sale, and not purchased from a region (or VPN) in which the price of PLEX after currency exchange rates are calculated is cheaper than other regions. this is of course entirely off-topic, but the point is that CCP does not make as much money off of a single PLEX as you think it does.


Every PLEX is originally purchased directly from CCP. Even authorized third-party sellers buy PLEX first from CCP. They buy it cheaper in bulk than single PLEX, just the same as CCP sell PLEX directly at discounted rates the more you buy.

Either way, CCP get the income from PLEX.

Actually, CCP has said they prefer people who pay subs over buying PLEX from them. Yes, they make more money, however a PLEX is what's referred to as deferred income. CCP can't actually count PLEX sales as income until the PLEX is used.

As someone who works in finance and accounting... I don't get that accounting practice if that is in fact what CPP does.

You can't trade in a PLEX for real world money as far as I know. Income for PLEX SHOULD be accounted for at the time it is purchased... not at the time it's used. You put the income gained from the sale of a product on the books at the time it's sold... not when the person you sold it to gets around to using it.

Your grocery store doesn't account for the sale of a loaf of bread to you when you make a sandwich. It goes on the books as sold when you pay for the bread.

I can see CCP preferring subs because they have a higher retention rate due to automatic re-subbing. Your explanation makes no sense though.

It's still listed as deferred income as the service was not provided yet. The loaf of bread has been provided but a PLEX is "nothing". They don't "cash" it's value until it has been used because they would have to fiddle around with expense when you finally use it for whatever it is and no income is attached to that service, be it character transfer, game time, Aurum or whatever else.
Frostys Virpio
Goonswarm Federation
#42 - 2017-01-05 16:21:30 UTC
Agondray wrote:
Scipio Artelius wrote:
Not high priority for me personally but the suggestion logically seems ok.

How technically possible it is, I don't know, but in general +1 from me. Seems sensible.

Well at the rate ccp goes if a 15 sec advantage for a button to switch characters will take 6 months for a team of 5 devs, a 4th slot may take at least a year

Core feature of old games are always a PITA to fiddle with.

Or the devs hold a hard line of NO because they know if we get that, we will then ask for more. See current discussion about account getting more character slots now that we have free account.
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