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EVE Online: Ascension - General feedback (PC)

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James Frechette
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#661 - 2016-11-20 03:55:49 UTC
Old Aura voice: Cool
New Aura voice: X

Please, please, PLEASE bring back the old voice. The old, dark, sexy voice!!!!!
Sky Marshal
Core Industry.
Blades of Grass
#662 - 2016-11-20 04:40:53 UTC  |  Edited by: Sky Marshal

The infobox who appears when you hover an item of the inventory can become a real annoyance if you don't have the skill required to use the said item. Indeed, it can sometimes cover what I really wanted to hover because as it try to motivate you to train/buy required skills, it remains here as long that you stay in the infobox (unlike other situations) and so it hides the targetted item. So I have to move the mouse outside the infobox to be able to reach what I want.

It happens too frequently when you have very specialized pilots (especialy traders who don't need to skill what they sell) and so become very annoying after a while. It will be a good thing if you can add a small delay before this infobox appears, 250 ms or any number who permit to avoid this annoyance.

Still about this infobox, the font color of the estimated price line should be less dark to make it more readable.
Raw Matters
Brilliant Starfire
#663 - 2016-11-20 07:59:51 UTC
KIller Wabbit wrote:
Everyone remember that the CSM signed off on many of these changes that we find lacking, confusing, broken, or just an outright step back. Do we really want CCP wasting money on misleading opinions?

Don't be so sure about that. For once you don't know what version has been presented to CSM, but you can be sure it wasn't the final version. And then CCP has ignored feedback from players on such a regular basis (like all the opposition to the new Aura voice on SiSi forum), that even if all CSMs had been protesting, it still might have ended up in the final version.
Pendra Tahyan
#664 - 2016-11-20 08:19:00 UTC
KIller Wabbit wrote:
Toippo Tokila wrote:
Balabhadra Das wrote:
Toippo Tokila wrote:
Petition #309919

I have experienced loss of skills since Ascension.

For instance, I know for a fact that I have finished Torpedo 5, but now it shows that I only have Torpedo 4. I also suspect, but I’m less sure, that I have finished Covert Ops 5.

I have been away from the game for a while, and only logged in on this character now. Looking at the history, I can’t see any updated skills since October 3 in the history tab. The character has been active and has trained for the whole time I was gone.

Silly question. Are you and Alpha clone or an Omega clone currently?

If you are an Alpha skills are limited to race and very few level 5 skills.

However if you re-activate Omega state (sub) you get your skills back, they are just suspended during Alpha state.

I'm an Omega clone.

Any reason to suspect that your account has been compromised? Sounds like you might have been victim of a skill extractor drive by.

It's confirmed by CCP that some players have lost SP:s due to some form of bug.
Jaxon Grylls
Institute of Archaeology
#665 - 2016-11-20 08:52:50 UTC
Zeros Soliety wrote:
"Try new Aura voice"

They did give us a choice, it was called a testing server. I assume that you know how to log on to Sisi, so why didn't you? Those of us who did told CCP that the new voice was not up to the old one. They did change some of the pronunciation on "Docking request accepted" but as far as I can tell that's about all.

Please, next time CCP has a big upgrade make sure that you use Sisi to wring out the bugs. We need a loud voice telling the devs. "This bit is wrong, please fix it out."

Leora Jomir
Koruna Matari
#666 - 2016-11-20 11:08:23 UTC
Bring back the old voice or at least get rid of the new one. It's awful!
senior thimpe
The Belgian Brewery
#667 - 2016-11-20 11:10:15 UTC
Sophia Mileghere wrote:
Can you bring the old voice back?

The old voice was slowly but the new one is to fast.

Maybe we should choice ore voice (like the settings from a GPS)
Drago Hakuli
Brutor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#668 - 2016-11-20 11:15:38 UTC
Ix Method wrote:
Wondering if letting Alphas access Contracting I has been considered? Shuffling stuff between alts is kind of a ballache with just the single contract available, no trading and no quick way to switch characters.

I might be alone in thinking this, but it would be logical that there are some inconveniences to playing what has been a subscription-only game for the past 13-ish years for free.

I think it's going to be more a case of striking a balance between being sufficiently hindering that subscribing, and thus becoming an omega clone, is an attractive prospect but not so much that someone tries to do something as an alpha, can't, and then descends on the forums to post a lengthy elaborate "I'm quitting" post.

Presumably that's why CCP are going to review the alpha's going forward...
Blue Sonja
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#669 - 2016-11-20 14:19:57 UTC  |  Edited by: Blue Sonja
Request option for Classic AURA.
John WarpingSlow
#670 - 2016-11-20 14:39:24 UTC
For those wanting the old Aura voice as an option, please consider supporting my post in the "Player Features and Ideas Discussion" section of the forums: Feature Request: User definable voice actor files

This would provide the best of all worlds:

a) New audio for those who want it (and you wouldn't have to do anything special for this, it'd just be the default.)
b) Old Aura: Replace specific new Aura audio files with the old ones, as desired.
c) Something else: Maybe you have an alliance member who has an awesome voice you want to use in place of Aura entirely?

The effect would be client-side only, so it would only affect the single player's environment, nobody else.

Feodor Mihailovici
Mare Anguis
#671 - 2016-11-20 16:54:35 UTC
Guys, I propose a little experiment : all people who love the original Aura, let's downgrade to Alpha . Eve has become free-to-play, right ? So why pay CCP for stuff we hate ? We won't die a few months, but it remains to be seen whether we can say the same about CCP...

CCP, you have been completely silent about this, you are ignoring veteran players' voices who have been playing this because it's "something else", more than a game . By fiddling with the core of Eve (yes, even "a voice" is part of that core), you are slowly turning this into the MMORPG around-the-corner... it's like Friends with one member of the original cast replaced .. It makes me not want to be a part of this anymore and it makes me genuinely sad. I know, I am free to choose something else, I am just saying I am sad for how great Eve has been so far and that this unique experience is starting to fade into something "for the masses".

You don't have to try to compete with Star Citizen or other evolving MMORPGs to create a comparable NPE or just "compete" with them, Eve is Eve and has to remain this way, unique. Old Aura and small, "spartan" tutorials were just fine. This was the charm of the game, Think for yourself: what can YOU do to survive or make fortunes? Watch Youtube tutorials, read secrets and valuable information on sites (like Evelopedia which you took down), try to be ahead of other people with what YOU learn. Eve was/still is a game of thought.

You will see beautifully crafted ships and missions on planets in Star Citizen that Eve won't ever have with the current graphics engine, but it doesn't need them either. On the other site, you won't see 3000 player battles and fortunes vanishing in minutes in any other MMORPG than Eve. Follow the core path this game asks for itself and that you have built and held in 13 years or so, not other marketing "feats" which rise and fall over time.

Thank you.
Balabhadra Das
Amarr Empire
#672 - 2016-11-20 17:20:02 UTC  |  Edited by: Balabhadra Das
"The only lasting remnant of the accident was a tendency for her voice to sound metallic, but Excena later admitted that she loved the effect and had intentionally kept her voice like that."

"Her metallic, worn voice was perfect for the task of voiceovers for the AI on capsuleer ships. The immortal Aura was born."




Please sign the petition. Ignore the "donation", you sill get a signature on the petition. Clearly the Aura change was not thought out according to the lore, rather it was according to "modern trending".

Please also support this thread:
Xela Kcaneoh
The Pirates Of Orion
#673 - 2016-11-20 20:41:00 UTC
  • My leadership skills have been removed and replaced with different skills under a stupid new "Burst" system that doesn't allow the same tactics I trained the skills for. I paid for those skillpoints. Since you replaced my skills with DIFFERENT SKILLS, I should get my skillpoints back, and not this skill injector crap (70% deduction for being a loyal customer).

  • The Requirements window is unclear and unhelpful, the info buttons on skills are missing and replaced with useless "counting blocks". If the required skill says "Electronics III", why do I need three blocks to show me what the number 3 means? The info button was way more useful; the old Requirements window was way better.

  • Omega yellow on everything is annoying and ugly. I paid my subscription so don't ruin my inventory with yellow outlines; it makes this look like a crappy browser game.

  • Aura recordings replaced with terrible re-recordings. Why?!! Basic audio processing is simple, there is no excuse for this kind of crap. Any decent sound engineer would tell you the same. Or anybody with ears.

  • The new character sheet is horrible. It is WAY harder to see what is going on at-a-glance, and this arrangement is the worst possible way to utilize window space. I couldn't make it any worse if I tried.

Please just stop with the updates. I prefer a game that stays the same when compared to this constant stream of crap that seems to flow from CCP Seagull's "new gamer environment".

Seagull craps on everything.

Corporeal Universalis
Legit For Sure LLC
#674 - 2016-11-20 20:56:00 UTC
Feodor Mihailovici wrote:
Guys, I propose a little experiment : all people who love the original Aura, let's downgrade to Alpha . Eve has become free-to-play, right ? So why pay CCP for stuff we hate ? We won't die a few months, but it remains to be seen whether we can say the same about CCP...

See the posts below:

and any other post I have missed.

You can always pay with your wallet.
And that's what makes things move when your voice is not heard.
Corporeal Universalis
Legit For Sure LLC
#675 - 2016-11-20 21:19:32 UTC
Coming to think of it:

The Aura voice has changed for consistency reasons, due to the new NPE, but the following are happening:

-The existing customers strongly dislike the new voice.
-The new customers are unaware of what they are missing, and thus probably won't care that much of the new voice.
-The new NPE is not available for existing customers.

The only inconsistency I see, is that the Aura voice has changed for no apparent reason, and it doesn't match any new content voice for existing customers.

I believe an eagle-eyed problem solver can spot a possible middle ground among the above...
Amarr Empire
#676 - 2016-11-20 21:20:05 UTC
'''The only lasting remnant of the accident was a tendency for her voice to sound metallic, but Excena later admitted that she loved the effect and had intentionally kept her voice like that."

"Her metallic, worn voice was perfect for the task of voiceovers for the AI on capsuleer ships. The immortal Aura was born."

CCP broke it's own lore lol. I returned after a few months break, to find this ducky voice and to be honest, it is the only change that made me to take into consideration a perma quit. This new Aura is worst as pay to win.

new aura voice is crap

Feodor Mihailovici
Mare Anguis
#677 - 2016-11-20 23:27:59 UTC
Suggestion (to be in line with the lore and reality that the original actress can't do the NPE): have Aura "struggle" between the voices. "After the accident, Aura has had trouble with her voice. Sometimes we can hear the profound , epic voice that lead our ancestors to New Eden, sometimes it shifts to a metallic, new voice, which she can't control but loves nevertheless ..."

And you can bring in some mixing audio effects for the original voice to blend it with the new voice. Have a random chance to hear the unchanged original, sometimes the mixed and sometimes the new. The new content can be only the new voice. Just my 0.02.
Skipper Riddles
Ivory Vanguard
#678 - 2016-11-21 03:21:44 UTC
Sophia Mileghere wrote:
Can you bring the old voice back?


(: That would be a bad, bad thing.
Edward Olmops
Gunboat Commando
#679 - 2016-11-21 11:49:05 UTC
Milus wrote:
A bug has been occuring where the ice anom's fail to despawn when empty. When this happens they won't respawn at all. I now know why this happens - every time an ice harvester drone gets the last piece of ice, this bug occurs.

That means someone could bring down all Ice supply in New Eden with a single Harvester Drone? Twisted Muhahahahah....
Anna Maria Yolo
Neutron Blaster Solutions
#680 - 2016-11-21 12:59:14 UTC  |  Edited by: Anna Maria Yolo
problem solved