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Machinima Making: Looking for Help on Making an EVE Machinima

Zerisi Madeveda
Pator Tech School
Minmatar Republic
#1 - 2016-11-16 21:55:02 UTC  |  Edited by: Zerisi Madeveda
To make a long story short, I've been playing EVE now for the full duration of my trial account period, and now that Alpha states have come out, I'll be sticking around as an Alpha clone. I'll just say this; I'm liking EVE quite a lot just doing hi-sec ratting and basic privateer missions from NPC agents.

The thing of it is this though; I found EVE by watching the now old, but still famous, Clear Skies trilogy. Since I have a relatively high-power PC, some recording software (NVIDIA Shadowplay), and a 3D animation program (DAZ Studio), and a bit of practice making 3D animations as a hobby with said program I wanted to make my own machinima.

Now, unfortunately I don't have any videos online on youtube, be they my own animations or EVE footage (although I do have about an hour or so of in-game recording done, sans overlay, chat, mouse cursor, and everything else), but I do have the basic stuff set up.

What I have so far is this:

About an hour or so of EVE game play footage with the overlay, chat, mouse cursor, and everything else turned off and ready for editing.

Most of the sets constructed in DAZ Studio as independent scenes, and about half of the character models done and ready to render, green screens for integrating EVE footage also included (like what was used in Clear Skies; the difference being instead of making the ship interior sets in Valve's Hammer Map Editor with content from Half Life 2 and Left 4 Dead, I used DAZ Studio and assets that I bought from its online store).

I have a video editor program (VSDC) which can do green screen work. It's a tad bit finicky at times, but the test renders worked.

What I still need to do:

Finish/completely write down the script

Finish the character models (still have 3 to make, and 1 to finish for a total of six voiced characters).

I NEED TO FIND VOICE ACTORS: so far I only have myself.

After the above things are done, I need to put everything together, setting up shots, and make the actual animated scenes that go on inside the ship.

Again, this is done in a similar way to how Clear Skies was done, which is to say that there will be action shots outside and inside the ship as well as rooms on space stations, both integrated via green screen.

As goes the story:

The basic premise to the story is this:

Zerisi, my character here in EVE, is a capsuleer who, along with her half-brother Eimar (sometimes just called "Ei", pronounced "I" or "Eye") fly a Minmatar Slasher frigate called the Razor Moth in Minmatar space, and are students at Pator Tech. On the side, do minor ratting business to take out rogue drones and pirates in their home system (call it their version of "work-study"). One day they happen upon a rogue drone that's a lot different from the others, and after hauling it aboard find that it's a heavily modified Amarrian Acolyte drone that's become self aware and had flown through the Vale of the Silent to pilfer Jovian tech and return it to the Amarrians, who then would make a fleet of nigh-invulnerable ships to conquer the Minmatar, Gallente, and Jove.

The two get back to the station with the drone, who has now morphed into a gynoid (female android) form to better understand the crew. They then get a call from their professor saying that, to everyone's annoyance, the Amarr have sent an ambassador, with full diplomatic immunity, to "observe and improve Minmatar educational systems in the name of a peace outreach" (the Ambassador's just there to get the drone back). Zerisi and Eimar figure this ruse out fairly quickly, escape with the drone, the Ambassador claims that the two have attacked, and stolen from, the Amarr, and places a bounty on them. The crew then is chased through 'Matar and Amarr space to find an FTL comms relay to broadcast the Amarr plan to the whole of New Eden, clearing their names and derailing the Amarrian plans of going to war using Jove-enhanced ships.

A major plot point in this is being yourself, and is actually the main moral of the story. The drone, who takes on the name "Tea" (pronounced "Tay-uh", from "Galatea", of Greek mythology, who was a statue of a woman who came to life) wants to find her own identity and not conform to the Amarr, and Zerisi and Eimar also have a stake in this as Eimar generally worries that he would offend people by being himself and so needs to come out of his shell, and Zerisi's a bit of an odd one among capsuleers as she literally considers herself to not just be her ship's pilot, but to literally BE a personification of the Razor Moth itself, as capsuleer cybernetics plug you into the ship physically, and the ship literally becomes a sort of flying prosthetic device. She takes this so seriously that she hasn't left her capsule in nearly a year, doing her schoolwork via remote com link from the hangar.

Needless to say, the Amarr try to take all of their self identities away from them (they call Zerisi "just a worthless Matar mental-defective", Eimar a "self-centered spoiled brat", and Tea a "broken piece of Amarr property"). Eventually though, the team manage to recover from the verbal and physical beatings that Ambassador and her forces give them, defeat the Ambassador, blow the whistle on the Amarr plan, and clear their names at the end of the film (but not everything is resolved though, as tensions between empires are higher than ever).

As goes voice acting:

I still need the help of 3 female voice actors (for Tea, Zerisi, and the Ambassador), and 2 male voice actors ( for the Pator Tech Professor, and the Ambassador's personal guards). I'll be playing Eimar myself, unless I can find someone else who'd be better at it.

In all, if anyone would be willing to help, I'd appreciate it, and yes, anyone and everyone (persons and their corporations) who help out get a spot in the credits.