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Big Lynx
#15021 - 2016-11-12 06:55:36 UTC
Looks randomly generated. No usp. Boring. 5/10
Fal Shepard
Test Alliance Please Ignore
#15022 - 2016-11-14 03:08:32 UTC
And you appear to be a bit of a parking lot creeper spying on couples at night after the game. I'm not sure what's more disturbing, you, or blood raider role players. 3/10

From the ashes of our defeat, we will be reborn. With these chains with which we are bound, we will become indivisible. To those who showed us no mercy, we will give no sympathy. For the flames that burn our cities, we will douse in injustice's blood

HIgh Sec Care Bears
Brothers of Tangra
#15023 - 2016-11-15 01:11:00 UTC
Things I like:
- Cheek tattoos.
- One of your eyes being white
- The jacket
- The lighting angle
- The shadows
- The realism of the skin color you chose
- The background
- Eye color and it having a reflection

The things I find neutral:
- The nose
- The lips
- The ears
- The eyebrows

The things I not like so much:
- Tattoo on your chin
- The rust on top of your head ( however it goes hand in hand with the Minmatar background )
- Some parts of your hair ( the left upper side)

I'll give you 7.7 / 10
Crimson Serpent Syndicate
Heiian Conglomerate
#15024 - 2016-11-15 01:56:15 UTC  |  Edited by: Neph
Finally, an avatar for Lord Odysseus that lives up to all he could be. Background finally works, the face and hair is beautiful as ever. The blue lighting is not only necessary to keep it from being chromatically bland, it works very well with the background and the type of arms he's sporting.

The pose+angle are fantastic. Horribly over-the-top but they are just what you need. The frame is well-filled (could be tighter up top; you don't need that much head clearance), although I think that you devote a bit too much space to your comparatively lame wifebeater and not enough to give your face its desert. Also, I miss your crossed arms. I'd cross the arms and zoom in a bit, probably close enough that just from just above the waist. Also, something about it being just slightly off-center bugs me when I look at it and keep it from being 9/10.

8/10, but I think if you changed up the framing it'd be a legendary 10/10.

EDIT: @Fal: chin tattoos are hot. Ignore the haters.

~ Gariushi YC110 // Midular YC115 // Yanala YC115 ~

"Orte Jaitovalte sitasuyti ne obuetsa useuut ishu. Ketsiak ishiulyn." -Yakiya Tovil-Toba-taisoka

Femdom Nation
#15025 - 2016-11-16 19:02:00 UTC
Neph appears to be a hardened criminal. She had a difficult child-hood and ran with the 'wrong' group. She wouldn't have it any other way though. Lately, she's been in a rough spot and her ship has been receiving poor maintenance. You see her staring at the door thinking 'What the *** blew up this time?'. The sound of metal reverberations haven't ceased from the explosions, but she's already making plans to punish the maintenance crew, yet again.

9.4/10 would rate again

Kelleth Kirk
Caldari State - Osprey Wing 7
#15026 - 2016-11-16 19:12:56 UTC
Very cute, she looks a little bit surprised though =P

9/10 =)

I miss having ISK.

Pleasure Hub Node-514
Pleasure Hub Hotline
#15027 - 2016-11-17 05:42:50 UTC
I like your piercings. 9/10

'One night hauler' The tell all story of a pleasure bot in Jita 4-4

Borreon IX
Acenroc OreCo IX
#15028 - 2016-11-17 09:02:44 UTC
You look pale. Are you alright ?

Nina Hayes
Dark Horse RM
#15029 - 2016-11-17 09:18:29 UTC
Did someone say pale?! Ok you have the pouty thing going like a Jersey guy posing for a picture, sure that may not sound good, but it is, because in the end the whole thing looks shady, not talking lighting either. 9 for the down and dirty.
#15030 - 2016-11-17 17:02:47 UTC
Nina Hayes wrote:

Really like it. Has some uniqueness to it. The only thing that buggers me, is the framing. Could be moved up a bit.

Quarra Shepard
Brand Newbros
Test Alliance Please Ignore
#15031 - 2016-11-17 17:32:02 UTC
You have an... interesting appearance, however the side shot looks like you walked in front of the camera blocking the photographer's real target, and at the same time glancing off into space. 5/10
Big Lynx
#15032 - 2016-11-17 18:56:18 UTC
Still boring as hell. Stay away from randomize character creation. 4/10
Zimmy Zeta
Caldari State
#15033 - 2016-11-17 20:16:18 UTC
Dat chin.

Didn't know it was even possible to create such chins with the character creator.

Holy crap.

It would make Bruce Campbell jealous.

It looks like it has a doomsday device of its wait! the chin IS your doomsday device, your own, personal DD!

CCP could probably charge you 1 plex extra for undocking with that chin...and if I were you, I'd gladly pay it.

Don't know what else to say about your avatar, every time I try to look at the rest, my view just centers back on that chin.


I'd like to apologize for the poor quality of the post above and sincerely hope you didn't waste your time reading it. Yes, I do feel bad about it.

Svreja Bjokor
Pandemic Horde Inc.
Pandemic Horde
#15034 - 2016-11-18 03:54:53 UTC  |  Edited by: Svreja Bjokor
Seems a little too close-up, & the background color is a little funky, but the sculpt & the shine in the left eye are nice!

7.5/10 - maybe make colors match a little more? everything's pretty great but the jacket, composition-wise~
Crimson Serpent Syndicate
Heiian Conglomerate
#15035 - 2016-11-18 22:57:01 UTC
Holy crap, this is something else. Your body and detail does what it sets out to do very well. Harsh lighting works wonderfully, except with the background. It's too dark and, while contrast against the background will be essential for your avatar to work, it's simply too much. Find something either a) lighter or b) looks like there's a stronger light against it.

I like it. Unique, although I'm somewhat surprised I haven't seen anybody else doing the same thing yet.


~ Gariushi YC110 // Midular YC115 // Yanala YC115 ~

"Orte Jaitovalte sitasuyti ne obuetsa useuut ishu. Ketsiak ishiulyn." -Yakiya Tovil-Toba-taisoka

Devonex Darkstar
Federal Navy Academy
Gallente Federation
#15036 - 2016-11-22 05:20:51 UTC
Look pretty good, but I'd say the lighting and the angle make the eyes a bit too dark. 7/10
Orrin Anteovnuecci
University of Caille
Gallente Federation
#15037 - 2016-11-22 09:58:08 UTC  |  Edited by: Orrin Anteovnuecci
Some intense eyes, but the framing is a bit low & the color of the shirt doesn't match the BG - also, the eyelids and eye direction could be messed with some more imo - not bad at all though, I like the idea you're going with~

Orla- King-Griffin
#15038 - 2016-11-22 14:34:48 UTC
you look rather confused and/or concerned.

well composed regardless.
lighting could be doing more for you though.

5/10 (could be an easy 7 with a little tweaking though)

Ah shite...

Kara Hawke
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#15039 - 2016-11-22 17:05:44 UTC
It's good, and I like the style you're going with. However there are a few detractions.. the close up is good, however the color of your lips draw the observers attention too much, toning either the color or the gloss down a little bit would help balance it out.
Also the lighting could still work, however you may consider changing the background slightly because your hair kinda gets drowned out in it. Overall a 7/10, if you make a couple tweaks I could see it a 8.5 or 9/10.
Dwai Attic
#15040 - 2016-11-23 02:11:16 UTC
I rate it 9/11