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YC 118 New Eden Capsuleer's Writing Submission-Prose-Service Call

Ashlar Maidstone
MoonFyre BattleGroup Holdings
#1 - 2016-10-14 08:33:17 UTC
After spending weeks on end out in space there comes a time when regular service needs to be done. So docking up in my home station in S9X-AX in Providence, my Apocalypse gets it servicing done along with my pod, to keeping all my systems up to date. Even my clones gets updated quite regularity as I deal out damage in combat, sometimes with ugly results and requires me to get another clone as soon as I wake up…again and again.

Standing out on the observation deck overlooking my ship from the outside, the maintenance crews are already at work hooking up control lines as well as disposal systems to my ship to initiate servicing and repairs if it needs it, as well to my pod even. The whole process takes a day or more sometimes because of the huge amount of systems on board and with several databases it takes a while. Servicing the ship itself takes several days so I usually have a replacement docked ready to go while it’s being serviced and repaired.

Even my implants gets updated and sometimes replaced if needed and believe me it can get expensive in a hurry, and going shopping for new ones can take some time as well. As a proud owner of such a magnificent ship still however comes the responsibilities of lives aboard under my command. Even though in some sections of the ship there’s areas too dangerous to send a human in so a crew of slaves are usually sent in to do the work instead, sometimes with disgusting results, and occassionally death.

I had remarked to another ship owner just how really nice and quiet this ship is compared to others I had under my command, and just how so smoothly it responds to my inputs and when I enter the undocking commands how smooth it undocks as it leaves the station and then hitting the jump gate command controls. I remarked just how so quiet it is and smooth as it makes the transitions so smooth and easy and jumping is so easy and aligning so quickly it’s breath taking.

Even while in combat modes I was very surprised just how so quiet it is especially when I fire the guns and just how so smooth they react in hitting the targets without missing a cycle, even the launching of drones is a sight to behold thru the onboard drone cameras as they beam back images of the ship and then targeting the objects up to 90kilometers away.

Such a impressive ship as I leave the battlefields in search of more excitement and adventures in the unknown reaches of space and then continuing onwards to destinations unknown.

Even on arrival at another station I was pleasantly surprised at how really smooth it performs as the docking crews docks the ship for me, needless to say us Amarrians got it made!