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80+30 mil SP's Returning Player Looking for Gentlemen over 30+.

Dantes Wolf
Caldari Provisions
Caldari State
#1 - 2016-09-26 13:54:14 UTC  |  Edited by: Dantes Wolf
Hey EVE!

I've been aways for most of the summer, and got booted from my old corp meanwhile. Now I need something to do.

I've been around a lot in my time and I'm up for pretty much anything, as long as it involves a playerbase of mature players.

What I'd like, in order:

Arrow A mature playerbase. - I'm turning 40 in a few years and I can't be arshed with drama and killboard-lust; I wanna hang out, have a good time, relax (except for when PVP'ing) and enjoy the people I'm with.

Arrow WH-life or null (in organised and stable, as much as is possible, conditions would be grand)

Arrow Lots of PVP, ISK-Opportunities and teamwork.

What I can provide:

Arrow Extensive Experience. I believe, that I'm on the top 5% of players with most online time, and I pretty much know the game A-Z.

Arrow Capflying main, and an alt, 2 months from flying sub-caps at a suitable lvl - both Caldari and Chimera's.

Arrow Skirmish and Siege T2 wielding, implant boosted, Alt.

What I really hate:

Arrow Being on coms unless when on OP's - I have partner, I listen to jazz and classical mostly and my ears literally hurts from sound of other people; I prefer quiet, unless no other alternative.

That's me.

Who are you? And what have you got?

Looking forwards to hearing from you.


"Before you diagnose yourself with low selfesteem and depression, you should first make sure, that you are not just, in fact, surrounded by assholes".

Margrete Vrede
Evian Industries
#2 - 2016-09-26 16:01:21 UTC

Maybe you should look at Evian Industries
We operate in Hisec, Nullsec and a wormhole. We are mainly an industrial corp, doing ratting mining PI building and a little PvP.
We try to have diffrent fleets up when ever possible.
Mature players from all over the world almost, we understand that rl comes first.
We let people do what they want as long as it is within corp policy and values.

You can join our public channel Evian Ind Recruitment so we can start to get to know each other (mentioned you have been contacted, or contact Dixie Diamond WhiteSamoyed ingame)

Best Regards
Evian Industries
King Creator
Out of Focus
Odin's Call
#3 - 2016-09-26 17:26:55 UTC
Silas Grimm
Pandemic Horde Inc.
Pandemic Horde
#4 - 2016-09-26 20:02:36 UTC
Hi Dantes,

Swing into the channel, P-NXT Recruit, to learn more about Pathway to the Next. Mature player base, organized C4 WH living in a Fortizar with C4/5 statics. Opportunity of PvP and PvE. Good isk to be had.

Looking forward to hearing from you .

Zeus Twelth
Test Alliance Please Ignore
#5 - 2016-09-27 13:09:20 UTC  |  Edited by: Zeus Twelth
Hello Shattered Chaos lives in a very stable area of nullsec and is extremely pvp oriented, We are all mature players late 20's and + we have tons of content including alliance tournies, small gang all the way up to large fleet BLOPs ect.. Excellent rats for isk here.
Gottfried Vichtor
Zervas Aeronautics
The Bastion
#6 - 2016-10-23 23:11:13 UTC
Greetings Pilot, we definitely have a mature player base here.

Zervas Aeronautics is an active, well established, Null Sec corporation. We offer multiple fleets Daily. Solo action! Small and Large gang hunting. Free fitted ships, skill books galore. You'll have all of Delve to rat out to your hearts content and one of the lowest tax rates in Null.

We offer an easy going, no stress, adult environment. Pvp training, experienced FCs, we're new bro friendly and offer all the tools you'll need to be successful.

Zervas Aeronautics
✪ 8 years in the game!
✪ Over 10 Trillion in Isk Destroyed!
✪ Big Time Isk making opportunities!
✪ Sov Alliance
✪ Relaxed Atmosphere
✪ New Bro Friendly
✪ Null/Low Sec hunting
✪ Small/Large Gang
✪ Solo Action!
✪ Daily Fleets
✪ TS/Mumble/Jabber

Come to our in game channel, talk to one of our recruiters and get all your questions answered!
The Wraithguard.
#7 - 2016-10-23 23:50:08 UTC
Davos Azizora
Dissident Aggressors
#8 - 2016-10-24 05:13:16 UTC
We are a bunch of null-sec jack of all trades, masters of none, kind of players. We do BLOPS, small gang, big fleet, cap, mining, building, high sec, wh space, D all of the above kind of corp. The leadership has an average of 8 years in game experience in all aspects. Most of the members have been in the game an average of 3 years. We are a very social, teamspeak based corp that prides itself in that if you are in Modro, you are treated like family. We get RL. We understand that everyone wants to play the game based on different interests.

AttentionAttention Some points that make us Full of Awesome-sauce! AttentionAttention

- 5 mill minimum SP required (if not, we can work something out)
- Full account api required (mandatory)
- TS required (mandatory)
- Mainly PVP minded with great FC`s
- Daily fleets ( Alliance/Coalition )
- CTAs
- Strat Ops
- Time zones are US, AU and a little EU
- No minimum kill amount
- FC training
- Mine, Rat, or PewPew we have it all
- Good null sec, not ******
- Large group of BFF's that love to create content
- Diverse group and very interesting, non censored conversations

In short we are the next best thing arround at the moment. And we are growing rapidly. Come join us and be a part of something great bound to happen. Remember it is not the size of the organization, it is the quality of the stuff we spew out. And I assure you, we are chock full of goodness!

Feel free to join "Modro Recruit" channel or mail me anytime

Looking forward to hearing from you and flying with you!
JengoFett Miromme
Extreme Agony
#9 - 2016-10-24 15:57:43 UTC
Extreme Agony

Is a small gang PVP Corporation operating in a C2 WH environment. We are looking for Pilots with previous PVP experience either in NULL Sec, Low Sec or WH space who like to PVP, are self-sufficient, are mature AND be someone who can get things started. Not wait around for others.

If our WH opens to an area of EVE that we can PVP, that will be priority. If not then we will fleet up and PVE and make some ISK to fund our PVP habits.

To be Clear- we are a PVP Corporation first and a PVE Corporation second.

There are NO CTA’s or mandatory fleets, however we would like you to try and log in and participate several times a week. If real life doesn’t allow for that, no problem. We understand that real life comes first.

Our main hours of operation are around 00:00 EVE to about 06:00 EVE Time daily and on weekends.

Please contact Jengofett Miromme or Neva Second