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assault links for command ships/dessies -racial split

#1 - 2016-09-22 22:03:32 UTC
Create new assault link that improve the attack elements of gangs -great for small fleets, monstrous for large -wrap up battles faster :)

Split command dessies into racial skill
Thrasher, Catalyst, Cormorant, Coercer heavy command destroyers able to use assault links/bursts

Non-Racial Assault Links usable by sleipnir, eos, vulture, absolution or heavy command destroyer.
Creates heat in module that can cause its destruction, but you're in the thick of the fight, so probably gonna be alpha'd off the field -better to let your will whip your buddies into a combat frenzy while you're there. Some minor drawbacks to the combat bonuses.

Cap Recharge -boosts cap recharge rate, but reduces velocity
Weapon Projection -boosts optimal/falloff and missile velocity/flight time, but increases their signature and reduces scan res
Weapon Accuracy -increases tracking and missile precision, but reduces their sensor strength and lock range
Weapon Overheat -increases rate of fire, but increases signature radius and reduces tracking
Drone Accuracy -increases accuracy at expense of velocity, or optimal/falloff for sentries.
Ewar Drone strength -increased strength at the expense of velocity